Best Running Boards Reviews

If you drive a sport utility vehicle, then you should think about installing a pair of SUV running boards from one of the top manufacturers. Not only will you increase the looks of your vehicle, you will make it safer for your passengers to get in and out in bad weather. Plus, they will protect your doors from kicked up rocks or other items you encounter every day on the road. If you value your truck, then this is a must-have accessory.

Adding car running boards will make a bold statement to everyone who sees your ride. And not only do they look cool, they also have many benefits that were listed above. Installation is a snap, requiring only a couple of basic tools and no cutting or drilling of your bodywork at all. This will save you money as you don’t need a professional to install it. And don’t worry about shipping costs, as these are easily boxed up and sent with relative ease. When looking for the right accessory for your sport utility vehicle, look no further than a nice running board set.

5 Best Running Boards Reviews

  1. TYGER TG-RS2D40068 RISER For 2009-2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4inch Black Side Step Nerf Bars Running Boards 

TYGER TG-RS2D40068 Running Boards are more than a match for your Quad Cab having 2 full-size front doors & 2 narrower rear doors. Reluctant to get harmed by UV, these 4-inch-wide boards provide slippery proof step every time you stride on it. To ensure your hasty steps safe and secured for a longer time, TYGER is offering a 5 Year warranty with the least chance of your getting bothered during the process!

While the matte black finish of these running boards will astonish its watchers, secretly, its E-coating is protecting the steel material against corrosion. So, there’s nothing that you can say exist in it just for showing off. Every little feature relates to some deep impact.

These boards come with the feature of bolt-on installation and you’ll find the pre-drilled holes on its bottom side quite effective. They make it smooth and easy to go choice for those who still aren’t comfortable with drilling. Necessary equipment and manual are coming with the product for DIY installation.

Thankfully, both the driver and the passengers are going to find these kits likeable to step safely. Durability is confirmed in it through the triangular tube in its inner structure. Don’t miss to notice that extra touch of OE grade in its rectangular end cap. But if you’re the owner of a crew cab, your hunt doesn’t finish here. So, you’ll need to show the courage of missing all these amazing traits and keep your search on until you meet the proper model to complement your vehicle.

  1. Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B Side Step (TYGER Star Armor Kit for 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK 4

If the previous option didn’t live up to the mark for your jeep, try Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B Side Step and you’ll realize how minutely Tyger Auto have induced top-notch criteria in quality materials to match your vehicle. Its step pad has got a unique design coupled with patented stars that’ll surely feed your trend-lover mind. Whereas various boards, that look attractive, often fails to provide the service you’re expecting, these kits are going to treat you with both beauty and action. The sturdy metal tubes of 2” diameter & 0.120” thick wall along with seamless welding have given it an unquestionable durability.

As you know, to make any metal long-lasting, there’s nothing better than adding some extra plating over it. Consequently, the E-coating as well as the textured black finish is used in it to assure rust-free function. After using for some days, you may apprehend to see loads of substances -solid or aquatic – inside the pipes. But surprisingly, you’re going to find no traces of such filth accumulation. Thanks to the caps attached at the end of each side of the pipes.

Notice that this expensive model comes with DIY installation. So, simply by following the straightforward guidelines provided in the manual, you can save the charge of hiring any professional for mounting it on your SUV. One more thing, if not mentioned yet, is that this model has met the OE standards and in some cases, surpassed that level also. Another note of encouragement is that if you receive a defective product, take the advantage of Tyger’s limited lifetime warranty proposal to grab a new one.

  1. iBoard Running Boards 6″

iBoard 6″ Running Boards allow you to ‘get a real grip’ with the 6″ wide corrugated rubber made step pad cover. It covers every door area so to make your family & friends’ step safe and secure. Sometimes you may find the camping zone welcoming you with damp surface, so there’s very high chance that your footwear will get mucky and you’ll need to struggle while getting into the car. Be certain that, in that situation, these boards will behave very favorably.

To save it from gradual waning, the manufacturers have constructed it out of solid aluminum and if you’re fearing the chance of getting plastic parts as many brands cunningly include, you’ll find APS (one of the leading brands) exceptional here as it supplies fully plastic free boards. Though they have got a contemporary design, don’t overlook that smart phone concept in the structure.

You don’t need to be a mechanic-professional in order to mount it on your car. Your primary knowledge will be enough to complete the whole installation process successfully. Collect necessary equipment, such as, a pair of sockets, brackets and the hardware (included in the package) and finally, your effort for at least 2 hours or less are enough to make you ready for a long trip.

Those who question its durability will be delighted to know that it can handle a high capacity up to 400 LBS. Besides, the black powder coating provides a sleek look that matches the styling of modern-era Jeeps Wrangler. Meant to supplement a lot of Dodge Ram Crew Cab 4-Door Pickup models, they come with a 6 months warranty. So, it’s time to combine the eye-catching appeal of matte finish with the convenience and safety of these tools on your car.

  1. Lund 291120 TrailRunner Multi-Fit 70″ Black Aluminum Running Boards

While this feather-like boards, weighing only 23 pounds, may be propelling the definition of fragility somewhat, it’s crafted for supporting even under the toughest weather conditions. The variety in its size allows you to choose the precise fitting for your vehicle. The broad step makes a tight & secure gripping of your boots to enjoy a mess-free adventure.

Talking of look. This offering from Lund is of top quality construction with unique styling that will turn heads when you drive by. This affordable model can also be your best companion if you’re looking for the compact design along with matchless performance. Because the Lund 291120 TrailRunner Running Boards come with an industrial diamond-plate aluminum design. The brite finish on it is another noteworthy add-on to complete its decoration. All these layers have their own value to empower the boards so that they can fight any sort of wear.

During installation, you’ll face its sole drawback due to the absence of Lund Multi-Fit EZ Bracket Mounting Kit PN (300003) mounting kit. But not to mention, Luda has arranged custom fit which you’ll need to buy separately. However, showing a little bit consciousness by searching for the kits matching your car model, you can eliminate that frustrating part of trying every mounting collection one by one. So, we’re not exaggerating when we say that Luda takes care of your money, time and fashion at the same time.

  1. Premium 4″ iBoard Running Boards Fit 07-17 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra Ext.Cab/Double Cab

The car owners, who possibly haven’t met the Premium 4″ iBoard Running Boards, falsely believe that only expensive running boards come with precise fitting and action. Because thinking something out of the box, the engineers of APS has introduced this inventive patented iBoard design. It’s a three in one deal- it’s strong, attractive and cost-effective. Structured like the smartphone, these jeep’s accessories are powerful enough to join you on various explores.

Extremely functional these 4” wide boards will give you rock-solid footing anytime you climb into or out of your pick up, even in the worst weather conditions. Plus, the hairline texture polish has not only enriched the shine of these 6061-T6 Aircraft aluminum boards, but also upgraded its immunity making them rust and abrasion proof. The entire surface of the board is wrapped with rubber which helps people to get better grip while striding with greasy substances under their footwear.

Another reason of APS’s being so popular among the truckers is that these boards offer a comparatively large room for both driver and passengers to enjoy easy access to the truck bed, rooftop or near the windshield. Truly UV protected, the tools are very easy to install and you can dare to do it yourself. The step by step guidelines along with the essential hardware are provided with them. Perfect for the vehicle owners who aren’t afraid to taste new things. It performs well in most categories, and best of all, you can save money without sacrificing safety and durability. So, upgrade your SUV or truck with these kits that’ll even compel your dealer to appreciate your choice.

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