Best Truck Running Boards

Install a set a pickup running boards, and get the peace of mind for a couple reasons. First, they help all your passengers climb in and out by giving a wide platform to step on. This is especially helpful in trucks that have been lifted or have larger tires. Another good reason to get these for your truck is for protection against the occasional careless driver, who decides to park next to you and swing his door open wide. Their door will be stopped making a sort of striking on your running board.

Is Installation Difficult on My Truck?

The answer to that is- Definitely Not. Most styles require no drilling, and simply bolt on to existing factory mounts. This also means they can be removed very easily in the future, should you decide to sell your truck. There are certain styles, such as lighted running boards that require extra hookups but even these are straight forward. Complete installation instructions are included in the package, and only a couple of basic tools will get you going in no time.

Here we have some samples of our most popular running boards for your pickup truck. Choose one for the exact style you want.

  1. Westin 27-6120 Brushed Aluminum Step Boards for Trucks and SUV’s 72″

In a perky mood and excited about your truck camping? All the spark of your enthusiasm can fly out if necessary accessories like running boards are missing from your vehicle. Not entirely absent but an imperfect narrow board without slip-resistant step pad is enough to ruin the fun of your long-cherished plan. So, in order to subtract any dire consequence like sudden fall on a marshy land while climbing on the truck, consider purchasing Westin 27-6120 Brushed Aluminum Step Boards. Because these 4.5” wide boards provide extra room for your boot and undoubtedly, both the driver and the passengers can take advantage of this 72” long tool.

Having the rubber step bar, that ensures a firm hold during your entry into and exit from the car, this kit stands a little ahead in comparison with the other brands. Highlighting a range of styles, the eye-catching appeal of anodized powder coat finish along with the aluminum baseboard has added an elegance in these simple pieces. Therefore, you can easily combine the excellence and convenience together using these pickup accessories. No doubt, its sleek look will match the styling of your modern-era truck. These highly durable and easy to clean product come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

However, for precise fit, you’ll need to spend additional cash on collecting adapted ascending brackets. But if you’re thinking of outing at midnight and willing to make your step secure even in dim light area, attach bright light kit with it which you’ll obviously need to buy individually.

  1. iBoard Running Boards 5″ Black Custom Fit 2007-2017 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra Crew Cab (Nerf Bars | Side Steps | Side Bars)

Don’t let other expensive models (with limited step pad restricted only for a few inches) fool you. Instead, accept iBoard Running Boards 5″ Black Custom Fit as a reliable equipment to ensure safe entrance into and landing from any of your car doors. Its 5” extensive corrugated rubber step pad remains spread on the entire surface of the boards and keeps your footing effectively slippery proof.

Built to last, it is constructed out of strong aluminum contrasted to other brands that produce running boards designed with a few plastic segments. Unboxing the kit, you’ll see a set comprising 2 black running boards, mounting brackets & other necessary hardware. A great DIY product; no drilling is required. So, mount it on your truck simply by tightening the bolts.

The manufacturers have taken extra care to make it resistant to rust. So, after installing it in the vehicle, you can dare to drive in misty weather without fearing its gradual erosion. What’s more? Sturdiness and endurance walk side by side in these extremely aircraft grade boards. Capable of sustain up to 300 lbs. remaining totally straight. Even lots of pressure won’t twist or curve the boards.

This kit comes with iBoard’s patented low profile design that many users take for granted. However, this very design endows an unconventional look to your car. Again, many users count its cleaning issue as one of the comfortable jobs among their to-do listed tasks. Because, only some splash of water can easily renew its freshness and shine. So, while enjoying your trip with family and friends, never mind its covering with mud, sand or other dirty particles.

  1. Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 5″ Oval Side Step Nerf Bar Running Board

The above-mentioned models might feel great in action, but the Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 5″ Oval Running Board feels great on your bank account too. You can collect this even after keeping your desire & budget protected for collecting some other car-exterior decorators like light guards or side view mirrors.

Auto Dynasty has constructed this stainless-steel model to be an object of your status.  Its innovative features have a lot to offer for the next tour you’re planning. For example-  it’s rock solid, immune to oxidation, has 5” protective step pad for dependable tread on slimy base and it can withstand huge loads similar to 500 lbs. Besides, mounting brackets are enclosed with the pack for using on your particular car model. So, no matter, you judge it on the basis of fit, appearance or performance, for this budget, you can’t find anything else.

People with little inclination for mechanic gadgets will find it convenient to use as it comes with easy bolt-on installation system. Henceforth, we encourage you to perform the mounting task by yourself and it’ll take you less than 60 mins only. Follow the manual for further information, it’s easy to understand with no gimmick.

Not to mention, a truck along with this kit is a great starter set for anyone new to off-road rides. So, while wandering at your nearby store or some online site searching for the suitable running board for your cab, don’t miss to admire Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 5″ Oval Side Step Nerf Bar Running Board.


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