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Welcome to Global Garage, your go-to source on the web for everything to do with your home’s garage and the vehicles you park there.

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Many people use them as workshops and store their tools there. Some people even use them for nothing but storage. Still more people use their garages for keeping lawn mowers, bicycles, and toys locked out of sight. And for many people, the garage is just a place to store junk. 

The fact is, your garage is probably one of the hardest working spots in your house. That said, how much do you honestly know about garages and how homeowners actually use them? 

That’s where Global Garage comes in. 

We’re here to educate you about everything that has to do with garages. Whether you’re looking for the best garage door openers or organizing tips for your garage, we cover it for you. Here is some of what you can expect to find here at Global Garage.

We want to help you make the most of your garage and really reap the benefits of this wonderful space in your home. 

We love hearing from our readers. If you have any questions or content recommendations, please drop a comment on one of our articles or send a private message to the team.

Meet the Team

Devin Riddle – Chief Editor

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I earned my degree in journalism several years ago and I became fascinated with topics that affect average people, namely topics that help people to live better. When it comes to living better, there’s no place that affects us more than our home does, and a healthy home environment can make a person’s life so much better.  I supervise an excellent team of writing and home professionals, and together we work hard to help you live better with your home garage. Don’t hesitate to contact me a driddle@globalgarage.org

Mark Pierce – Junior Editor

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Before I came to work here, I worked in retail for a large home organization business. I often watched customers come through our store who were so stressed out about being disorganized. Seeing them leave the store happy and hopeful was rewarding. Coming to work at Global Garage was a natural transition for me. I wanted to be a part of helping people on a grander scale through the spread of high-quality content, and that’s what we do every single day. You can reach me at mpierce@globalgarage.org

Quinton Salazar – Tools and Automotive Specialist

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I spent many years of my life working with automobiles, both as a mechanic in my dad’s automotive repair shop, and later, in automotive sales. How we maintain our vehicles has a huge impact on our family’s lives, and I’m all about helping people make the most of their vehicle and its features. If you have any questions, you can email me at qsalazar@globalgarage.org

Seth Lang – Home and Garage Specialist

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As a general contractor, I helped build many homes and their garages. I know first-hand how important it is to have the right kind of equipment for operating your garage doors and designing garages in general. It can be overwhelming to make decisions about your garage door opener and what you need to have a functioning garage. I hope that my contribution helps to ease some of the frustration that homeowners feel. Get in touch with me at slang@globalgarage.org