AA batteries are widely used in almost every product that runs on batteries, and most people need to have them with them at all times, whether they are going to college, school or office or they are traveling.

AA batteries are needed in most gadgets these days including flashlights, portable CD players, alarm clocks and remote controls.
In the field of electric storage, I have observed that AAAA battery is gaining in popularity because it proves that the best things come in truly small packages. An alkaline battery charger really is a small electronic gadget in itself. It is made up of fibre plastic and has sockets to place batteries in it. Different alkaline battery charger will have different sockets.


Which Alkaline Battery Charger is the Best?

Some people refrain from using battery operated gadgets for the only fact that they have to keep buying batteries every now and then. Now with the help of an alkaline battery charger, you need not worry.

An Alkaline battery charger is very efficient. It will charge the alkaline battery as good as new. This means that you need not run to the shop every now and then. Once you buy the alkaline battery charger, it will save you a lot of money. You just need to plug in and place the batteries in it. In no time will the alkaline battery charger deliver new batteries.

Now there are many types of alkaline battery charger available in the market. How does one know which one is better?

Simple. Lets us review some of them here:

Battery Xtender Alkaline Battery charger is a good alkaline battery charger. It has more than two sockets for batteries. So you can charge four batteries at once. The casing of this alkaline battery charger is larger than the regular ones. This means you can charge larger batteries in this too. It is best used indoors only and can be easily stored in a drawer.

Universal Charger Any Size/Type Battery– is a new type of alkaline battery charger. It comes in a semi circular shape and can charge about four batteries at once. But this one has slots only for standard batteries therefore, it is not flexible enough. Therefore, this one doesn’t make for a good alkaline battery charger.

Rezap alkaline battery charger: is a cool alkaline battery charger. It comes in a cylindrical box like shape and has a flap to cover. This alkaline battery charger has one slot for each battery size. This one is too good.

There are many brands of alkaline battery charger available in the market. You can browse and check with various electronic shops for them. If you are still not satisfied then you can browse the various websites for the ideal alkaline batter charger. You can directly place an order with the website and they will have it delivered to you.

An alkaline battery charger is a must because you will not have to run unnecessary errands buying batteries. It is eco-friendly in a way because it helps you reuse the battery too.

The alkaline battery charger is necessary so that your battery expenses can come down. Go ahead! Buy one today.

Alkaline battery charger is of many types.

A simple alkaline battery charger supplies a constant DC power source to any battery that is being charged. Thus, a battery that is left over-charging weakens or may even get destroyed.

The intelligent alkaline battery charger supplies output current based on the batteries state. It examines the batteries voltage requirement, temperature and time required to fully charge the battery. A typical intelligent alkaline battery charger charges the battery faster by 85%. It is very energy efficient!

The inductive alkaline battery charger uses electro – magnetic induction to charge the batteries. There are no open electrical contacts and thus reduces the chances of electrocution.

The solar alkaline battery charger employs solar energy. It is a portable device and is hence, very comfortable to use.

Other Alkaline battery chargers include USB based, timer based, fast and pulse based.

Rechargeable batteries are most feasible as they can be recharged by the alkaline battery charger, thus doing minimum damage to the environment.

Alkaline battery charger comes with NiCad, i.e., Nickel-Cadmium. The charger transmits energy through a single transistor. Batteries that have NiCad are the best rechargeable.

How does an alkaline battery charger work?

The alkaline battery charger is a handy device. It is used to supply energy to a used or secondary cell, that possesses rechargeable features by passing an electric current through it. This recharges the battery for further use, and we need not throw away our old batteries. The alkaline battery charger supplies different velocity of energy depending on the battery.

The alkaline battery is designed with the anode consisting of zinc powder. This provides for a greater surface, thus increasing the flow of electrons. The cathode is composed of manganese dioxide. Thus electric energy is produced by the chemical reaction between the two. But after constant usage, the energy wears out. Here comes with the alkaline battery charger. The charger works by feeding some electric current through the dead battery hoping that it will retain some of the energy passing through it. When the charger receives an AC input from the mains, a transformer lowers the voltage, and this current is then sent in the direction, opposite to that of the battery. This helps charge the battery!

AAAA Battery Uses

This small and reliable battery has different uses. I find it useful personally because it is suitable for very small devices like LED penlights, laser pointers, a stylus for high powered computers and Android mobile phones, glucose gauge, and amplifiers for small headphones. Indeed, this small product line is not as common as AA or AAA types, but they are equally powerful and reliable. However, users like me should take note that this is not as common as its bigger counterparts.

Batteries are used for various gadgets in our day to day life. We need to buy batteries every now and then. So this can become an expensive affair really. But by buying an alkaline battery charger, you can save all these extra expenses.

You can buy a branded alkaline battery charger. While it might be a little expensive, it will last you longer.

So how does one make use of an alkaline battery charger?

The size and design of every alkaline battery charger varies. But every alkaline battery charger offers almost the same service. They are made to serve the same purpose; of charging batteries.

There are about four sockets in each alkaline battery charger. Each of them might be of different size as it caters to different batteries. So you can charge one battery at a time. A larger alkaline battery charger will have many more sockets therefore, about two batteries of one size can be charged at once.

When you buy an alkaline battery charger make sure you buy the one which has a socket for all types of batteries. Some can only charge single cells. But people still use larger batteries too. You just need to place the alkaline battery charger near a plug in and plug it in. Place your batteries to be charged in the sockets first and switch it on then.

Leave it on for a while and your batteries will be reusable.

How to store an alkaline battery charger?

  • An alkaline battery charger should be used indoors only.
  • It should be stored in a dry and cool place.
  • The wire should be disconnected.
  • If there is any battery leakage in the alkaline battery charger, it should be promptly cleaned.
  • One can maintain the box it came in so storing the alkaline battery charger becomes easy.
  • You can clean it with a dry cloth. If you happen to use a mild wet cloth, make sure the alkaline battery charger is completely dry before you put it away in the drawer.

The alkaline battery charger is safe and inexpensive. Therefore, if you have many toys or gadgets which are battery operated, it is necessary that you get an alkaline battery charger.

The Zinc-Carbon Battery Variety

Just like AAA and AA, this battery can also be in the form of zinc-carbon variety. I have seen that the package is made out of zinc metal and it serves two basic purposes – as a metal, it is effective as the negative terminal of the cell and at the same time, it is the sturdy container device. Historically, it was developed from a wet Leclanche battery. Looking into the cross-section, the positive terminal is represented by the carbon rod embedded in a paste made of a mixture of carbon powder and manganese dioxide paste.

According to market researchers, zinc-carbon batteries are the least expensive, thus making it the top pick by the manufacturer of products with batteries included. In general, these cells are also referred to as general purpose batteries which I usually find in children’s toys and other gadgets that come with batteries included already.

AAAA Battery: Environmental Impact Of Zinc-Carbon Battery Variety.

The method of treating the zinc container’s inside surface is one of the major causes of concern. To be particular, the zinc metal’s inside surface has to be treated with a toxic liquid metal – mercury – because it is an established step of the manufacturing process. Mercury proves to be helpful in reducing resulting local action that can cause wastage of stored chemical energy. However, once the battery is discharged, it poses a serious environmental concern. That’s why proper disposal of such batteries, regardless of size is encouraged and mandated by some territories.

Compared with other types, Zinc-Carbon batteries are considered to have a low impact on the environment. Aside from the mercury concern, there is nothing to worry about the other components. For example, the Mn (III) is likely to be completely oxidized upon cell discharge. In addition, other components prove to be harmless.

Suggested Storage

AAAA BatteryMany manufacturers of this battery variety suggest that you store your batteries at room temperature. A piece of advice which is based on my personal experience: Storing our zinc-carbon battery at temperatures that are higher than room temperature can only lead to the shortening of the electrochemical cell’s service life. Given that, I remind you of the need for proper storage of your AA, AAA, or AAAA battery properly at all times to derive the maximum advantage.

AA Battery Case

Because AA batteries are so frequently needed, most of us tend to buy them in bulk quantities, and then we have to consider how to keep and store them.

After all, we cannot leave our AA batteries lying around and exposed, as it is not safe for the environment and people around, and also it reduces the life of the battery.

In such a situation, all we need is an AA battery case which may store up to 24 AA batteries.

AA Battery Cases – Types

AA battery cases (also referred to as battery holders) not only keep your batteries safe, but these are also available in different attractive forms and designs that you feel proud to carry them with you. The battery cases are usually made up of plastic only but can be available in different colors, designs, and sizes.

These can be available in size as small as those for only 2 AA batteries and as big as those for 24 AA batteries. You can choose the one as per your requirements and choose your favorite color to carry around.

The perfect place to keep your AA batteries is its AA battery case. You don’t need to go to a local store every time your gadget falls out of charge. These AA battery holders are handy little accessories, which you can easily carry in your purse or gear bags.

These useful items kept your AA batteries safe and protected from moisture and dust. In fact, it protects them in every possible way from all the environmental hazards. These battery cases are designed in such a way that they have separate compartments for every battery, and thus, they do not come into contact with one another.


In some situations, it has been observed that people have placed their moist hands upon the batteries soon after a bath or coming out of the pool, but still, nothing happened. This is because many AA battery cases are moisture-proof.

These battery cases provide extra protection to the batteries in your bag when it rains. Instead of keeping the batteries loose in your bag, you know that your batteries are in a safe case and you can immediately reach out to them in a situation of emergency. The video below displays a specific type of battery holder.