It’s a fact that cars get dirty externally and internally. If outer is dirty, it is an easy problem to solve. You can use shampoo and vacuum to clean the outer area. However, you cannot use water and soap to clean the inner part. Since there are a lot of blocks and areas in a car, you are required large amount of time to clean.

If you need to keep your SUV, car or truck clean and neat, inserting a cargo liner or cargo mat is a great way to do it. Cargo liners are a separate piece of material that can keep your vehicle’s cargo area looking new.

Our Picks – Top 3 Cargo Liners


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WeatherTech Custom Fit

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OxGord WeatherShield

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Husky Fits 10-16 4Runner

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There are several types of cargo mats for vehicles:

Carpeted cargo liners are like a carpeted floor mat that offer additional protection for the back of your vehicle. Some carpeted cargo liners only protect the floor area of your vehicle, while others will also cover the walls of the vehicle. The liners that only cover the floor usually have a lip around the outer edge to protect spills from seeping over onto the original vehicle material.

Rubber cargo liners are made of a heavy duty rubber that will protect your vehicle from stains and wear. This type of liner works great if you transport your dog in the back of your SUV. It keeps the dog hair from getting embedding into the carpet of the vehicle which can be a pain to remove.

Removable cargo liners offer protection when hauling material in your vehicle. These are normally easily removed and can be folded into a neat bag that will fit into a small area in your vehicle. If you plan on loading landscaping supplies into your SUV, you may be interested in this type of liner.

When buying a cargo mat or liner for your SUV, be sure to find one that is custom made for your vehicle brand and model. This will provide greater protection and help to keep the vehicle looking new.

See Short Review of Top 5 Best Cargo Liners to Select for Your Vehicle

1. WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liners for Ford Explorer, Black

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WeatherTech has long been a purveyor of reliable cargo liner that scores high in durability. The WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liners upholds the brand’s standard for flexibility under severe heat while maintaining the feature of a tight guard from mud-muck or sand-snow. Capable of enveloping even the minimal space over the carpet, the raised lip provides full coverage keeping the interior free of crud.

Witness its versatility by using it on cargo area as well as trunk carpet. It’s highly immune to any sort of wear or tear. Owing to its non-skid feature, the liner manages to shun the shifting effect while loading or unloading your vehicle. So, you can haul goods while in a rush without encountering the irritating scene of the liner’s getting folded. One downside you may sense while unboxing the product is that it smells a little bit stinky. But this discouraging fact can easily be evaded if you let the liner lie on open air before you fix it on your SUV or cargo. Thus, being odorless, it’ll continue to save your cargo’s every little cranny from accumulating specks of dust resulting permanent wearing in the long run.

So, never forget to install WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liners on your SUV while outing for sport or exploring purpose. Among other preparations, it’s very necessary to do arrangement to retain the gleam of your car’s interior. Because once it diminishes, you’ll have to ride with that nasty inside until you buy a new car.

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2. BDK Heavy Duty Rubber Cargo Floor Mat – All Weather Trunk Protection, Trimmable to Fit & Durable HD Rubber (Black)

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Whether you agree or disagree– having a universal fit cargo liner is not enough for protecting your car’s interior properly. You need a perfect solution. And BDK has come up with a satisfying coverage. Their Heavy Duty Rubber Cargo Floor Mat has 55.8 X 42.8 dimension, which you can clip according to your need. Fortunately, a pair of regular scissors will do the job flawlessly.

Weather or season changes have nothing to do with its performance. Rubber Polymer is the substance that confirms its enduring performance throughout the whole year. You can also avail Premium quality for a more compact version.

In case, the road is free of traffics and the high-speed is on, never mind your cargo is conversing with the air fearing any accidental sliding of goods. Because it includes the anti-slip backing feature that holds the mat on place to deal with those unwelcome situations.

Those who can’t bear the rubbery smell or such due to their sensitive chemo-receptors, this floor mat is going to receive a big YES from them too. Because from the very first day, it looks after your cargo floor without spreading any disgusting odor. Again, you can’t ignore the touch of decoration it adds to your vehicle.

The liner has easy cleaning & washing accessibility. Just lave the mat right after you reach home. So, take a ride on snowy, muddy or sandy areas without losing the vehicle’s interior beauty consequently. It covers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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3. OxGord WeatherShield HD Rubber Trunk Cargo Liner Floor Mat, Trim-to-Fit for Car, SUV, Van Trucks Black

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Bedeck your car, cargo or SUV with WeatherShield Cargo Liner Floor Mat brought to you by OxGord. It may not provide true luxurious inside, but what comes with this modest budget liner will excel your imagination. While offering an extraordinary elegance employed with an all-weather protection, it surpasses other pricy models that propound mere decorating purpose. Though it’s one of the inexpensive mats on the market, its fresh look is going to survive for a long stretch of time.

This rubber made material contains an adequate amount of sturdiness so that you can go on long rides for thousands of moons. Its another reason to be in your car is the ridges and divots that aid your footwear to get rid of dusty particles. Not to mention, its grippy surface lets the mat remain attached to the vehicle base. In addition, the designers have lent it an awesome universal fit within 17.7 x 28.35 size, suitable for a wide range of vehicles. For better outcome regarding the appropriateness of liner’s fitting on your vehicle, you can consult the size guide on Amazon before making a purchase. It’s surprisingly customizable.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab WeatherShield Cargo Liner Floor Mat and keep the entire cargo interior out of grime, muck or icy crystals. You’ll also notice that its appearance parallels its exceptional workability. However, don’t overlook its easy cleaning option. Unlike any carpet mats available out there, it doesn’t need any chemical wash to get a pure, bright and shiny look. Merely by splashing water over it, you can renew its sheen to add glamour on your cargo’s interior for years after years.

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4. Husky Liners Cargo Liner Fits 10-16 4Runner – No 3rd seat or Sliding Cargo Deck

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Any car can have a lavish look on the outside, but very few automobile owners are so opulent as to spend some cash on interior work. If you count yourself among those small rare numbered persons whose decision never oscillate before garnishing their cargo inside, Husky Liners Cargo Liner Fits is just for you. It’s a United States product & Husky is providing a lifetime guarantee on this liner.

You can’t deny that while returning from an exploration, a liner with proper fit is like a God-sent offer to protect the car surface. Unlike other mats or carpets, it covers every nook and cranny of your vehicle. You’ll find it handy even on guarding the places that are open to acquiring muck or soot easily. Cleaning factor? It’s a no worry deal. A mere wipe off or hosing can restore the liner back to novelty.

Sta-Put nibs don’t give it chance to get wrinkled while you’re in a hurry to get into your cargo to deliver the goods on time. Besides, to make it water and chemical resistant, this liner is manufactured out of advanced and patented pieces of stuff. No fracture or split will ever discern. That is, a onetime purchase is enough to go with, as long as your car runs. A lifetime investment. Equipped with these top-notch traits, this cargo liner is one of the best-chosen products that the users have found worthy to be high priced. Available colors are black, grey and tan.

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5. Husky Liners Front & 2nd Seat Floor Liners Fits 13-17 Accord Sedan

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Have plan to go for hiking or hunting in mountain areas? Or getting ready to surf on a beach? Surely, your vehicle is destined to get dirty by various substances you’ll carry with you then. So, before the filthy kind of stuffs begin to deteriorate your car’s carpet, cover the underfoot area of the front, 2nd, and 3rd seats, trunks as well as center hump with this floor liner from Husky Liners.

Form-fit design and elevated confinement walls are originated to defend every sort of weather situations. Combined with StayPut Cleats aka the anti-shift nibs underneath the liner, you won’t face sliding away problems with it. No need to use supplementary connectors. Having a precise fit and remaining secured in the same position, it works as a shield for the carpet against the possible filthiness.

While manufacturing, the Husky Liners team has kept every maltreatment in mind it’ll come across. Hence, in the matter of endurance other brands can hardly exceed its capacity. Many users seek a feeling of comfort in both look and action. Luckily, you’re getting these elements together in this model. It serves your car surface very minutely ensuring a lively & fresh interior throughout the whole year. Lifetime guarantee is applicable in case some rift or fissure appears on the liner in the end. Note that, it may decrease a little bit weight of your wallet. However, by putting it on your car, you’re actually securing the serenity of your mind for years to come.

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Reasons to Buy Cargo Liners

Traps spills so they won’t run– Remarkable, non-woven acrylic material absorbs 8 times its weight in water, trapping spills before they migrate toward your gear. Protects the value of your vehicle.

Vinyl backing prevents “soak-thru“-Durable, waterproof, non-slip vinyl backing prevents soak thru to protect your vehicle’s carpeting ands seats. Won’t mildew with moisture or crack in hot or subzero temperatures.

Machine washable and dryable– Finally, a cargo liner that’s machine washable and dryable. Other cargo liners must be hand washed and hung out to dry. Stain resistant – even the toughest stains wash out.

Lightweight, soft and comfortable– Weighing just under 4 pounds, it’s easy to manage, transport and store. Unlike other liners, it’s soft and comfortable.

Which One Works Best?

That really depends on your particular application. If you haul a lot of liquids like paint, oil, or more in the back of your SUV, you should consider a rubber liner. These can be easily removed and rinsed with a hose if needed. But if you usually don’t put liquids back there, consider a nice carpeted liner. You can match it with the rest of your interior, and your passengers won’t even be able to tell you have one installed. Sure, you can remove it and vacuum it, but it won’t be as easy to clean as the thick rubber types.

To protect your investment of your car, you should consider one of the best cargo liners available today. The cost of replacing the carpet in your utility vehicle is quite extensive, and not something you want to ever have to do. For a small investment, you can have the peace of mind that your car is protected from just about any type of spill or other damaging events.You can find all weather, thick rubber, or even carpeted variations to suit all applications.

You can choose to have your custom fit, or even semi-custom fit to make sure it flows perfectly with the rear. Cargo liners are ideal for luggage storage, groceries, sports equipment, liquids, or anything else you can think of. Keep the value of your vehicle high with one of these accessories.

Some Other Popular Cargo Liner Brands

When you invite people into your home, we are willing to bet you know a little something about them. After all, you stayed true to that “don’t talk to strangers” rule all your life, so why would you let a stranger into your humble abode? The same guideline is applied to your car. You wouldn’t let any hitchhiking Tom, Dick or Harry into your ride, so why let a no-name cargo liner keep your cargo area clean? Get to know the brands of cargo liners before you choose who (which company) you let protect your investment.

BedRug—A brand sprung from the ground of Old Hickory, Tennessee by a company called Wise Industries. These wise folks have created quality cargo liners that blend style and toughness together. It doesn’t matter if you need carpet or all-weather—BedRug makes ‘em both.

Heritage—Turn to Heritage when you’re in need of extra canine protection. The Heritage line of cargo liners features modern designs catering to protecting the back of your ride from Scruffy, Fido and Max with its durable materials and added pet features, like waterproof linings.

Canine Covers—Pet paws, accidents and other mishaps happen. But with Canine Covers shielding your cargo area from disaster, you can rest easy. Their line of cargo liners are quilted for the ultimate in pet comfort, yet boast a water-repellent top layer for superior cargo area protection.

Hexomat—Hexomat is best known for their custom-molded carpets that fit snugly into your vehicle. A rubber Hexomat caro liner has exclusive hexagonally-shapes cups that trap mud, moister and other grime from getting to your cargo area’s carpet.

Canvasback—If you’re a great outdoors enthusiast, there’s no better than a Canvasback cargo liner for your ride. They understand that camping, hunting, home improvement, gardening and more can really take a toll on your ride’s cargo area. They’ve created cargo liners that stay in place with added Velcro straps; plus, they are super easy to clean up!

Husky Liners—For more than 15 years, Husky has been one of the most innovative names in the cargo liner industry. They are constantly improving and expanding their line of Husky cargo liners and floor mats to better suit your needs.

Catch-All—If the name doesn’t explain it, I don’t know what does. These cargo mats are superb at trapping moisture and dirt from creeping onto your vehicle’s carpets. Plus, these custom-made mats don’t slip and slide around. And, they even match most factory colors.

Lloyd—A big player in the cargo liner industry, Lloyd is truly all about custom-cut floor mats. With over 30 years of experience to back up their products, it seems like a no brainer to go with this company for your quality cargo liners.

WeatherTech—A major player in the floor mat industry as well, WeatherTech sets the bar high for quality, aftermarket mats. Their Mats go far beyond what’s expected with their ingenious design, heavy-duty materials and continuous drive to improve their products.