Air compressors can be used on a vast number of occasions, whether you need to handle household tasks, boost your tires, or use them for professional purposes. There are two main categories of air compressors to choose from when such equipment is needed: positive displacement and negative displacement air compressors.

Car air compressors can be low-pressure, medium-pressure, or high-pressure depending on your tire size or how flat they are. A low-pressure compressor, also known as LPAC, has a maximum discharge of 150 psi. A medium-pressure compressor has a pressure release between 151 psi to 1000 psi, while a high-pressure air compressor (HPAC) is any pressure that has a discharge above 1000 psi.

Today’s market offers a wide variety of car air compressors that can help with daily tasks. When looking for an air compressor, its shape, size, design, capacity, technology, as well as its price and utility, are some of the most common factors that will influence your opinion. The discharge pressure for portable air compressors, for example, is identified as CFM. Knowing that you will not risk buying one that does not suit your needs as it could be dangerous for your tires and a waste of money.

Editor’s Picks: 3 Best Car Tire Inflators 

Product Power Editor’s Rating Price

#1. Kensun D1001

Air Compressors


#2. Viair 00073 70Pre

Air Compressors


#3. VIAIR 85P

Air Compressors


What is a Tire Air Compressor?

A tire air compressor pumps air into tires, and you can purchase it from an array of locations, such as gas stations or factories. You can also purchase a portable device to keep in your car in the event of an emergency. These products use motor horsepower to power the air through the tube to your tires. Depending on the quality and price of your air compressor, you can purchase one that automatically detects how much air is needed. Alternatively, you’ll input this data into the digital gauge where you can monitor the tires’ progress.

Types of Car Compressors

If you are looking for a car tire inflator, first you should decide what kind of inflator is needed, because there are many types of car tire inflators to choose from.

Rechargeable (wireless) car tire inflators are very useful on the road. For example, if you get a small car tire puncture and don’t have a spare tire, you can inflate your tire without any power. If you decide to buy a rechargeable tire inflator, make sure you buy one with a lot of power.

The other type of wireless garage tire inflator is a cigarette lighter tire inflator – like some of the ones we’ve reviewed above. These are affordable but only recommended in emergencies as they also don’t last very long if used frequently.

The more robust car tire inflator is one that you can charge prior to use and doesn’t need charging via a cigarette lighter. These usually inflate your tires much faster but cannot be used on the road as they require a main power supply and are recommended to keep in your garage for maintenance tire inflating. These are the primary and most popular types of inflators. You should seek tire inflators that have the highest operating voltage because they will inflate your tires much faster and easier.

How to Choose the Top Car Air Compressor on the Market?

When looking to buy a portable air compressor, you should look at each product’s specifications and check the noise level indicator by the number of decibels. Typically, all manufacturers should include this information on the product description label.

The Noise Level

Preferably, you’ll own a car tire air compressor with minimal noise levels. The last thing you want is a blaring tire compressor in your ears, as this can be pretty annoying. Look out for products around 65 decibels, as this is a similar level to a vacuum cleaner. Although the noise level doesn’t affect the compressor’s performance, it can test your patience.


When it comes to tinier portable air compressors, you can find units that occupy such a small enough amount of space that they can be carried around in your car trunk permanently. These units are practical and, most of the time, low cost, which is why everyone should make sure that they have a functional compressor in their car.

Some roadside inflators come with a battery option that makes them wireless and quick to operate. This is ideal for emergency use. This option should be used with care as unemployed rechargeable batteries lose their charging with time. You should recharge them every two months to ensure that you’ll be able to use them in a time of trouble.


From wheel and tire air compressors to heavy-duty units, you can find anything you need in today’s market. Depending on the task and your budget, you can quickly conclude if the accessories included are necessary, or just a luxury. If technical expertise is not your strong point, carefully analyze the information we have provided below.

Short Reviews of 10 Best Tire inflator

We have reviewed the 10 most popular portable air compressors, looking at their price, warranty, technical specifications, fuel, portability, capacity, materials, and pressure discharge. Although an air compressor’s design does not seem like it’d be important, in some cases it is. Smarter designs often mean better portability and ease of use. Also, a unit’s weight and size should influence your decision, because extremely heavy or sizeable portable air compressors might require special vehicles for transportation. Therefore, think of your needs and budget and see for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular portable air compressors on the market. It is almost impossible to make a list of all the quiet air compressors on the market, but here are a few of the most silent ones. We strongly consider that they deserve a spot in the top 10:

1. Kensun D1001 AC/DC Heavy Duty Multi-Function Air Compressor Tire Inflator

This portable air inflator is one of the best things someone can have in their car. It is a multi-function unit that pumps in 40 PSI and has an airflow rate of 11 l/minute. It connects to the tire through a 21.7-inch rubber air hose and has a nine-foot cord that connects to the cigarette plug. Also, it can be attached to an AC plug through a six-foot cable.

If you’re looking for the best car tire air compressor, then we highly recommend the Kensun YS-205 (home 11ov)/dc (12v car) portable air compressor tire inflator. This air compressor tire inflator is durable, robust, and runs smoothly without much noise. The Kensun Air Compressor pumps up car tires in no time with minimal effort required on your part. Simply connect it to your flat tire, switch on the compressor, and the device will handle the rest.

Its construction does not look very sturdy, but it is a practical device with a clip-on system. Its price is affordable, only weighs 4.7 pounds, and it can attach to tires, air mattresses, sports balls, and much more. Also, it is quite sturdy and does not overheat.

What’s to like

  • Is inexpensive
  • Has long cords
  • Can be easily transported in the trunk
  • Has a compact design

What’s not to like?

  • Its construction does not look sturdy
  • Is made of plastic

2. Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor

Viair 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Compressor
  • 12 VOLT - 100 PSI Maximum Working Pressure, engine must be running during use.
  • 1.06CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI
  • Deluxe carry bag included

This portable 12V air compressor by Viair is an affordable product that comes with a compact design and a carrying bag. It provides you with a maximum pressure of 100 PSI and is a sturdy device that helps with all sorts of inflating tasks. For example, you can use this compressor to inflate a vehicle’s tires, an air mattress, and many other inflatable objects in a matter of minutes. This product is extremely light and has a 12-foot power cable with a 30-Ampere inline fuse, as well as a five-foot inflation hose.

It weighs only 6.2 pounds and its size of 9.2 x 8.5 x 8 inches makes it easy for anyone to use. Use its air compressor tire gauge to monitor the tire pressure before it automatically switches off (which is how you’ll know when the tires have adequate air). This air compressor is reasonably quiet and powerful enough to use on large tires – which is exceptional given that it is so lightweight and compact.

What’s to like

  • Is lightweight
  • Has long cords
  • Has a carrying bag
  • Has 100 PSI

What’s not to like?

  • Some customers complain about the quality of the clilp

3. VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

VIAIR 85P - 00085 Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor for Car, Truck...
  • PORTABLE TIRE PUMP with PRESSURE GAUGE - The VIAIR 85P is a compact, heavy duty 12V car tire air compressor with a...
  • ON-THE-GO PERFORMANCE for VEHICLES, BIKES & SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, Offroad Vehicles,...
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 12V mini air compressor tire inflator has a 13 ft reach, built-in pressure gauge, deluxe carry bag,...

VIAIR 85P is a portable compressor that is very easy to use, even though it is slightly larger than the models we have discussed so far. It comes with more advanced features, such as an LED working light that provides a well-lit working area. This 12V device delivers 60 PSI maximum operating pressure, which is not bad and can solve small tasks. On average, this portable air compressor can last for 20 minutes before it needs recharging.

Your engine must be running when in use, and it can connect to the cigarette power port. Also, it has dual battery clamps and solid brass, promising a sturdy design. It is straightforward to store and transport. Finally, if your tires have too much air in them, this portable compressor comes with air tools to bleed off excess pressure from tire inflation.

What’s to like

  • Is sturdy
  • Is affordable
  • Has LED working light
  • Has dual battery clamps
  • Has permanent magnetic motor

What’s not to like?

  • Some customers claim it requires a bit too much electricity

4. Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station 12-Volt or 120-Volt Inflator

BLACK+DECKER ASI300 Air Station Inflator
  • Inflates lawnmower, bike, and vehicle tires, sports balls, and other items quickly and easily
  • Space-saving, portable design
  • EZ air dial for instant shut-off when correct air pressure has been reached

This 12V portable air compressor is larger than the products reviewed above, but it comes at an even better price and is suitable for tire inflation, sports balls, air mattresses, bike tires, and all types of inflatable objects. Its compact design is visually pleasing as it comes in orange, and even though it is external material is plastic, its construction still looks sturdy enough. It delivers up to 160 PSI and can connect to your vehicle’s cigarette plug.

This device’s compressed air can be used on an array of devices, including children’s inflatable toys, bicycle tires, and more. We love that this compressor comes with a separate pressure gauge to handle all the work for you. Also, you don’t need to worry about adding too much air to your chosen object as the compressor will stop once it has reached the optimum level.

It instantly shuts off when the desired air pressure is reached. Plus, it is practical, lightweight, and easy to use due to its tire nozzle, needle inflator, and extension nozzle. Its manufacturer offers a two-year warranty, which is a definite bonus.

What’s to like

  • Has a visually appealing designIs
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Is lightweight
  • Can be connected to the car cigarette plug

What’s not to like?

  • It is not rechargeable

5. LifeLine AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor

No products found.

LifeLine AAA 300 PSI is one of the most affordable portable air compressors on the market. It is easy to use and delivers 300 PSI which makes it more powerful than most small compressors. It has an air hose that connects quickly, a ten-foot-long power cord, and an air pressure gauge. Also, it comes with three nozzle adapters and can be connected to the car cigarette plug.

This product can be switched on and off with the help of a button on the front panel but does not have an auto shut-off feature. It is perfect for occasional use, but despite the manufacturer’s promotion of it being a high-quality device, its construction is unfortunately not that sturdy.

This compressor is designed for average-sized tires and can fully inflate a tire within eight minutes. This is fairly impressive considering that it is a portable compressor operating off of your engine’s power.

What’s to like

  • It is powerful
  • Has 300 PSI
  • Can be connected to the cigarette plug

What’s not to like?

  • Its construction quality is questionable

6. Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator

Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator
  • Easy read digital display
  • Bright light for night use
  • Powerful and compact

This portable air compressor is a modern unit that comes with digital features and a great design. Its small size and compact shape make it comfortable to use and very easy to transport. It is a 12V compressor that can plug into your car’s cigarette port.

It is equipped with an LED light that allows you to inflate tires and other inflatable objects during the night, too. This product has an automatic shut-off feature that stops the inflator once the desired pressure is reached. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing only one pound. Although it is beneficial for tires and other inflatable objects, this air compressor cannot connect to a wall plug.

Even though it is a bit louder than other similar products, this compressor exceeds in power for reliable results every time. We’re also impressed that it only takes six minutes of your time to fully inflate your tires – especially important in emergencies. Although this product puts in the work for you, there’s also an easy-to-read digital display so you can keep track of its progress.

What’s to like

  • Has a digital display
  • Has a great design
  • Is lightweight
  • Has an LED light
  • Is cheap
  • Has a shut-off function

What’s not to like?

    • Cannot be connected to a wall plug
    • Is louder than other car tire air compressors

7. PORTER-CABLE 135 PSI Pancake Compressor

PORTER CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor
  • 2.0 SCFM delivered @ 90 PSI pump, 3.5 gallon tank and 135 max PSI for longer run time and quicker recovery
  • Durable oil-free pump for long life and no maintenance
  • Low Amp 120V motor

The Porter-Cable air compressor is a portable device that delivers 2.0 SCFM and 90 PSI. It is more expensive than most small air compressors, but its construction, design, and capabilities make it worth the money. It has a capacity of 3.5 gallons as well as an oil-free pump.

This product is designed to last. It has a low amperage motor of 120V, two gauges for better visibility, and one quick-connect coupler. It is incredibly lightweight and comes in red and black so you can customize its appearance to your taste. This compressor has a noise level of 82 decibels which is on the higher side compared to the above products. However, to reduce this noise level, you can place this compressor on a flat surface which will absorb most of the vibrations.

What’s to like

    • Has a great design
    • Is sturdily constructed
    • Has a low amperage motor
    • Has a 3.5 gallons tank
    • Has 2 gauges

What’s not to like?

    • Is more expensive than most similar products
    • Is a bit noisy

8. Master Flow MF-1040 Cyclone High Volume Portable Air Compressor

12 Volt Air Compressor, Portable Air Pump 12 Volt, Tire Inflator 140...
  • CONVENIENCE: The Master Flow MF-1040 is a 12v air compressor that charges directly from your 12-volt cigarette lighter...
  • MULTIPLE USES: The Master Flow MF-1040 portable air compressor is not only essential for topping off your car's tires,...
  • EASY TO USE: Plug into your cigarette lighter, attach to tire with 16ft air hose, flip switch and inflate a tire in less...

The Master Flow portable air compressor is an affordable unit that comes in a small size with a unique design. Its yellow color makes it impossible to miss and its long, yellow hose definitely makes it an upgrade. This 12V air compressor has a 150 PSI that comes with an integrated gauge and an inflating nozzle.

It can deliver an impressive 30 liters of air every minute. The package of this air compressor includes a bonus carrying bag, a super convenient bonus. Even though it offers a lot of advantages, this product has a few design flaws, and customers have been complaining about the compressor’s power sometimes. Even so, it is great for occasional use, and it is quick and quiet. But, our favorite feature is its storage bag so you can store this air compressor in your trunk or home and keep its accessories with it, too.

Most air compressors include a quick-release adapter, but the Master Flow Compressor comes with a screw-on adapter, which may take longer to operate, but makes for a safer and more secure compressor.

What’s to like

    • Is affordable
    • Has a unique design
    • Is tiny
    • Is quiet
    • Delivers 30 liters of air per minute
    • Includes a carrying bag

What’s not to like?

    • Seems to have frequent fuse issues

9. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

VIAIR 88P - 00088 Tire Inflator Portable Onroad/Offroad Air Compressor...
  • PORTABLE OFFROAD COMPRESSOR (Model: 88P, 120 PSI, 33" Tires) - The 88P Portable Truck Air Compressor: Gear up for rugged...
  • ON-THE-GO PERFORMANCE for VEHICLES, BIKES & SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, Offroad Vehicles, 4x4s,...
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 12V mini air compressor tire inflator has a 16 ft air hose, 10 ft power cord, built-in pressure...

This portable air compressor is a small device that looks durable enough to convince many of you to spend more than you would on other similar portable compressors. It is a 12V device that delivers 120 PSI and requires a motor when in use.

It is easy to use, and it can connect directly to a vehicle’s battery due to its included alligator clamps. It is a heavy-duty unit that can be used to inflate truck and SUV tires. It is equipped with an LED indicator that makes it easier to use in low-light conditions. It also has a nine-ft power cord and a 12-foot air hose to operate around awkward angles, as well as a 3pc inflation tip kit. It only weighs one pound and its warranty is only available for its various parts.

This Viair air compressor boasts a rubber feature that absorbs a lot of sound when it rests on an uneven surface. Ensure you carefully handle this product immediately after operation as it can get hot easily. Therefore, wait for it to cool before touching it.

What’s to like

  • Is durable
  • Is powerful
  • Can be connected to a vehicle’s battery
  • Has a long power cord and air hose

What’s not to like?

    • Is more expensive than most small air compressors

10. Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

No products found.

The Goodyear i8000 is a portable inflator that comes at an affordable price. It has a pleasant design and an easy-to-store, blue air fuse made of rubber. It can inflate P185/R14 from 0 to 28 PSI in less than two minutes. The maximum pressure it can deliver is 150 PSI. This product comes with a variety of adaptors that fit many tires and inflatable objects. Unlike most small air compressors, it can be connected to a 120V wall plug.

This portable air compressor has a 17-foot air hose and a six-foot power cord which makes it easy to use even for long distances. The lengthy power cord also means you can access all of your vehicle’s tires easily and safely without having to move and reset the compressor. It is quieter than most similar products the market has to offer. That being said, it is heavier than most given the fact that it weighs eight pounds.

What’s to like

  • Is affordable
  • Is sturdy
  • Is quick and powerful
  • Includes multiple adaptors
  • Hand long air hose and power cord
  • Is quiet

What’s not to like?

    • Is heavier than most products of the same category

Honorable mentions

GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders with Portable Bag

GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders with Portable...
  • 【FAST INFLATION】: GSPSCN Heavy Duty Double cylinder design,maximum pressure 150PSI, air flow 70L/min, inflates...
  • 【STABILITY TECHNOLOGY】: Rubber feet to make sure the 12V air pump stays where it is placed and does not move around...
  • 【DOUBLE CYLINDERS DIRECT DRIVE INFLATION PUMP】: In the direct drive of the motor, the two cylinders at the same time...

GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator is an amazing air compressor that can easily inflate your tires. The design of this inflator is pleasant, it has a swingable handle that makes transporting it easier, and it comes with a bag. It can inflate a 200/70-R18 tire in about 2 minutes, from 0 to 40 PSI. GSPSCN has rubber feet, and they help you keep the inflator stable on the ground without allowing it to move around while you use it. This model can reach a maximum of 150 PSI.

Besides having its own bag, this inflator also comes with heavy-duty cables, clamps, and with a 11-foot extension hose with adapters and fuse. Because of this, you will have plenty of usage options for this inflator. GSPCN comes in a variety of colors. They are white, red, and gray.

Another thing you can do with GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator is to check your tire pressure. To do this, you just need to insert the nozzle into the valve, and the inflator will show you the current pressure. Also, you can release the extra pressure from the tire if needed by pressing the gas nozzle. All in all, it is a powerhouse inflator that you can use with ease to do many operations.

What’s to like

  • Is durable
  • Is sturdy
  • Is powerful
  • It is good at multiple operations

What’s not to like?

    • short vdc cable
    • doesn’t accurately read the tire pressure

FORTEM Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

FORTEM Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor 150 PSI, 12V Electric...
  • Portable and Compact - Take your Fortem air compressor for car with you and be ready for any emergency. The 14ft reach...
  • Multi-purpose - Perfect for car, truck, suv, motorcycle tires. Includes three nozzle attachments for sports balls, air...
  • Built-In Safety Features- Super bright automatic LED flashlight makes our car air pump suitable for roadside emergency...

This Air Compressor is good for both vehicles and bicycles. It has a 14-ft power cord, and you can store it easily inside the compact unit. It is more of an easy-to-access accessory.To use it, all you need to do is simply connect it to the car cigarette lighter power outlet. Also, it has a powerful flashlight built-in which can be a useful tool during emergencies.

FORTEM Tire Inflator is compatible with most vehicles with a DC-12v power output and comes with three nozzle attachments. Another good thing about this air compressor is that it automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached to prevent over inflation

What’s to like

  • has a long cable
  • can be used with bicycles too
  • has a compact unit
  • it has a DC 12V power imput

What’s not to like?

    • it can t be used for a long time ( 8 mins )
    • it is not that powerfull. However it can reach 150 PSI on bicycle tires.
    • doesn’t have something to keep it from moving

Addressing the Confusion About the Many Different Tire Inflators Available

Air Compressors Vs. Car Tire Inflators

Air compressors and car tire inflators mostly serve the same purpose, but there are some car tire inflators that have some distinctive features. They are, however, specifically designed for tires.

Hand pumps can even be used to inflate air in the tires, but doing so is a tough task as it requires a lot of energy and time that nobody really wants to spend. Many drivers and car owners look for an automatic pump that makes filling air in the tire easy and saves precious time.

The Use of Commercial Tire Inflators

Tire inflators that are used commercially at tire stations are much more expensive and are designed for commercial purposes as opposed to individual use. They can inflate the tires of various vehicles very quickly. People who own more than one or two cars or own many cars (like a car showroom owner, for example) could use these inflators as well. But for those who only refill the air of their tires occasionally, only one or two gallons of air are needed to do so.

Roadside Inflators

Another kind of inflator is a roadside inflator. This is an extremely tiny air compressor that can be inserted into an average electrical switch or run off of the electrical current of a car. The device is plugged into the DC opening (conventionally recognized as the car’s cigarette lighter port). Inflating air through this air compressor can be time-consuming; it can even take more time than a mini inflator. Many of these are designed with an air checking meter to check the level of air in the tire.

There are also some other features unique to roadside air inflators. Some have a torchlight or flashlight that helps people find the air valve of the tire in the dark. Others feature a yellow light attachment that indicates to other motorists that a car has stopped functioning on the road. Also, many roadside car tire inflators have an automatic shutdown feature so the air stops inflating when it reaches the desired level.

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Compressor for Cars

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a portable tire air compressor. First, you’ll require one that works on automation rather than manual effort. Not only does this free up your time and effort, but having a device that understands when to begin and stop pumping air on its own ensures that you’ll receive the best results. You will generally have two options: one with an air compressor that has settings already programmed within it, or one where you input these settings. The main reason you’d require a manual device is if you tend to exceed the average tire compression, which might be the case if you have more passengers on board or carry excess luggage, etc. A manual compressor is much cheaper than an automatic, so consider your budget as well.

More than likely, you don’t want to stand around for hours inflating tires. The quicker the air compressor tire nozzle connects to your flat tire, the smoother the process will be. When you’ve found compressors that match your needs, research how long it takes to inflate car tires that match your vehicle’s size. The more efficient the tire pressure gauge, the quicker you’ll be on the road again. This speed can also increase your safety if you break down on a low-lit road or in poor weather.

Check to see the tire requirements as a truck tire air compressor will obviously need more power than a device built for smaller tires.

Finally, another factor we suggest you look into is the weight and size of the compressor. There are no legal size requirements for a portable tire inflator, but ideally, you’ll want one that doesn’t take up much space in your car – particularly if you own a small vehicle.

What is the Best Compact, Portable Air Compressor?

When searching for an air pump, you’ll notice that they come in a variety of sizes and weights. If you intend on taking your air compressor with you on the go, you’ll want one that is lightweight and easily transported. Although a portable compressor is much smaller than one designed for truck tires, don’t be deceived by thinking that the size means less tire pressure. Opting for a portable compressor is ideal for roadside assistance. These types of air compressors are generally cordless and operate via batteries for an easy and quick process.

If you’re searching for the best compact, portable air compressor tire inflator that is easy and practical to carry around, we recommend the Slime 40022 12-volt Tire Inflator as a great choice. This is an auto tire air compressor that features an automatic switch-off sensor when your tires reach the required pressure. Its digital tire gauge monitors the pressure throughout the process, and you can keep track of the amount of time left via this on-screen report. This feature is incredibly useful to ensure that your tires don’t exceed their recommended pressure.

The Slime 40022 Air Compressor is mainly used for car tires, although it’s also suitable for bike tires, mattresses, balls, and anything else that needs inflating. However, as the Slime Compressor was built with an emphasis on its portability, and is therefore generally slower to inflate tires and other items compared to its competitor models.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Top 10 Best Tire Air Compressors?

We hope this article has provided you with ample information and specifics to consider when choosing a tire air compressor. We’ve received the above 10 products because they display a wide variety of power, size, durability, and portability. Bear in mind the most important factors to you, and choose your new product based on that.

If you have any further tips on choosing the best tire air compressor, share your advice in the comments to help others.

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