When one gets into your garage, the second thing that attracts his/her attention after your supercar(s) is, undoubtedly, the garage floor. What will be their immediate thought or facial gesture largely depends upon your skill of maintaining the ground properly. If it’s your new garage, that’s another thing. But as the time passes, you’re going to be the owner of a dirty floored carport. Seems like a nightmarish! But it happens unless one takes proper care of it from the very beginning.

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Most of the garage lords pay little heed to cleaning issues. This tendency, consequently, compels them to live with those tenacious stains, cracks and smells (of chemical and car oil). So, no matter in what condition your garage floor is, at present, do a haste to get rid of this filth accumulation process. The older it’ll get, the harder you’ll find them to cleanse.
What’s the most dependable procedure to keep your garage ground neat and tidy? Cover it with epoxy coating pronto. Don’t wait for the appropriate time to come. Otherwise, it will take some extra hour to be squeaky clean.

Why epoxy is a better option than polyurethane

Both epoxy and polyurethane (PU for short) can be used for effective floor coating. So, you may wonder why we’re busy talking about epoxy only and not taking PU into consideration. Here’re a few reasons for our being less inclined to PU for heavy duty garage floor coating-

  • Epoxy contains a considerable amount of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) whereas being solvent based, most of the PU have high VOC. We know that during the drying process of coating, VOCs release that cause severe headaches or giddiness. Though it often doesn’t cause any long-term effect, we can’t fully ignore the report introduced by EPA that some VOCs are capable of giving rise to cancer.
  • PU, due to its diluteness, has less thickness than epoxy. Hence it fails to seal the gaps when applied on a ground with some cracks. On the contrary, you can use epoxy as a master surface solution.
  • PU’s softer nature makes it more liable to produce gouging while epoxy gives your floor more durability and hardness making it sustainable to compression.
  • Humidity exhibits another gloomy aspect of PU. Its sensitivity to dampness can bring dire consequence. But if you’re using epoxy, you may not get a fully damage free surface, yet the impairment would be limited.

However, as a glossy solution, some garage holders mix both the substances together to get a decorated & furnished look of their floor.

3 Best Garage Floor Epoxy Reviews

1. Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating , 2 gal, Gray

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”321″ identifier=”B006ZUZ9QE” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/51DG5VbH1FL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

Having futuristic qualities Rust-Oleum 261845 is a very well thought out product. Comes with 2-part water-based epoxy coating and concentrated cleaner to make your garage floor exhibition-ready.  It also accompanies minute guidance along with an instructional video in order to make your work easier. Among other accessories, you’ll find decorative chips and stir stick. While parking the hot wheel, now you can remain fully relaxed as it has got “no hot tire pick-up”

feature. So, there’s little chance of its leaving the discouraging chunk of missing dye on your garage floor.

Being a water-based equipment, it won’t give you a guilt feeling for polluting the surroundings. Hardly contains any pungent smell. Worrying about the slippery problem? Fortunately, it’s a Big No to such adversity on the greasy surface. Just make sure you manage to avoid any kind of movement over the coating before it dries completely. Then you can walk on or drive upon this epoxy coating comfortably. You can also perceive its extraordinary performance against water and chemical. Tolerant to these substances, this appliance boost the life of your garage surface.

Keeping it tidy demands simple mopping and sweeping. No hard or exhausting maintenance tips need to follow. In fine, with so many first-class hallmarks, it’s a profitable deal to defend your ground. Its awesome touch will make the floor shine smoothly and as a plus point, you’re getting the “no peel promise” on this product.

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2. Rust-Oleum 238466 Professional Floor Coating Kit, Dunes Tan

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”313″ identifier=”B000KESBL6″ locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/51Etuyun2iL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

Whereas a lot of users believe merely its brand name “Rust-Oleum” for the strength and shelter it can provide, we want you to take a thorough look upon its trendy features. While other brands peel off too easily and degrade as time goes by with the hot tire transfer, this kit outdoes these adverse phenomena quite readily.

Meant for professional use, it’s a solvent based epoxy. Therefore, unlike the water based one, it dries up more rapidly. Because the evaporation occurs through a chemical reaction with oxygen. Its various exquisite resistant features save your garage surface from wearing and ensure a scratching-free floor even after a long period of use. Also helps to get rid of the odors and the blots produced out of the motor oil spread all over the ground.

Using this pack is also very easy. Just need to do some preparation tasks such as- removing all things from the floor, degreasing (if needed), scrubbing and etching with muriatic acid. Then leave it alone for hours to dry. Better outcome involves filling the fissures on the floor before applying this epoxy shield. No doubt you’re going to win the battle against such absurd blemish with this coating kit. Ergo, keep your garage floor fresh and cool even after the continuous movement of the cars for years.

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3. Valspar (81020) Light Gray Garage Floor Coating Kit – 120 oz.

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”333″ identifier=”B00DJ68I2E” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/51DYW1EsiL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

Protect your commercial garage or a flat floor with this Valspar (81020) Garage Floor Coating Kit. Along with providing a semi-gloss finish to the floor, it’ll offer a promising durability. When you come back home driving at highway speed, the tire remains heated from inside. Slowly, the heat shifts from inner to the outer layer of the tire and finally reaches the epoxy coating. During the tire’s cooling down, it keeps plucking the epoxy from the surface. But if you’re using Valspar (81020), you don’t need to worry about such stripping issue. Because it has got the No hot-tire pickup feature.

Its advanced bonding technology has made it one of the highly demanding tools of local home improvement store. Cost effective, reliable and having anti-peel guard, it’s a magnificent choice for people who want to go a long way after coating only once in a decade. In fact, embellishing your parking lot was never so easy a task. Coming with a detailed instruction and a video on how to execute prep phase, it makes your garage surface coating a piece of cake. You can also give it a classy view by drizzling color flakes on wet epoxy. Each gallon covers nearly 250 sq. ft. In case some cracks are making the floor rough and uneven, manage to shop some split fillers before coating.

For the eco-conscious users, this water based kit would be a great choice. Has lower amount of volatile organic compounds than any solvent based epoxy. We believe that you’ll barely sense any bad odor. Superb adhesiveness helps it get a deep attachment to the floor. Available in tan and light gray colors.

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Things to consider

The continuous movement of incoming and outgoing traffic in a garage, as well as the maneuvers that take place inside it, makes it necessary to pay special attention to its pavement. Since you’ve got a clear idea about epoxy’s beneficiaries that obviously surpasses polyurethane in almost every respect, it’s time to educate yourself with the necessary tips to make a commendable purchase.

  • The coating must be especially resistant to the friction of the tires and to the action of chemicals such as oil or fuel. It is, therefore, necessary to have a high hardness and, at the same time, a decorative finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Its adhesion on the floor must be optimum, which depends on factors such as humidity.
  • When applying epoxy on the surface, it is necessary to assess the situations. Old concrete pavements need to control its curing or porosity while the new ones ask for different treatment.

Let’s discuss every essential in detail-

  • One part vs. Two Part Epoxy

Do you think Epoxy Coating and Epoxy Paint are same? Actually, they aren’t. The confusion has aroused from some paint manufacturers’ tendency to mix a little volume of epoxy with the paint. They name it 1 part epoxy paint. A new substance emerges out of this blending which is more durable and adhesive than standard acrylic paint. And the consumers hardly know that it’s not an absolute epoxy material.

Next important information for making your purchase informed is that-

1 part coatings have some positive points. Such as- applying them is pretty effortless. It’s, in fact, a user-friendly option, but less stable. Contrarily, being much firmer, the 2 part lasts longer. So, it’s quite predictable that the 2-part epoxy is better than 1 part.

However, without proper prep, no matter which type you’re using, know that you’re simply going to waste your time, energy and money.

  • Water vs. Solvent Based Coating

Among these two types, you’ll see a lot of good sides. Neither of them is fully free of negative features though. To reduce your confusion which one to choose, take a look at the following chart.

Here we’ve presented the leading characteristics belong to them.

Traits & Capacities Water Based Epoxy Solvent Based Epoxy
Works fine at high moisture and cool temperatures Yes
Indoor use Yes
Tolerable to defiled petroleum in concrete surfaces Yes
Highly combustible No
Gives a lustrous effect on the floor Yes Yes
More long-lasting Yes Yes
Contains high volume of VOC No
Challenging at prep stage that leads to corrosion  No
Eco-friendly Yes
Usability on wet floor Yes
Preventive to hydrostatic force Yes
Yellowish layer visibility after several years No
Bad odor No
Takes less time to dry Yes


 Notes of Precaution-

  • While using a solvent based epoxy, ensure protection regarding inhalation by a wearing a breathable mask.
  • During outdoor coating, keep all the flammable substances away to make your solvent epoxy applying safe and secured.
  • Water based becomes tough to deal with at the surface prep stage. That is, if water touches the base, it may direct the whole system to rusting process. Therefore, it’s better to fashion it correctly in order to check any sort of unwanted occurrence.


  • DIY or Professional Installer

Some garage owners take pride in accomplishing the garage improvement enterprises themselves. Now-a-days many newbies are also taking the challenge of epoxy flooring without hiring professionals. The reason is – either the DIY products are easily affordable or they come with straightforward guidelines or manuals.

As shown below, both sorts of installers have their merits & demerits-

Prep and Repair stage Mild acid comes with DIY set though it’s not enough to eliminate all the blots of oil. Again, it requires pouring a lot of water to get the smut completely wiped out. This repeated water flow makes the floor damp. In the meanwhile, if any impatient user begins to apply epoxy before it dries perfectly, all his hard work would be proved a mere wastage. Because the coat will gradually begin to peel off. On the other hand, expert professionals assess your garage surface and do the prep and repair work accordingly to provide you with an enduring floor of high grade shine.

Quality – DIY kits’ low price screams their poor quality. Being water based as well as having only 30% – 40% thick substances, they are very much fragile. However, applying it is easy and it covers a wide range of areas creating extremely thin layer though. In contrast, you’ll find the professional kits mainly solvent based that contains 90% – 100% solid materials. It ensures durability making the floor less prone to wear.

Work Duration – It takes more than 1 week to complete the preparation stage, epoxy applying and drying in the DIY process while professional installer finishes everything minutely in not more than 5 days. Not to mention, the later one readily survives the hot tire pickup.

  • Warranty

Before purchase, confirm the fact that the manufacturers of your highly-expected product are capable of fulfilling their promising words. Every time the tool fails to perform well, you get them stand behind you with a supporting smile. DIY products may not come with any warranty. But professional kits won’t disappoint you anyhow. The duration of the warranty, however, varies from model to model. So, whenever you’re surfing online or your nearest hardware store, scrutinize whether the epoxy kit, you choose, contains problem fixing vows or not. If has, how long?

  • Price

If saving a few dollars on the epoxy tool is your main concern, you are making a big mistake. Unfortunately, many people take this approach and finish up with a coating that’s half as good as they’ve dreamed of. Neither it lasts long nor can exclude the fraction. So, before picking out an epoxy kit from scores of the branded companies, take a little while to judge which one has more to offer at a reasonable price.

  • Resistance

With the above features, what you more you need to consider is the resisting quality of epoxy. The main three elements that are capable of causing severe harm to your garage floor are-

  1. Water
  2. Chemical and
  3. Moisture

Therefore, purchase an epoxy coating which can withstand the eroding and waning impact generating from these components and keep your place free of dust and debris. You may also look forward to getting a model that is resistant to slippery. This’ll help you evade catastrophic incidents provoked by the oily or drenched earth.


Final Words

The appearance of your garage floor reflects your taste. Its sleek and shiny look creates a positive impression about you upon the visitors. The smoother it will be, the more affirmative perception one will get about you. Therefore, do spend some cash on the epoxy coating. It’ll also help you save regular maintenance cost. Besides, you’ll be able to pen through the tedious task of cleaning the grout or carpet from your weekly to do list. Be more decorative by using texture epoxy. The textured finish will also hide inside it various types of mishaps causing from slippery. But in this case, you ‘ll need to wear spiky boots until the epoxy dries completely.