When searching for platform trucks or hand truck, it is important to consider durability, cargo capacity, and handling before making a purchase. Heavy-duty platform trucks made from steel and aluminum tend to last longer than plastic and wooden trucks. This disparity in durability is not universal, as some companies reinforce plastic and wooden trucks with metal supports.

Top Platform Hand Truck Comparison Table 

After finding a durable truck material, you need to think about the average size of your cargo loads. The rule of thumb when buying heavy-duty platform trucks is to purchase 50% more space than your average load. The extra space accounts for oversized loads that you may encounter in your facility. The handle location and design are also critical to handling large loads on heavy-duty platform trucks. If your truck’s handles are too high or too low, you will strain your body unnecessarily to move cargo.

5 Best Platform Hand Truck Reviews

1. Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00EUUZAUG” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/415XMHOJrcL-1.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”324″]

If you’re planning to move, and need a hard-working handcart that’ll help you get the job done in a jiff, then the Harper Trucks Nylon Convertible Hand Truck is perfect for you. This robust, US-made hand truck cart handles a good couple hundred pounds with ease and converts into a 4-wheel dolly in just seconds. It’s lightweight, durable, and ready to handle lift-and-carry jobs any day of the week on its tires and sturdy frame. The frame is made from glass filled nylon (a hard-wearing plastic that’s as tough as aluminum or steel) and comes with built-in stair glides for maneuverability. A steel base plate and continuous handle also come standard.

All in all, this hand truck seems solid and is favored by the majority of users. As mentioned, there are concerns on certain issues, but selling at under $100, can one really complain? Most products of this caliber will easily cost around $400, and the then chances are that you’ll still encounter problems. Even if you go down to your local hardware store and buy any missing parts, you will still save a bundle. Based on reviews, the ‘strange odor’ users comment on eventually fades, and with regards to packaging, would that really make a difference? You’d be using the product, not the box. Overall, the Harper Trucks Nylon Convertible Hand Truck comes recommended.

Harper Trucks Hand Truck Product Features

  • Load up to 300 lb as dolly and 400 lb as cart
  • Convertible from 2 wheel dolly to 4 wheel cart
  • Made in the USA

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2. Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00LMH8CCS” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/41cCRg5sKCL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”271″]

Use The Cosco Cosco Shifter for heavy duty loads. The commercial-grade lightweight frame is made from steel to avoid corrosion.
The Shifter’s transformation is nearly effortless. With the simple pull of a handle, this compact tool becomes a versatile 2-wheel truck or 4-wheel dolly without any tool or pin usage
.There is also a pin handle for 1 or 2-hand use.
The features make this hand truck convertible.

This platform truck is sturdy and capable of multi-purpose uses, thanks to its Folds Flat for Transport/Storage. It is lightweight and converts really easily. You will be impressed with 300-Pound Capacity which can take all the accessories of your family when travel. Generally, people who buy this Cosco 3 in 1 Hand Truck seem to be very pleased with it indeed. If you go by word of the masses, however, this one is a definite winner.

Cosco 3 in 1 Hand Truck Product Features

  • Durable Steel Frame with Comfortably Designed 300 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Fits in most size car trunks
  • You may use it as a 2-wheel upright hand truck or a 4-wheel cart
  • 5-year warranty

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3. Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck Review

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001CXYDSO” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/31duXHw0WTL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

If it is a sturdy hand truck you need, look no further than the Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck. It’s all business with this collapsible 23lb long-hauler. It can handle up to 500-Pounds of load with ease, which is usually ideal and is easily transported as the lightweight frame is made from aluminum. Once the job is done, you can simply store it away neatly ready for the next time you use it – no mess, no fuss. This heavy duty hand truck also features solid rubber tires that are 8 inches in diameter, telescoping handles (these tuck away nicely for storage) and a 23 x 16-inch toe plate.

This Safco 4055NC multipurpose hand truck got popularity for a lots of reasons. Users definitely favor the Safco 4055NC Stow-Away because of versatility and ease. You can fold it very nicely when need.
Honestly speaking, though, if you think about the time, money and backache you can save using one of these babies, you’ll see how it would still be worth it for the double the price.

The Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck is great for either home or office, or the streets of downtown. You will love this dolly because you can manage to fit all travel accessories onto this dolly without a problem.
All in all, this is a very decent hand truck that gets the job done. It is handy, robust, and versatile. Based on these research we can say, there should be no hesitation in buying the Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Hand Truck. Definitely seems like a great buy.

Safco 4055NC Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck Product Features

  • Telescoping handles tuck away for compact storage which makes it high-strength, corrosion resistant as well as lightweight.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame for easily transport, 500-Pound capacity
  • 8-Inch diameter solid rubber tires cannot go flat

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3. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck 

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000HVVSDU” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/415LAKNGfGL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”311″]

The Magna Cart Aluminum Hand Truck features a full aluminum construction for durability and easy handling and telescoping handle for additional strength. It also has a sturdy rustproof aluminum,, a handy loop handle, and flat free tires for a super-smooth ride.

Plastic rail caps protect against damaged goods, and the trolley is assembled with ease. This Magna Cart hand truck also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

It’s absolute best hand-truck around. One of my friends has been using it carelessly for years with excellent results. It is well-designed, perfectly-balanced and very tough indeed. The loop handles allow one to load the truck horizontally — which is apparently great for larger loads and numerous items.

Magliner 115A-A-1060 Aluminum Hand Truck Product Features

  • Maneuver easily with handle of 39″  overall height
  • 15″ wide aluminum base for high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Flat free tires are ideal for off-road driving

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4. Wesco 272112 Aluminum Platform Truck with Folding Handle

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000KL59NC” locale=”US” src=”http://globalgarage.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/41KWSsaU7fL.jpg” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”451″]

This one’s for the space-saving neat freaks. When it’s a super-lightweight, ultra-compact hand truck you’re after, WESCO Folding Hand Truck delivers in fine style. This 10.4-pound dolly is made with the traveler in mind. It is carted around with ease thanks to its aluminum frame, and once you’re done using it, it folds up beautifully for compact storage. Folding it up or down is a breeze, and they’re very versatile. They also come in more durable, all-steel heavy-duty models for hard-wearing users, and an elasticized cord for securing loads.
Users absolutely rave over this product. Users like it because of its sturdiness and ability to handle a decent load. The wheels are large and silent. Users love the fact that it’s very light and fits easily into the trunk of a car.

The only drawback, it seems, is that this hand cart doesn’t come with long enough bungee cords. Some also mention that the cords is not ideal when it comes to heavier loads. This is a quick fix, though, and you can simply invest in better cords. Overall, this hand truck comes highly recommended and is praised by experts who say that WESCO Folding Hand Truck are sturdy, compact, lightweight, rugged, silent, and best of all, affordable. What more do you want in a folding hand cart?

WESCO Folding Hand Truck Product Features

  • WESCO Folding Hand Trucks store out-of-the-way until you need them again.
  • Used aluminum for lighter weight
  • Fold down quickly and easily.
  • It required less storage space

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Buying Best Folding Hand Truck

The use of efficient equipment is the key to a smooth-running operation in almost every business. The average person may only have a faint idea on what a folding hand truck is. But business establishments, such as restaurants, industrial facilities, and even hospitals benefit from such equipment, which is used for almost every task ranging from stocking to delivering of products.

A folding hand truck, often known as a convertible hand truck, is a type of hand truck designed to save you from having a back injury, help you lift faster, and also help you protect products you are moving from damage. It is your fundamental transportation solution.

To know whether a folding hand truck is the best option for you, you need to consider the following factors:

This type of hand truck is a great option for those with limited space. And since this type is designed to fold up, it takes smaller storage space than a heavy-duty hand truck.

What is your load weight? If you need to handle hefty loads, folding hand trucks are not ideal options.

How often will you use your hand truck? If you require to use it very often in your business, you need to consider buying a sturdy and stable hand truck. A folding or convertible hand truck is not the best option for such a workload.

Determine your applications. Many hand trucks can become convertible hand trucks. This means they can be converted to fit different applications, such as a platform hand truck and just a plain hand truck. If you need a hand truck that you can use in many ways, a folding or convertible hand truck is a great option. This type is a perfect solution for a wide range of operational needs.

For a strong load support, you need to consider buying platform trucks. This type of hand truck can handle up to 3,000 pounds of load.

Do you need improved organization and efficiency? Certain types of rolling hand trucks are designed for such purposes. When an organization is not that important, consider buying a wire platform truck.

Folding hand trucks are also not ideal to use for transportation of large machinery in industrial spaces or large facilities. The type of hand truck that should be used for such purpose are appliance hand trucks, which are designed for maximum strength. They should also be made from steel, magnesium or aluminum.

A folding hand truck is a great option for certain types of duties. Using such equipment can boost your business operations, especially if it involves transportation or delivery of products, materials or supplies. However, it is not ideal for a heavy workload. It is best to consider the tips above before buying your own folding truck so you can get the best type that really suits your needs. Before buying a hand truck, it helps to do some research first so you can get the type of hand truck that is perfect for your business.

Other Types of Hand Trucks and their Uses

Not all hand trucks are intended for the same purpose. The truth is that there are lots of hand trucks available, and the right one to use can depend on the exact task being performed.

General Purpose Hand Truck

This type of hand truck is ideal for moving small to medium-sized boxes. It consists of a solid steel frame and handles that allow it to carry up to 800 pounds without collapsing. It normally has eight-inch wheels that are attached to the steel frame at the bottom; some may also have a second set of wheels near the top so the dolly can be laid flat. There is a square platform near the bottom to allow the hand truck to “scoop” up items without the need to completely lift them.

Appliance Dolly

One of these hand trucks is designed for moving large appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. It somewhat resembles a general purpose dolly but is much larger. The frame tends to be wider than a typical hand truck in order to provide enough space for a large appliance to set. One of these devices is normally equipped with a strap that will help secure the appliance after it has been loaded.

Flat Bed Cart

A flatbed dolly resembles a cart but does not have any sides. Its platform can be a number of different sizes and may be made from wood, steel, or aluminum. It has four rubber wheels that can vary in size depending on the size of the platform. It is guided by pulling on the curved handle on the front of this equipment. People often use a flat bed dolly to move furniture or other bulky items such as an aquarium.

Suitcase Dolly

The purpose of a suitcase dolly is to help people transport their luggage through the airport or when checking in at a bus terminal. It has a tall straight frame and wheels that are much smaller than a traditional hand cart. The platform is much longer and somewhat curved at the bottom. Suitcases can be stacked on top of one another and then secured to the cart with a strap. This type of dolly has a relatively low weight capacity and should not be used to carry especially heavy objects.

Trash Hopper

This equipment normally has one large wheel in front and two in the back. It consists of a deep plastic bin that is intended to carry trash inside it. The unit has a slightly curved handle in the back that runs the entire width of the plastic bin. It can be moved by pushing or pulling it. When it’s ready to be emptied, this hand truck tilts forward easily to make removing garbage from inside it simple to do.

Hand trucks come in a variety of styles, so consumers can easily find one to fit their needs. Some can even be used for more than one purpose, which makes them an ideal investment for those who frequently move heavy or awkward objects.

Some Details About the Different Brands of Hand Trucks Manufacturer

Global Industrial©
Global Industrial© (http://www.globalindustrial.com/) is a material handling company with regional offices in New York and Georgia. Customers work through Global Industrial© because of their product selection, customer service, and guarantees. Global Industrial© offers an 888 number and a live online chat for customers trying to find the right platform trucks for their needs. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee covers every product from Global Industrial. The company’s website also allows businesses to manage quotes and purchase information through an easy-to-use account system.

The Hardwood Deck Platform Truck from Global Industrial© is a durable platform truck ranging from 48 inches to 72 inches in length. Customers looking for more capacity from their platform trucks choose the Steel Deck Truck, capable of holding 1,000 pounds. The 60-inch Steel Deck Narrow Aisle truck allows users to store small boxes, tools, and supplies while navigating through confined spaces. Global Industrial© offers its all-weather Depot Steel Grating Platform Trucks in four-wheel and six-wheel varieties. These trucks can carry between 2,000 pounds and 3,200 pounds, thanks to a hearty steel surface. Global Industrial© also offers platform trucks with folding platforms and adjustable handles for easy storage.

Hamilton Caster©
Customers have been buying platform trucks and other equipment from Hamilton Caster© (http://www.hamiltoncaster.com/) for more than 100 years. This Ohio-based producer of platform trucks offers three-year warranties on all its new products. The Hamilton Caster© catalog features some platform trucks with Pronto® delivery service, which means delivery within three days at no extra cost to the customer. The primary reason why Hamilton Caster© was popular in 2010 is its diverse inventory of platform trucks.

The PM5600-A platform truck from Hamilton Caster© offers high-end performance and durability. This vehicle is capable of holding up to 5,000 pounds of cargo, which is sufficient for most tasks completed by any platform truck. The AL2006-A is an aluminum platform truck with a lightweight frame that is ideal for day-to-day tasks. Hamilton Caster© notes that the AL2006-A is capable of holding up to 2,000 pounds. This platform truck company also offers spare pneumatic, Ace-Turf®, and Versa-Tech® wheels for their products.

Rand Material Handling©
Rand Material Handling© (http://www.randmh.com/) goes beyond the standard aluminum, steel, and wooden platform trucks through its online store. This provider of platform trucks carries narrow-aisle trucks from Rubbermaid Commercial©, Akro-mils©, and Fairbanks Company©. These platform trucks are intended for stock rooms and other areas where walking space is at a premium. Customers at Rand Material Handling© can select from standard and multi-tiered platform trucks depending on their needs.

This Wisconsin-based company also offers folding and wagon platform trucks to meet customer needs. The Platt Luggage Multi-Cart® can be turned into eight different trucks and carts including a short platform truck. Rand Material Handling© also carries the Folding Aluminum Platform Truck by Pointe International© for customers interested in heavy-duty trucks made from light materials. The Pneumatic-Tire Wagon Truck by Jamco Products© is a wagon truck with a durable steel deck to handle heavy cargo. Rand Material Handling guarantees 100% secure online transactions, and occasionally offers deep discounts on discontinued platform trucks.

Few companies offer selections of heavy-duty platform trucks that can compete with Wesco® (http://www.wescomfg.com/). This Pennsylvania-based material handling company sells basic platform trucks to accommodate budget-conscious consumers. Wesco® creates TreadPlate® platform trucks to ensure that heavy loads stay aboard from place to place. The Smooth Deck® platform truck from Wesco® is a metal truck with a smooth surface that allows for easy loading and unloading. The Grid Deck® platform truck features an extra set of wheels and a grid surface to accommodate plastic wrapping and packaging.

Wesco® accommodates a variety of customers with its expandable, ergonomic, and telescoping platform trucks. The Regular Series® expandable truck can be extended from 20 inches to 28 inches with the push of a button. The Ergo Handle® platform truck is an aluminum truck with a specially designed handle to reduce hand and arm strains. Wesco® also produces a Telescoping Handle® platform truck that allows the user to adjust the handle from 32 inches to 44 inches. These heavy-duty platform trucks are available through authorized Wesco® dealers throughout the United States.

A Plus Warehouse©
A Plus Warehouse© (http://www.apluswhs.com/) is a Massachusetts-based provider of warehouse supplies and equipment. This small manufacturer carries a full line of heavy-duty platform trucks that can be delivered throughout the United States. A Plus Warehouse© offers seven varieties of metal platform trucks for customers in search of durable products. These trucks range from the economy-sized platform truck to the air-cushioned platform truck. Customers also find eight wooden trucks at A Plus Warehouse© including tiered platform trucks for multiple trips. The company’s aluminum platform trucks offer the durability of metal and the light weight of plastic. This platform truck provider also carries cabinets, workbenches, and other supplies needed for warehouse environments.