In modern society, virtually everyone is digitally connected. To avoid falling out of the loop, you must have a strategy for charging your smartphone, laptop, television, radio or other devices when you are on the road. If your vehicle doesn’t have an adequate built-in charging station, you may want to consider investing in the best power inverter for car.

While there are hundreds of power inverters on the market, not every product is a good buy. To help you sort through the many available ones, we have put together our list of the best power inverters for automobiles. Before we get to our rankings, there are a few things you should know about buying the best power inverter for car applications.

Best Power Inverter For Car: How We Developed Our Rankings

We are serious about our obligation to provide you with the best possible information. When putting together our list, we looked extensively at the 10 factors in our buyer’s guide. Specifically, we focused our attention on the following four criteria:

  • Functionality – Car power inverters must do what they claim to do. That is, they must effectively charge your electronic devices. They must also be easy to hook up and use. Whether an inverter is at the top, middle or bottom of our list, it must be functional for inclusion.
  • Durability – Few things are more frustrating than investing in equipment only to have it wear out or break quickly. Therefore, we weighted durability and reliability highly in our survey.
  • Affordability – While most car power inverters are reasonably priced, we don’t want you to break the banking purchasing yours. Therefore, we included only affordable power inverters on our list.
  • Warranty – While nothing in life is certain, electronic equipment is prone to failing. Meanwhile, a company that stands by its products is usually worthy of your business. Therefore, we rank inverters with good warranties higher on our list.

We also read through dozens of consumer reviews to see which products fare best in real-world situations. The result is a comprehensive list you can trust. Nonetheless, our list isn’t exhaustive. That is, you may find a decent power inverter that didn’t make our survey. That’s fine. Simply use our rankings as a tool to help you buy the best power inverters for your car possible.

Comparison Table

Top 6 Best Power Inverter For Car

Most best-of lists include a round number of products. Instead of stopping at five or extending our list to 10, we have included what we see as the six best power inverters on the market today. The result is a potent survey that isn’t watered down. We have also assigned ratings on a five-point scale. Compare each to see how closely we think an inverter is to the one above or below it.

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The Krieger KR1500 power inverter is the clear standout in our opinion. This inverter is easy to use and affordable. It also features a limited three-year warranty, which is excellent in the industry. This inverter comes with two AC outlets, giving you the ability to charge more than one device at a time. The KR1500 also has two integrated USB ports, which are convenient for charging smartphones and GPS systems.

Even though the KR1500 is a standout inverter, some users complained about its shut-off feature. That is, the inverter sometimes requires a restart after you turn off your vehicle’s engine. Still, its easy installation, 3-foot-long cable, exceptional warranty and low price make it the best car power inverter on the market today.


  • The fuse, cables and external switch that comes w/ this kit is real handy and very nice quality


  • Some reviews say that it is fast to break

BESTEK 1000W Car Power Inverter, DC 12V to 110V Car Power Converter...

BESTEK 1000W Car Power Inverter, DC 12V to 110V Car Power Converter...
  • BESTEK 1000W POWER INVERTER : America's leading power inverter brand. Provides 1000 watts continuous DC 12v to AC 110v...
  • Efficient Quick Charging : Dual 110V AC outlets for powering larger devices such as laptops and tablets or any other...
  • Multi-Protection : Built-in 3*40 amps fuse to protect your device and battery, LED indicators for short circuit...

The second entry on our list could have easily been the top. The ​Bestek inverter features a steady supply of portable AC power that is easy to hook up. This inverter includes two household outlets that deliver 1000 watts of power. It also has dozens of security features to help protect you from shock and your devices from power surges. If you buy the Bestek inverter, you benefit from an 18-month limited warranty, which is decent. 

Perhaps the best feature of the Bestek inverter is its hookup potential. This device connects either to your vehicle’s power harness or directly to its battery. Some reviewers complained about the power output, though. While you can expect 1000 watts from a battery-installed device, Bestek recommends only drawing 150 watts from power-point-connected equipment. 


  • Solid build quality means it can withstand being used in harsh environments


  • Finding replacement fuses for it is very difficult

ENERGIZER 500 Watt Power Inverter 12V DC to AC + 4 x 2.4A USB Charging...

If you don’t need to power electricity-hungry devices, the Energizer 500-watt power inverter is an effective option. This affordable inverter is perfect for powering low-wattage devices that need an AC hookup. Laptops, smartphones, GPS systems and small lights are fine. You can’t, however, rely on it for more aggressive charging. 

The Energizer inverter does not connect to your vehicle’s battery. Instead, it attaches quickly and easily to your car’s power-point harness. Its small size allows you to take it with you wherever you go. If you travel frequently and rent cars, you will probably love this device. 

Because you can’t charge large devices with this inverter, we don’t rank it higher on our list. That isn’t necessarily a drawback, though, as the Energizer inverter isn’t trying to be a big-league charger. What it does, it does well. As such, we like this device quite a bit. 


  • Features 4 port 48W USB


  • May become unreliable after a few months

POTEK 750W Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Car Adapter with Two USB...

POTEK 750W Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Car Adapter with Two USB...
  • Potek 750W DC to AC car inverter comes with battery clamps and cigarette lighter adapter. Provides 750W continuous DC to...
  • Dual AC outlets and dual USB charging ports perfect for for charging laptop, kindle, digital camera, cell phones,...
  • This power inverter has over voltage,overload,over-current,under-voltage, overheating, short circuit...

The ​Potek 750-watt, 12-volt DC to 110-volt AC power inverter is impressive. This inverter seamlessly charges or operates devices that require a supply of 750 watts of electricity. For charging laptops or other mid-power devices, the Potek inverter is hard to beat. With two outlets and two integrated USB ports, it is also convenient to use. 

Because power inverters are prone to overheating, Potek has installed a built-in fan on its inverter. The Potek inverter isn’t perfect, though. Some consumers reported being disappointed with the installation cable length. The inverter also may interfere with audio equipment.

Still, we like that you can attach this inverter either directly to your vehicle’s battery or connect it through the power-point outlet. 


  • Can supply you the AC power you need in your vehicle for low and high wattage devices


  • Not recommended to run any type of equipment with it that produces sound because it has some natural interference that it emits

BESTEK 400W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Plug Inverter...

BESTEK 400W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Plug Inverter...
  • BESTEK Advantage? America's #1 power inverter brand. Provides 400W continuous DC to AC power and 1000 watts of peak...
  • Dual 110V household electrical outlets provide enough power for your laptop, digital camera, TV, fan, refrigerator, game...
  • 5A/ 4-Port USB charging ports make this power inverter ideal for charging your phones, tablets, and other USB-powered...

Bestek makes our list a second time with its 400-watt 12-volt to 110-volt power inverter. This device isn’t as powerful as the one higher in our survey, but it is still an exceptional option for powering devices that require fewer than 400 watts. 

This Bestek inverter comes with two household outlets, making it ideal for charging more than one device at a time. The four built-in USB ports are perfect for charging passenger smartphones. Since you can install this inverter by connecting it either to your vehicle’s battery or its power-point outlet, it is more versatile than many other lightweight inverters you can buy. 

While the Bestek 400W inverter has a built-in cooling fan that we like, the fan is noisy when it operates. This can become irritating quickly. 


  • Maximum peak power of 1000W and 400W of continuous DC to AC power


  • Someone who bought this complained about the fact that the inverter wasn’t able to handle a small DVD player and TV without overloading

FOVAL 150W Car Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter Vehicle...

FOVAL 150W Car Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter Vehicle...
  • Premium 150w car power inverter: Plug in the car cigarette lighter, offering 150 Watts of continuous 12V DC to 110V AC...
  • Fast Charging: Dual USB ports can charge most phones and tablets simultaneously (Max 3.1A total output), while AC...
  • Road Trip Essentials: Just about credit card size - 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, space-saving and easy storage, with aluminum...

The final best power inverter for car on our list is a specialized device. That is, this one offers a steady supply of 150 watts for small devices, such as laptops and smartphones. While it only has a single outlet, the inverter is the most compact we reviewed. This is beneficial for anyone who wants an inverter that travels well. 

Even though the Foval inverter only has one outlet, it features two USB ports. For charging smartphones and GPS systems, these are often adequate. You also must be careful when using this inverter, as it heats up quickly and does not include a built-in fan. Nonetheless, for busy travelers, the Foval power inverter is an excellent choice. 


  • Features a simple hookup into your car’s auxiliary 


  • Only has one standard household electrical outlet built into it

Best Power Inverter For Car: Buyer’s Guide

Most electronic devices require power. While your laptop, smartphone and other devices have internal batteries, these eventually require charging. At home, you simply plug devices into an outlet. In your car, you may not have a steady supply of alternating current electricity. As such, if you need to charge equipment on the road, a power inverter is a must-have. 

How Car Power Inverters Work 

Your home delivers AC current, which is optimal for charging devices. Your car, however, produces DC electricity, which does not have sufficient voltage to power many electronic products. A car power inverter boosts voltage to make it compatible with devices that use AC electricity. 

Considerations When Purchasing a Car Power Inverter 

When shopping for a car power inverter, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options on the market. You don’t have to panic, though. Instead, plan to consider the following 10 features to decide which inverter is best for your charging needs. 

  • Hookup convenience – Not all power inverters are easy to connect to your vehicle. When you are looking for the best one, be sure you understand how to attach and remove it. Generally, the simpler the hookup, the better the device. 
  • Outlets  If you plan to charge several different devices, you want an inverter that has more than one outlet. Still, if an inverter has too many, it may be inconveniently large. When choosing your inverter, think about your power needs. Then, try to find one with the perfect number of outlets. 
  • Cable length – Before you purchase an inverter, you must consider where you want it to live inside your vehicle. If you plan to place it at the rear, you need an inverter with a long installation cable. 
  • Power output  To effectively charge your electronic devices, you need a steady supply of sufficient electricity. Therefore, before shopping, think about the total power output you require. Then, eliminate inverters that don’t offer enough. 
  • Cooling  As you may suspect, car power inverters generate a significant amount of heat. To keep your inverter from overheating, you may want to invest in one that has a built-in fan. Since not every model on the market includes this feature, you’ll have to refine your search to those that do. 
  • Protection Because power inverters deliver electrical current, you must think about your safety and that of your devices. Try to purchase an inverter that has fuses, surge protection, shut-offs and other essential security features. 
  • Remote  If your power inverter is difficult to reach, you may want to access it with a remote control. While this isn’t necessary, it is a nice upgrade. 
  • Instructions – If you aren’t a mechanic or electrician, correctly hooking up a car power inverter can be intimidating. When you are shopping for yours, try to find one that has detailed instructions. Even better, opt for an inverter that includes a video or video link to help you with proper installation. 
  • Price – Given their many benefits to busy motorists, car power inverters should be expensive. They generally aren’t, though. Nonetheless, to avoid overpaying, be certain you establish a budget prior to shopping for your new inverter. 
  • Warranty Like with all electronic equipment, car power inverters have components that can fail unexpectedly. To protect your investment, try to purchase an inverter that includes a decent warranty. Some retailers may ask you to pay extra for protection. Generally, doing so isn’t a bad idea. 

Finally, you may want to research your power needs to understand the intricacies of power inverters. That’s where we come in. We have developed a ranking of the best car power inverters on the market today. Read on to see how we developed our rankings and which products we think are worth your time and money. 

Best Power Inverter For Car: How To Use Our Rankings 

If you need a steady supply of power for devices when you are on the road, investing in the best power inverter for car applications is probably a smart decision. Again, while we have attempted to compile a comprehensive list, our survey is not exhaustive. If you are considering purchasing an inverter that we did not review, use our rankings as a guide. 

Once you know what to look for, you can likely invest in an inverter that meets your expectations. 

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