It is essential that you have a rigid tie down strap, not just to secure your cargo, but also to keep the road safe for other autos. We hope this guide helps you find the best ratchet strap suitable to your needs.

There is quite a variety of ratchet straps, ranging in size (width and length) and types (e.g. with snap hooks, with coated ‘S’ hooks, with ‘J’ hooks, with ‘T’ hooks, axle tie down strap, cargo ratchet straps) for all sorts of different applications and how you intend to secure the strap (e.g., securing directly the axle of your vehicle). Of course, quality or grade will vary depending on the hardware store you approach.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top Ratchet Straps

Product Load Capacity Price
#1. Vault Cargo Premium Ratchet Tie Down

500 Pounds

#2. CargoBuckle F18800 G3 Ratchet Tie Down

1,167 Pounds

#3. DC Cargo Tie-Down Ratchet Straps

3,333 Pounds

5 Best Ratchet Tie Down Straps Reviews

1. Premium Ratchet Tie Down – REVIEW

Premium Ratchet Straps are manufactured to the highest quality standards and they are ideal for safely anchoring cargo to your truck or car.You do not need to worry about your transport during your travel, as the 4 pack of Premium ratchet Straps will ensure your safety and keep you happy with your adventures.Here are some specifications you should consider while buying these straps:

  • The straps feature rubber hooks and ergonomic handles which make them easy for usage and prevent your vehicle from being damaged
  • They are very durable with 1500 Lbs break strength
  • Every strap which is 15 foot has a load capacity of 500 Lbs
  • It provides ideal security for quite long distances keeping you safe all the time.
  • Vault, the manufacturer of the product has paid a detailed attention to every piece of the product so that it will totally protect your cargo
  • The straps being truly excellent are perfect for bikes, boats, trips, kayaks, camping and dirt bikes.

Forget about losing handles and ensure your safety with Premium Ratchet Straps. And remember, you should invest in quality, and Premium Ratchet Tie Down is a good choice.

2. Cartman Rachet Tie Down – REVIEW

Designed for use with cars or kayaks, Cartman Rachet Tie Down has 1500 LBS breaking capacity and can be ideal for securing large items.The tie down comes with wide grip which increases the comfort and control for the user.Cartman Rachet Tie Down offers great features needed for every user for complete safety and satisfaction.

Here are some features to consider:

  • The Tie Down is equipped with rubber coated hooks which ensures extra safety and fits well in the hands.
  • The product is built to deal with heavy transports, with 1500 Lbs break strength
  • The heavy duty ratchet Tie Down comes with a carry bag which makes it easy to travel with.
  • With the best design and comfort, the product is very useful and guarantees to fit its purpose well
  • The product comes with extra durability feature which helps the user to tie down large items without extra effort. The user feels very secure while the transport is moving.

So before buying Cartman Rachet Tie Down, consider all the specifications it offers. But what we can assure is the fact that the product is a really effective one and will surely ensure your safety. Once it is in made, it will prove all its capacities and make you content!

3. CargoBuckle G3 – REVIEW

The CargoBuckle G3 tie is a professional level ratchet tie-down system which offers to tie down more equipment securely and conveniently. Equipped with 72″ long webbing strap, it provides safety while towing gear to power sports. The G3 is easy to set up – just hook, ratchet and ready to go.

The G3 has a number of advanced features you should take into account before buying it:

  • The CargoBuckle G3 comes with orange SUR-Grip padded handle which is made of good material and fits well on the hand
  • Designed to secure your cargo the product features a self-retracting web reaching up to 6 feet and it is made of polyester web.
  • With the pair of straps which have a breaking strength of 3500 Lbs the system is built to bolt to any surface and provide security anytime you need.
  • The G3 offers quite an easy way to set it up and use. Firstly, hook the tie-down into your cargo; push the ratchet handle to fix it. After hauling, the strap automatically goes into the ratchet.
  • Once it is in use, it will prove its durability and effectiveness.
  • The CargoBuckle G3 is made of components which fight against corrosion and resist shock and moisture.

With quite an innovative solution the CargoBuckle G3 helps to secure your cargo whenever you want. It is of high quality and operates properly.

4. Justharris Black Axle Straps

Designed to secure the ends of the vehicle for the transport, Justharris Axle Strap is a perfect product for those who look total security. This 4 packs Tie Down comes in a bag so it makes easier for the transport.

Axle Tie Down offers several good specifications one should learn before getting it.

  • Equipped with flexible HD Steel D-Rings
  • Axle Tie Down provides awesome durability and can serve very long time
  • The product is built to easily secure vehicles to your car, without giving harm to it.
  • With the working load of 3’335 Lbs
  • It comes with free wear pads which make the product’s life longer.

The product works very smoothly and it provides the easiest way to secure your vehicle to the transport. It is really worth trying once!

5. 2 Tie-Down Ratchet Straps with J Hooks – REVIEW

Do you want to move your furniture safely or your motorcycle for your vacation? No worries at all! 2 Tie Down Ratchet Straps will surely provide safety during your transportation.

  • The Tie Down comes with 2 large straps which are very large measuring about 27 feet long. The product has break strength of 10000 pounds and working load of 3333 pounds.
  • The yellow webbing being UV ray resistant does not tear even when it is wet. It is made of heavy duty polyester, handles different temperatures and does not absorb water.
  • The Tie Down is equipped with 4’’ wide handle ratchet made of steel which provides protections against corrosion.
  • The 2 ratchet straps come with J-hooks which are made out of thick steel and cannot break easily.

Equipped with quite tough mechanism, these straps are ideal for carrying heavy stuff without worrying they will be broken or damaged.These are straps many drivers rely on. They are very tough and offer the best quality available in the market. And why not to test?