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We looked at several indicators before we decided what the best steering wheel covers are for 2019, including customer reviews, testimonials, detailed data, the reputation of the manufacturer and information from consumer groups. We honestly evaluated the pluses and minuses of each cover and compiled a list we’re confident can steer you toward the perfect steering wheel cover.

​Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers

​Genuine Leather, Luxury Steering Wheel Cover in Dragon Scales Design (Vitodeco)

Vitodeco Odorless Luxury Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Dragon...
  • Fits steering wheel covers 14.25 In. to 14.75 In. in outside diameter.
  • Easy to install, slips right on steering wheel and instantly improves the appearance of old or dirty steering wheels
  • Provides comfort and protection for hands in extreme temperatures

​5 out of 5 stars

​This is a great steering wheel cover that combines value with attractiveness and functionality. It’s made of genuine leather, which is increasingly difficult to find for covers unless you’re shelling out a lot of money. This is the exception. The dragon scales design is impressed into the leather for additional dimensionality that’s stylish and gives you a better grip while driving. It feels luxurious and is easily cleaned with a bit of soap and water. As with any real leather item, this steering wheel cover ages gracefully and feels even better with time. It comes in three sizes for a custom fit: Small (13.75”-14.25”), Standard (14.25”-14.75”) and Large (14.75”-15.25”). Price: $25.99. Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Deluxe Universal Steering Wheel Cover in Black/Wood Grain (Automio, Inc.)

Black Universal Steering Wheel Cover Deluxe fits 15" Middle Size -...
  • Suitable for middle-size “O” steering wheels, diameter of 14.5-15 inches/38 cm.please check measurement guide image...
  • Good-touching.A better grip on the wheel gives your more control on the road. Perfect for daily commuting.
  • Wood grain pattern-The well-designed textured patterned exterior decorates your car's interior for a retro look.It is...

​5 out of 5 stars

If you like the rich look of leather and woodgrain, the Deluxe Universal Steering Wheel Cover by Automio is an excellent choice. Made of threaded vinyl, it is a two-tone combination of black that closely resembles leather and a sleek vinyl that mimics burled oak. The color retention and realistic look will give your car a sophisticated appearance while protecting your steering wheel. It’s sized to fit any standard 15” steering wheel and fits snugly without slipping or shifting. It will take you some time to put it on, but once it’s in place it will look like it came with your car. At only $, it’s a steal. Score: 5 out of 5 stars

​Wheelskins Original, One Color Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover (Wheelskins)

​4.5 out of 5 stars

For those who love genuine leather and a custom fit, Wheelskins are the Holy Grail of steering wheel covers. The buttery-soft leather provides a custom fit because you fold the leather over the wheel, then hand-stitch it into place. For most people this will take between 1 and 1 1/2 hours, depending on their skills with the included needle and thread. The holes for sewing the cover into place are treated so they won’t fray and the leather itself is extremely supple. The company offers this cover in ten colors to match any interior. When you order Wheelskins, you’re asked to include the make, model and year of your vehicle so the company can send you a custom-sized cover that will fit like a glove.  Price: $$. Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

​Two-Tone Car Steering Wheel Cover (Mayco Bell)

Mayco Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover 15 inch No Smell Comfort...
  • Suitable:fit for most middle size "O" type steering wheels with outer diameter of 14.5"to 15",please see the product...
  • How to install:sometimes is diefficult to install for the tight and safety , need the big strength,1. Fit the top of the...
  • Full Protection: Protects your steering wheel from scratches, fading, and wear.

​4 out of 5 stars

This two-tone steering wheel cover is made of microfiber leather and comes in a few different color options so you can match it to your automobile’s interior. It fits most standard 15” wheels and is relatively easy to install. We like the black/brown, but if you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant, they have a black/red and a black/cobalt as well as several other combinations. The feel is soft and lightly padded for a comfortable driving grip and doesn’t get cold in winter for year-round comfort. The great feel and color choices make this a winner. Price: $. Score: 4 out of 5 stars

​Comfort Grip Standard Steering Wheel Cover (Best-Shops)

Best-Shops Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover Black with Silver Metallic...
  • SOFT STEERING WHEEL COVER is a pretty solid cover gets the job done and doesn't smell.
  • TRUCK STEERING WHEEL COVERS Thick and Breathable material, well constructed, decent stitching

​4 out of 5 stars

The novel look and feel of Best-Shop’s leather-like cover is enhanced by the fact that it is hand-stitched and padded for extra driving comfort. The perforations for breathability become part of the attractive design and adds to the unique styling. It’s available in several two-tone color combinations featuring contrasting stitching. This cover is a bit heavier than some at about 1.5 pounds, but this is due to the thicker layer of padding, which makes for an extremely comfortable driving experience. The cover is also a bit stretchier than most, which makes it easier to install. Price: $$. Score: 4 out of 5 stars

​Universal Line Rider Leather Steering Wheel Cover (CAR PASS)

CAR PASS Line Rider Microfiber Leather Sporty Steering Wheel Cover...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT:Fits for Standard-size steering wheels with diameter 14 1/2 inch to 15 inch(37cm to 39cm)
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made Of Microfiber Leather Steering Cover.
  • SOFT TOUCH:Padded Sides design provides a comfortable touch when driving, helps reduce driving fatigue, and brings you a...

​4 out of 5 stars

We’re fans of this model because it’s made of a leather-like material that is heat and cold resistant and pliable. The design is a bit more youthful than other two-tone steering wheel covers and features perforated side sections for breathability. It also has attractive stitching that gives you a better grip on the wheel without slipping. Because of the inner liner, some reviewers noted that it was very difficult to get this over the steering wheel, so if you have a slightly fatter steering wheel, this may not be the one for you. The look is sporty and comes in four color combos: black and red, black and bright blue, black and white or black and grey. Price: $ Score: 4 out of 5 stars

​Universal Warm Winter Genuine Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover (Bellesie)

​3.5 out of 5 stars

There’s nothing like the genuine warmth and softness of sheepskin wool on a cold winter morning. Bellesie offers a genuine wool, sheepskin steering wheel cover with a deep pile that’s naturally breathable and moisture resistant. It’s also cool to the touch even on scorching summer days for year-round comfort. The elastic and stitching are top quality and guarantee a good fit on most 15” steering wheels. This comes in ten bold colors for a real fashion statement. There are a lot of plush covers available, but this one is real sheepskin and is extremely plush without being too fuzzy. You won’t find real sheepskin at this price from anyone else. Price: $. Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

​Crystal Studded Steering Wheel Cover (AutoYouth)

AUTOYOUTH Steering Wheel Cover, Crystal Studded Rhinestone Bling...
  • ¡¤ Luxury Comfort, soft padding, shaped to feel great on your hands fashionable, and high performance car steering...
  • ¡¤ A new look and an updated feel, fits most standard 14.5-15inch¡Àor 38cm medium steering wheels, easy slip-on...
  • ¡¤ Odor-free anti-slip Inner - no nasty toxic rubber smell, Heat resistant, cold resistant and wear-resistant.

​3.5 out of 5 stars

AutoYouth’s steering wheel cover combines a bit of bling with a generously padded cover for style with comfort. The cover fits most 15” steering wheels and slips on relatively easily. It’s made of a leather-look, lightly-padded vinyl with an undulating strip of fabric set with rhinestones. If you like a bit of bling but don’t want to be too girly or juvenile, this is a nice option. The way the rhinestones are placed, it’s easy to find a comfortable grip. The construction of the crystal studded cover is excellent, with tight stitching and clean, finished seams. Want to sparkle a bit while you’re driving? This can do the trick. Price: $$.  Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

​Natural Fibers Universal Auto Steering Wheel Cover (FLY5D)

FLY5DUniversal Automotive Steering Wheel Cover Natural Fibers Auto Car...
  • Luxurious black and fiery red leather give your car a new look.The full set includes both front and back seats covers,...
  • The leather is wear-resistant and water-proof . PP cotton will guarantee the cover stay in good shape for years;no skin...
  • Airbag compatible, seat belt buckle reserved, and no any affect to the original car function.Universal fit 5-seat cars,...

​3.5 out of 5 stars

For those who prefer a thinner cover, cloth is great for absorbing sweat and adding some color to your steering wheel without a lot of bulk. FLY5D makes one that’s been popular since it hit the shelves. The fabric is a nubby weave in a bright, multicolor stripe with ethnic patterns. It’s thick enough for good absorbency and protection from extreme temperatures without being bulky. It features a rubber lining to give it a good hold on the steering wheel without slipping. Price: $$. Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

​Gripdrive Pro Stitched Steering Wheel Cover (Motortrend)

Motor Trend GripDrive Faux Black Leather Steering Wheel Cover for Car...
  • PROTECTS YOUR STEERING WHEEL FROM CRACKING AND PEELING – Nobody likes driving with an old, worn-out steering wheel....
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE TOUCH – Long drives and daily commutes can leave your hands feeling tired and uncomfortable....
  • IMPROVES GRIP AND CONTROL – When you need to make a quick maneuver, nothing helps more than a good grip on the wheel....

​3 out of 5 stars

If you prefer the look of leather but not the price tag, Motortrend’s Gripdrive is a nice balance of looks and value. The synthetic leather looks genuine and is soft to the touch. This is specifically designed for smaller steering wheels of 13 1/2 to 14 1/2 inches. It fits well and looks more expensive then it is, partly due to the understated contrast-color stitching that comes in white, beige, blue, black or red. Comfort grip sides and the microfiber leather combine for a comfortable, no-slip grip. Price: $. Score: 3 out of 5 stars

​Steering Wheel Cover Buyer’s Guide

Buying a steering wheel cover is a personal choice based on what a driver needs and desires. Take into consideration several variables to make sure you end up with the look and feel you want at a price that fits your wallet.

Buying a steering wheel cover is a personal choice based on what a driver needs and desires. Take into consideration several variables to make sure you end up with the look and feel you want at a price that fits your wallet.

steering wheel

Image Source: Pixabay


No matter what a steering wheel cover looks like, if it doesn’t feel natural when you’re driving, you’ll be disappointed. Consider the thickness of the material, any perforations or grips, embellishments and any other features that will impact how it feels when you’re holding the steering wheel.


Steering wheel covers can be made of several materials, each with specific features:

  • Leather is luxurious, with a supple feel and soft texture. It’s also the most expensive option and is difficult to pad for cushioning. They wear well and become softer with age, conforming to your grip over time.
  • Synthetics offer more color options and can be padded for comfort, but they won’t last as long as leather. From microfiber to polyester, these offer almost endless options at a reasonable price.
  • Sheepskin wool is the plushest option and will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s a natural material that adds a lot of thickness to the steering wheel, which some people don’t like.
  • Cloth covers are usually inexpensive and thick enough to improve grip. They also absorb sweat for a better grip and don’t get very hot even on scorching days. They come in lots of colors and patterns but fade rather quickly.



Image Source: Pixabay

The price differential between steering wheel covers is largely based on the materials used and the quality of the materials. Leather is considerably more expensive than other materials, with prices starting at $$$ and going up. For the most part, other covers cluster in the $ to $$ range, depending on the craftsmanship and intricacy of the design. The final choice, based on all the above considerations, is yours.

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