Our cars have many different parts that come together to make it a whole. Some of these parts are very prominent, such as the wheels and the engine. Others, like cup holders, may not get a lot of attention. Windshield wipers also aren’t thought of as an essential car item. These car parts, despite playing an essential role in our safety and convenience every time we drive, are often overlooked and taken for granted.

What exactly are windshield wipers? These are devices that wipe off water from our windshields when it rains. They make our lives more convenient because it is so hard to see when there is water all over the windshield. They also make driving a lot safer because when rain limits our vision, we might accidentally crash into something, such as another car.

History of Bosch Wipers Over the Years

Wipers were only developed in the 20th Century by a woman from Alabama who traveled to NYC in severe weather conditions. She considered that technology could improve driving visibility and safety, and ensure that rain, wind, ice, or snow couldn’t impede your safety on the road.

Bosch produced its first wiper brand in 1926, and it was the first company to develop an electric wiper. This creation helped to make driving possible in the rain, snow, and ice, as well as improving overall safety. Just by pressing a button inside your car, you could now clear your windscreen while still remaining in the driver’s seat.

Just over 20 years later, Bosch improved its initial design by adding a flat rubber strip to the wiper. This feature, as well as a curve in the blade, massively improved the blade’s performance and reduced potential damage to a windshield. This new design was challenging to mass produce, but engineers appreciated that the material and shape didn’t impede your driving experience or safety.

Bosch didn’t stop there. The brand continued developing their products at a time when car collisions were at their highest. Bosch wanted to add air pressure to the blade so that it was less likely to separate from the windshield. They achieved this by adding a spoiler to the blade which wouldn’t be affected by wind.

By the year 2000, Bosch added a soft rubber element to the back of the blades for a smooth and almost silent wipe. Not only did this reduce the amount of wear and tear on the blades, but produced less sound which proved less distracting for drivers. During this time, they wanted to improve the ease of installing wipers so people would be more likely to replace them for safety’s sake. With a quick-clip and only a handful of steps, installation was easier and quicker than ever.

Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Features

bosch icon wiper blades

Bosch wipers have been designing wipers and wiper systems for over 75 years. They are designed to wipe efficiently and last longer at the same time. They offer wipers specialized for specific purposes. These wipers include the double pack (driver and passenger), the CV blades (commercial vehicles), and the tailor-made packs (individual wide screens). They are tested to withstand extreme conditions in terms of speed and weather.

The Bosch Icon Wiper is an innovative windshield wiper that focuses on convenience and wiping efficiency even at high speeds. It features a custom designed patented beam to maximize wiping performance and an asymmetric spoiler to increase wind resistance.

Key Features

  • Lasts up to 40% longer than other premium blades
  • Patented beam design and shielded connector for better sights
  • High-quality hook adapter for easy wiper blade installation
  • Customized precision fit and function
  • Flexible asymmetric spoiler design for distributing better wind force
  • All-weather performance ability
  • 12 different sizes ranging from 13 to 28 inches
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy build quality

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The Wiping Mechanism

The wiping mechanism of the Bosch ICON wiper equally distributes enough pressure on the windshield for a smooth and clean swipe. The blades reduce wind noise, perform well in the winter, and are easy to install. The design is crafted to exude elegance.

Multiple Sizes

If you are concerned about the available sizes, the Bosch Icon has 12 different size options between 13”- 26”, you can easily find a size that will fit your vehicle. What size should you choose? Well, look at your car’s owner’s manual or ask at an auto-parts store for the proper fit.


All of these blades also provide an exclusive tension spring arcing which helps to provide a sufficient fit. Also, its original equipment quality hook adapter helps make installation easy.

Durability and Flexibility

The asymmetric spoiler provides convenient and powerful wiper performance which features flexibility in its super compliant blade for smooth sweeps and an extra hard extruded edge section built to last long. Bosch Icon blades are strong, sturdy, and resistant to general wear and tear. Made with a soft rubber material, they won’t damage your windshield or squeak – even if there’s only a small amount of rain.

Less Noise

Wiper blade noise is common in many cars, even with new wiper blades. If the wipers blade angle is not straight on the windshield, it can create a loud sound. When driving, the Bosch Icon 26 produces less noise as it has a spoiler included in the system.

Year-Round Performance

Bosch Icon windshield wiper blades grabbed our attention because it offers excellent performance in all types of weather conditions — especially in ice and snow. Manufacturers say these wipers will perform cleanly for a full year or more, sometimes several years. Bosch wipers feature an aerodynamic wind spoiler which ensures they evenly distribute the exact amount of pressure needed to wipe your windshield.

The Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades: A Top Competitor Worth Considering

If you’re still not sure that the Bosch Icon Wiper Blades are for you, we’ve got a worthy competitor for you to check out.

The Rain-X Latitude wipers were built with a huge emphasis on clearing your windshield for better driving visibility. These blades are just as easy to install as the Bosch Icon wipers, however some users found that the fit wasn’t quite as secure as the Bosch Icon wipers. This could be because their fitting range isn’t as extensive. However, the main benefit of these wipers is that they handle rain incredibly well. Therefore, these wipers might be better suited for you should you often experience excessive rainfall and still need to get in your car and travel to work.

Compared to the Bosch Icon wiper blades, the Rain-X Latitude doesn’t quite reach all areas on your windshield – in particular, the lower part. This isn’t enough to impair your vision or cause danger when driving, but missing this spot means that your windshield isn’t receiving as thorough of a clean.

The Rain-X has a streamlined finish which makes these blades look luxurious, and with a graphic coating, they look appealing and add character to your vehicle. The blade also reduces noise and wind lift and prevents any dragging for a smooth and efficient function every time. Although these blades can handle heavy torrential rain, they’re not suitable for snow. The ice particles will stick to the blades, causing them to clump up and impair your vision. Therefore, we suggest avoiding these blades when expecting snow.

Where to Buy Bosch Icon Wiper Blades

If you’re ready to buy Bosch Icon wiper blades, thankfully, there are many places to purchase them. Amazon is a reputable online store to purchase them, but there are also Bosch stores dotted around the country. Walmart regularly stocks up on this brand, which is incredibly useful for emergency purchases. The benefit of purchasing auto parts from a store is that the staff can help you properly install the items.

How to Install Bosch Icon Wiper Blades

If you want to install Bosch Icon wiper blades, you’ll be happy to find out that this process is straightforward and quick.

  1. Begin by removing the rubber blades from the packet.
  2. Pull the wipers out of the cardboard sleeve, being careful not to handle the rubber or delicate elements on the blades.
  3. Grab the sides of the adaptor and pull back to open the flap.
  4. Then, insert the arm’s hook through the adaptor housing (via a small slot).
  5. Slide the blade up until it locks in place for a secure fit.
  6. Finally, attach the wipers to your car and wait until they click.

To ensure your Bosch Icon windshield wiper blades are correctly installed, test them before driving off. The last thing you want is to use them one day and they come flying off of your car. This will only happen if you haven’t waited for the blades to click into place when installing them on your car.

When Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your wiper blades every six months. This is about the perfect timespan before your blades start getting worn and become unsafe on your vehicle. Some people wait until their wiper blades are no longer road-worthy to change them. Obviously, this isn’t the safest option, and we also recommend having a spare pair in your trunk for emergency events.

There are many factors that can affect your wiper blades’ life expectancy. For example, rain, mud, snow and ice can damage the rubber, and exposure to sunlight can cause the blades to perish. Even pollution can reduce their visibility.  

If you notice that your wiper blades start streaking on your window and aren’t making your vision any clearer, this is a common sign they need replacing. In this situation, it’s likely that the rubber has split, which you might not notice at a first glance. Also, if you haven’t used your wiper blades in a long time, the windshield wiper blades can miss the window when you go to use them again. And if you haven’t used your car for a while and it’s been stored in hot conditions, this can also affect the blades’ condition.

Another common indication that your blades need replacing is that they are smearing stuff on your windscreen and poorly wiping away the rain. However, this could also be due to a dirty window and a low-quality window washer. Finally, squeaky blades are no fun for a long journey, and this is usually the first sign that you need to replace your blades. Alternatively, this could also be that they’re ill-fitting and you need new sizes altogether.

General Maintenance Tips for Your Wipers

Properly looking after your car wipers can prevent you from having to buy new blades frequently, and general maintenance is important for a safer driving experience too. Here are some tips to improve your safety on the roads:

  • If you last used your wipers in cold or icy conditions, ensure that you switch on your defroster first before scraping away any ice or snow. If you don’t follow this step and scrape ice or snow away from the wipers, this could cause the blades to snap.
  • No matter how much you care for your blades, if your windshield if covered in grime, they have very little hope of remaining clean. Therefore, spend some time cleaning your windshield if you’ve traveled through mud, severe rain, or drive often. A car wash every month is recommended for looking after your car’s paintwork, so this will give you the best of both worlds. Also, carry a spare towel in your car so you can wipe down your windshield when it gets grimy.
  • Never use your wipers when there’s no moisture on your window. If you do so, they’ll wear out more quickly and can even scratch your window, too. Always use your washer setting if you wish to remove dirt and pollution particles. Alternatively, pouring a bottle of water on your window before using the wipers will give it a quick clean.
  • If you’re expecting ice and snow the next day, pull your wipers away from your window so they don’t stick overnight. This saves you from defrosting in the morning.

Different Types of Wiper Blades

There are different types of wiper blades available for all drivers, depending on their vehicle size, weather conditions, and their main purpose of owning wiper blades.

Standard Wiper Blades

Standard blades fit most new cars and easily attach to a windshield. These are called standard because they’re not specifically tailored to suit either small or large vehicles and can handle moderate rain but not severe downfalls. As a result, they’re the best for your budget and ideal if you don’t live in an area with extreme snow, mud, rain, or ice. Spoiler blades are streamlined and designed to withstand extreme winds. These blades use air compression to stick to your windshield, unlike standard blades, which would leave a gap between the windshield and the wiper amidst winds at high speeds.

Flat Wiper Blades

These are popular amongst modern drivers and feature a metal strip within the blade’s structure. This reduces wind noise, which a standard or spoiler blade doesn’t feature. Also, this metal strip offers a flat aerodynamic shape to further stick to the windscreen in high-speed winds. Despite these intelligent features, flat wiper blades are much smaller and thinner than the above options, which helps to avoid impairing your vision when driving.

Hybrid Wiper Blades

This types of blade feature heavy-duty construction to keep up with strong winds and heavy rainfall. They are typically made of plastic and feature an aerodynamic flat blade to allow a smooth airflow along the entire blade. The rubber wiping strip across the bottom of the blade enables the blade to move flexibly and freely on the windshield without causing any damage to the surface.

Rubber Refills

Rubber refills aren’t a complete set of wiper blades, but an element which is used to replace the existing rubber part of the blade. This is a budget option for maintaining your wiper blades without purchasing an entirely new product. However, it’s important to note that rubber refills aren’t as strong and reliable as true wiper blades, so they should only be used as a temporary fix.

Our Thoughts on Bosch Icon Wiper Blades

Bosch supplies wipers for the rear section suitable for square back vehicles, vans, and station wagons. With an almost custom fit without the hassle, Bosch Icon wiper blades are longer-lasting than competing brands and very easy to install. The quiet glide with each wipe ensures that you’re not irritated behind the wheel, but it also prevents any damage to your windshield.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Bosch Icon wiper blades review, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you own these blades? Share your thoughts in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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