Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Reviews

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Reviews
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The Chamberlain is an well known garage door opener manufacturer. They have a wide range of models, including belt drive, chain drive, screw drive and jackshaft garage door openers on the market. If you are considering which models of Chamberlain garage door openers to buy, this post should help you decide.

This post is dedicated to review different models from Chamberlain Garage Door Openers.

As new models come out, we gather and sift through all of the information to give you what you need to save your time and money. We will explain their top features the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

Top Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Review

1.Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener

This Chamberlain garage door opener is their quietest model because it uses a belt drive system instead of the more conventional chain drive. A lot of the noise generated by a garage door opener is caused by a chain rubbing against the rail system of the garage door opener track.

Although this is an expensive model in their do-it-yourself line, the Chamberlain WD962KEV is an excellent choice when your garage door is located next to or underneath a bedroom or other area where a low noise level is desired. This garage door opener is so quiet that Chamberlain calls it the “Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive".

Watts and Power

The Chamberlain WD962KEV Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive system runs on 110 volts AC power and includes a 12 volt DC battery backup system. The unit uses a minimal amount of wattage because it only draws significant power while it is in use. When not in use, the unit only draws 1 watt of standby power.

The included lighting system provides up to 200 watts of light

In general, terms, while this is one of the most powerful residential garage door openers available anywhere today, it remains a low source of power consumption in your home.

Safety and Security

The Chamberlain WD962KEV with backup power allows you to open your overhead door for up to 20 times during the first 24 hours after the power goes out. That means that even in the event of an extended power outage, you will still be able to easily leave and return to your home in your vehicle, without struggling with getting in and out and manually opening a heavy door in bad weather.

Another feature that sets this drive apart is the “timer-to-close” feature which can be programmed to automatically close the door after a number of minutes that you can select. No more worrying whether or not you forgot to close the door.

Other safety and security features

Chamberlain’s Protector System® safety sensors with Rapid-Snap® brackets sends an invisible beam of light to the garage door opening and automatically reverses the door if anything crosses the beam while the door is closing. When this happens, the garage door opener lights also come on. automatically.If an object or person comes in contact with the door while it is closing, the door will reverse direction.

​Security+ 2.0™

The included Security+ 2.0™ anti-burglary technology sends a new numeric code each time the remote control is used and PosiLock® theft protection makes sure that the door stays locked, once the door is closed.There is also a manual release handle in case of AC and DC power failure.

Drawback: This door opener is not suitable for use with commercial overhead doors.

The Chamberlain WD962KEV is suitable for residential use only and is capable of lifting any standard one-car (single) or two-car (double) overhead garage doors.

The reason for this is because commercial overhead doors often require faster opening speeds and very heavy duty electric motors for frequent or continual use.

Residential garage door openers, such as the Chamberlain WD962KEV, are intended to be used up to several times per day without the fear of overheating the electric motor.

When you’re searching for a garage door opener like the Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive, there are a few things that you should always take into consideration. First of all, what type of drive does the unit use to open the door?

We would recommend belt drive at all times for quietest operation, even though it is little more expensive.

You have three options which include Belt, Chain, and Screw. Chain drive are the oldest of the bunch and are definitely the noisiest, however they are quite reliable. Belt drive, which is what powers the Chamberlain WD832KEV  work exactly like a chain drive however they are much quieter and still maintain great reliability. Screw drives are somewhere in between belt and chain drive units in noise levels and are not as common these days.

The Chamberlain WD832KEV Garage Door Opener is powered by a 1/2 Horsepower DC motor which is strong enough to lift even your two-car garage door with ease,

Motor Vibration isolation

The WD832KEV, includes an “Motor Vibration isolation” to further reduce the noise each time your garage door is opened.

The shipping weight of this unit is 35 pounds and that includes all of the rails and hardware. The weight of the motor assembly is much less and is easy to lift into position, although having a helper to hold the ladder and hand parts is a good idea.

2-3 Button Remotes​

This garage door opener model comes with a couple of 2-3-button remotes that you can take with you wherever you go and a keyless control pad for use on outside of the overhead door.

Safety and Security

It includes the following safety and security features:Chamberlain’s Protector System® safety sensor system sends an invisible light beam from a sensor on one side of the garage door to a second sensor on the other side of the garage. If the light beam is interrupted while the door is closing, the garage door opener motor automatically reverses direction immediately to prevent the door from closing on a person or any other object in the path of the light beam.

As an added safety feature, the garage door opener lights come on when the light beam is broken.

In addition, the built-in Security+ ™ technology sends a unique numeric code every time the remote control is used and PosiLock® theft protection ensures that the door stays locked, as soon as the door is closed,

The Drawback

The WD832KEV opener should not be used to open any commercial overhead doors, because in most cases, commercial overhead doors need to be opened very quickly and very often. In some cases, business overhead doors are opened over 100 times per day as in the case of a loading dock or car dealership service area.

Since the motor is the heaviest part of the equipment, you should be careful when installing it, and more so should you decide to install the opener by yourself.

The Chamberlain PD762EV Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is reliable and easy to operate. It is a highly regarded product and has even won the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.This garage door opener is similar in strength to some industrial openers and is suitable for carriage-house or solid-wood garage doors since it can open even the heaviest residential garage doors.

Safety & Security

The Chamberlain PD762EV garage door opener has many advanced safety and security features. It protects against both theft and accidental closings.

The Chamberlain PD762EV garage door opener has many advanced safety and security features. It protects against both theft and accidental closings.This opener also can stop closing if it detects something underneath the closing garage door. For additional security, the remote control uses a new code each time to prevent break-ins.

Included Accessories

This garage door opener system includes some wireless accessories to allow you to operate the unit and open your garage door from your vehicle, from inside your home and from outside the home using a control panel at the overhead door opening.

Two 3-button visor remotes with tri-band frequency provide enhance range and remove interference.

IR Safety Sensors.

The safety sensors with “IR” come with this unit are attached to the garage door side rails prevent door closure when the light beam is broken. If anything breaks the beam of light while the door is closing, the garage door opener motor immediately reverses direction to stop the door from closing.

Sensing technology also prevents door travel if contact is made with a person or object and the opener lights will turn on automatically if the infrared beam is broken.

The Chamberlain PD510 Durable Chain Drive 1/2 Horsepower Garage Door Opener will provide smooth and reliable performance year after year and will allow your easy access to your garage.

This particular model is straightforward to use and operate. It comes equipped with an innovative security system that prevents anyone else from stealing the information you use to open your garage door remotely. A unique feature of this system is that the remote control will use a new security code every time and will not be repeated. An added security benefit is that once the door is closed, it stays locked.

Other features of the Chamberlain PD510 Chain Drive Operation include a Powerful 1/2 hp motor that is industrial strength and more than capable of lifting any garage door. The gear case is enclosed, meaning that the motor will have a long life and high performance throughout its lifetime. There is nothing worse than having a garage door that closes by mistake as that can be very dangerous. The Chamberlain PD510 is designed with safety in mind, and you can feel comfortable using it for homes with children or pets.

Patented security + 2.0 rolling code technology prevents it from vulnerability of hack. Smart anti-theft protection assures that once the door closes it stays locked.

The Chamberlain PD512 is a reliable product and is both steady and strong. The performance gained from this system will be high for many years due to the motor and chain drive that is very durable.

The strength of the industrial standard chain drive means that single and double Garage doors can be lifted with ease. This is coupled with a rail system that is easy to install in minutes. Safety sensors are included to always check on the garage door opener and ensure that it operates correctly and safely. These sensors monitor such aspects as differences in temperature, the height of the floor and the movement of the door.

The Chamberlain PD512 has many great features including Powerful 1/2 hp motor, Patented security + 2.0 rolling code technology and Safety sensors facility which made this product unbeatable. Once the door is closed, it remains locked giving peace of mind. The innovative security technology prevents theft as a new security code is sent each time the button on the remote control is pushed. Along with a remote control, the system also comes complete with a lighted door control button.

Chamberlain NDIS Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Portable Intercom

Chamberlain Portable wireless intercom and doorbell system lets you speak to visitors from any room in your home The system is designed for use in both businesses and homes to provide convenience and security from inside any building, without the need for opening a door. The Chamberlain Wireless Doorbell & Intercom System has a range of 1000 feet without the need for wiring or a power connection.

How to Operate Chamberline Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain garage door opener remote controls can be easily programmed to open your garage door by following a few simple steps. The video is excellent, but you may need to pause it a few times because it goes by quickly, especially if you are trying to watch it and do the programming at the same time.To make it a bit easier, we will go over the steps needed to program your Chamberlain garage door opener remote models (Keychain Remote 956EV/EVC) or (Remote with Visor Clip 953EV/EVC) so you can print this article and have it with you as you program your Chamberlain garage door opener remote.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Remote-

Note: This article applies only to openers built after February 1, 1993 or openers that have “smart” or learn buttons that are green, red-orange, purple or yellow.

  • Remember to start the programming by closing the garage door. Some models of Chamberlain garage door openers look different from others, but you are going to want to locate the smart or learn button mentioned above.
  • Next, you need to look for the programming button on the back of the visor remote or the pinhole-programming button on the edge of the keychain remote. Use the visor clip to press the button on the screen remote or a paper clip to press the button on the key chain remote. You should see a led light up when you press the button.
  • Now you need to press the smart or learn button on the garage door opener to enable the connection between the Chamberlain garage door opener remote and the garage door opener.
  • Next, within 30 seconds of seeing a steady led light on the garage door opener, you need to press the button on the remote, which you want to use to open the garage door. You should see the light bulb on the garage door opener flash telling you that the programming is complete. If the light bulb does not flash, wait until you have a steady led light again and repeat the process in this step.
  • To exit programming mode, just click a different button on the remote. To learn more about Chamberlain garage door opener remote programming, please watch the video below.




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