Digital tire inflators provide the means for economic and trouble free inflation of the tires. They are robust, and light weight-so engineered that the tire inflation can be easily handled even in remote locations. In addition, they provide accurate measurement and precise control over the tire pressure.

Digital Tire Inflator

There are three basic objectives that a tire inflator has to detect the tire pressure and to notify the user and provides when to inflate. Digital tire inflators detect the pressure with the help of a pressure sensor. These are usually ceramic sensors which are durable and consistent in their readings. The actual pressure is displayed in suitable pressure unit (kpa, bar or psi ) in a digital LCD or LED display. If the pressure doesn’t meet the desired level, the tire is inflated up to the preset pressure, and then it automatically shuts off. The built in automatic pressure adjustment feature can also be employed. Most models come up with automatic temperature and pressure compensation. Otherwise, there is a danger of misinterpretation of the pressure if the inflator used is still “hot”. In those cases, a waiting period of approximately 5 minutes between successive usages is usually prescribed by the owner’s technical manual.

Personal Digital Tire Inflator

Personal digital tire inflators run from the vehicle power source i.e. the 12 Volt battery. They are connected to the battery through the cigarette lighter plug. A compressor supplies the compressed air while a one-way valve controls the direction of air flow. These inflators are usually equipped with a pressure relief valve to vent the air out when the tire is over inflated. Many designs come up with an inbuilt compressor which leads to several advantages. There is no need for long air lines, which accounts for the lower maintenance cost. Also, the device will operate with less noise.

There are some accessories that make it adaptable to inconvenient situations and hence more efficient. They are usually equipped with bright LED work light and SOS flashing light for emergency warning or night time usage. A screw is generally provided for the secure attachment of the tire valve. In addition to tires, these inflators can also be successfully used to inflate football, volley ball and other home inflatables.

Commercial digital tire inflators are large capacity ones and employed in service for fuel pumps, garages, bus depot, tire shops or service centers. These are multi purpose inflators which can inflate a wide range of vehicles.

Digital tire inflators have come a long way in ensuring the correct tire pressure — an essential performance criterion for the vehicle. With an affordable price range, they are probably the most suitable tire inflators available in the market.