If you are grappling with selection ideas on what to buy to clean your home, then it has to be Dyson vacuum cleaner. There are endless opportunities for you to select from a range of Dyson container vacuum. Dyson cleaners come in various models and features. Each of these canister cleaners specializes in cleaning particular area of your house.
Dyson began their selling venture in US with just two models, the DC07 all floors, and DC07 Animal. However, with time, they came up with more models. If you read Dyson reviews across the web, you will notice that their one of the popular models is the range of DC20’s, and among them, DC25 rules the roost.

All Dyson users tell that in our interview Dyson vacuums are packed with great features. You will notice their models are equipped with some features, which are available in all of the Dyson vacuum models.


All Dyson models have a unique feature of root cyclone technology. The Dyson vacuums are designed in a particular way, which enables them not to lose any suction.
The vacuum filters are made with outstanding technology, and that is why the filters are so tenacious that they remain good for life. You are not required to change the filters.
Dyson has made sure that its product is packed with a five year warranty, and that makes it all the more special. You don’t have to shell out your own money when you replace parts.
Many people have earlier complained that vacuums had made them allergic, but Dyson vacuum cleaners are allergy proof.
The most amazing feature associated with Dyson animal models is their ability to clean up even a single pet hair from your furniture.
Dyson vacuum models weigh around 20lbs, except for DC25 and DC24, which are lesser.

The best Dyson model

Dyson models DC25 and DC24 are considered to be a notch above the rest. There are many reasons why people prefer using DC25 model. The first feature is its ability to clean your house stairs, and those areas, where you may find heavy objects installed in your home.
However, if you want a light vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC24 will probably be the best pick, as it is light and can easily be the best vacuum cleaner for small homes and apartment.
If you read numerous Dyson reviews, you will easily find that DC25 is the best Dyson vacuum cleaner available.