Fabtech suspension lift kits are specially designed to provide race-proven performance. If you want to provide your vehicle a superior suspension product, installing a Fabtech suspension lift kit is a smart choice. These revolutionary auto parts provide outstanding performance and have the ability to endure any off-road challenge. 

Fabtech supension products help improve the ride characteristics and functionality of your vehicle. With the use of this product, you can have maximum suspension that you need during off-road driving. 

Certainly, this is a must-have product for those owners who want to push the capacity of their ride to the limit. 

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Fabtech Lift System

For towering lifts and daring looks, Fabtech suspension lifts are the good solutions. This kind of lift kit gives you more ground clearance for bigger set of tires. But it can do more than just hoisting your truck.

Furthermore,Fabtech provides safety and comfort by absorbing some of the impact and vibration brought by rough terrains. We picked 3 best items that will provide the smooth street riding attributes that you demand.


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Fabtech K1045 Raised Torsion See on Amazon
Fabtech FTS21092 Suspension Kit See on Amazon
Fabtech FTS21039 Front Suspension Lift Kit See on Amazon

3 Fabtech Lift Kits Reviews

1. Fabtech K1045 Suspension Lift System

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Fabtech K1045 Raised Torsion Suspension Lift System is designed to retain your suspension and other parts in place in order to avoid any kind of impairment. Its patented pending bracket system would be extremely beneficial for keeping the torsion bars elevated, in the stock location. Turns out, you get an excellent ground clearance at the frame. Undoubtedly, no hanging torsion bars means outstanding off-road performance.If its 264.8 pounds weight is worrying you, let us inform that Fabtech engineers’ have sensibly dealt with this issue.

The unitized bracketry doesn’t allow the impact loads to be accumulated at a single point. Instead, it disseminates the weight across a wide section of the frame. Besides, following GM’s anticipation, the same feature holds the vehicle’s four-front compression stable. Many users see whether their chosen suspension lift is qualified enough to bear the hard-front suspension impacts or not.

However, so far we came to know regarding this case, this very model lives up to the mark. Because unlike any other brand, the front differential skid plate and high arched crossmembers of Fabtech K1045 are built out of ¼” thick steel that aids to even the score against any sort of twisting effect.And surprisingly enough, you can use both 18” and 20” diameter wheels when you’ve this system in your collection. So, if you are looking for improvement in your suspension, do know that nothing would perform more precisely than this system.

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2. Fabtech FTS21092 Suspension Kit

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While Fabtech FTS21092 Suspension Kit’s performance outshines other models, in terms of appearance, none of them can parallel its luster as well. Its paint, zinc plating and chroming not only make your vehicle exhibition-ready, but also strengthen the structure. But if ever it happens that, you alter these coating, you’re literally making the components vulnerable.To make the installation process easier, a thoroughly written manual is included on Fabtech website. So, if you aren’t appointing any professional mechanics, make sure you read the instructions carefully before you start mounting Fabtech FTS21092.

Note that the factory wheels aren’t applicable with this system, and if you’re using oversized tires, be scheduled on checking tie rods ends, ball joints, and idler arm, after travelling every 2500-5000 miles. These materials are subject to gradual waning, so it’s better to replace the corroded ones immediately to ensure a consistent ride all through the year. 

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3. Fabtech FTS21039 Front Suspension Lift Kit

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​For those with handling issues, or those looking for a suspension lift kits that can boost their drivability, Fabtech is the name worth considering. Because their FTS21039 Front Suspension Lift Kit is fabricated to augment the suspension system of your automobile. To upgrade the conducting facilities, it lessens body roll and consequently, changes the ride height of your vehicle. Apart from the suspension lift kit itself, the package includes steering knuckle, shock, billet steel sway bar connected with urethane bushing, high arched lower control arm crossmember and relocation mount.

What we like most about Fabtech FTS21039 Lift Kit is that this affordable model is very resilient, and not to mention, mounting it on your vehicle will take not more than a few minutes. Fast and free shipping is another point that lets you lift the jeep even before your next ride. The bottom line? The price, functionality, and toughness make the FTS21039 the best set to fulfil your car-lifting purpose.

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Whether for your 2WD or 4WD vehicle, Global Garage has the perfect Fabtech suspension system recommendation for your ride. Our blog is filled with different kinds of suspension lifts to address your specific needs. We have products for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Hummer, Toyota and Nissan light trucks. And to complete your needs, we also review accessories that will strengthen your vehicle’s physical attributes. So, if you are craving for some off-road challenge, Fabtech suspension lifts are your safest bet.Some pricing on all items allows you to have your very own Fabtech suspension kit without sacrificing your entire budget. Buy one of our featured products with confidence. When you order from our link, you can be certain that your purchase item will truly work and last for several years. Contact us today and one of our sales professionals will be glad to assist you selecting best product.