While you might not pay close attention to garage door brands, Haas stands right up along top sellers like Chamberlain. It seems that most buyers seem overwhelmingly satisfied with their product. But can we trust all the claims that the customers and company make? 

To find out the answer to this question, we decided to take an in-depth look at the company and its great product. We also compare the brand with some of its leading competitors so we can gather its strengths and weaknesses. 

So, if you want to find out whether or not the brand lives up to its name, then come check out our Haas garage doors review. 

What Are Haas Garage Doors And What Types Are There?

The Haas company offers a truly staggering collection of garage doorings, and that is indeed part of their charm. Whether you want something purely standard, or a garage door that mimics the style of barn wood, the Haas company comes with something for you. 

The Haas garage door models are all divided into different series categories, each with an incredible variety of design, color and window options you can tweak for your specific style needs. The company offers doors for both residential homes and businesses. 

Here are some of the residential series currently available for installation by the company:

  • ​American Tradition Series
  • ​Aluminum 5000 Series
  • ​ Residential Aluminum 360 Series
  • ​Insulated Steel 2000 Series
  • ​Insulated Steel 700 Series
  • ​Insulated Steel 600 Series
  • ​2400 Series
  • ​2500 Series

Here are some of the business series currently available for installation by the company:

  • ​Commercial Aluminum Series
  • ​Insulated Steel 800 Series
  • ​Insulated Steel 2000 Series
  • ​Insulated Steel 700 Serie
  • ​Insulated Steel 600 Series
  • ​Ribbed Steel Series

For simplicity’s sake, we will only review the 600 series garage doors that Haas offers since these models are by far their most popular models that people choose from when buying. In the next section, we cover some of the 600 series product specs. 

Product Specifications

As its name suggests, the Haas company makes the Insulated Steel 600 Series out of a stable galvanized steel product alongside a polyurethane insulating material for winters. However, it is the colors and design options that genuinely impress. There are fifteen different Insulated Steel 600 Series models you can choose from when shopping. 

When shopping the company provides you with twenty-one different color options, nine-panel options, and forty-seven window options. The doors feature a thermal break and a thickness between one and three inches depending on the type of model you purchase.

The Haas company offers four different warranties on the Insulated Steel 600 Series. The first one deals with any rust or delamination occurring around the steel elements of the door. The company offers a lifetime warranty. For the wood finish, the 600 Series comes with a ten-year warranty. 

Subsequently, the company guarantees the opening hardware for six years. Unfortunately, the springs that come with the garage door only come guaranteed for three years. 

​Spec Table

​Building material ​Galvanized steel and polyurethane insulating material
​Number of residential models ​fifteen models
​Number of color options ​twenty-one colors
​Number of panel options ​nine panels
​Number of window options ​forty-seven windows
​Rust and delamination warranty ​Lifetime warranty
​Wood finish warranty ​Ten-year warranty
​Hardware warranty ​Six-year warranty
Spring warranty ​Three-year warranty

How Much Do Haas Garage Doors Cost?

Because of the massive amounts of customization that the company offers, on top of the potential installation obstacles with each unique location, each Haas garage door costs a different number. 

However, most simple cases involving the Haas 600 Series usually costs around nine hundred dollars altogether. However, the price can quickly increase to a three thousand dollar installation if you add more massive garage doors and advance series. 

How Does It Compare With Other Garage Door Brands?

Grey and blue concrete house

​Image source: Pixabay

In this section of the Haas garage doors review, we compare the brand with two other popular brands. Specifically, we look at Clopay garage door openers and Amarr garage door openers. We make this comparison so you can have a pack up option if one is out of your price range or not available in your area. 

​​1) Clopay Garage Door Openers


Clopay garage doors usually cost quite a bit of money, but they come with a reputation for lasting a long time. So if you do not mind the fifteen hundred dollar investment, then the brand might be the right choice for you.

Ease Of Use 

​The product is incredibly easy to use and does a great job of insulating the garage during the winter months. It is also easy to maintain since dirt and grime cleans off the door quickly, so you can keep it looking fresh.

Build Quality

​​For the most part, Cloplay offers some excellent garage door overall quality. Unfortunately, some individuals that live in humid or wet climates reported that their doors went bad within five to ten years. While this might seem pretty good, consider the price we expect a lifetime of service.


Clopay offers a one-year installation warranty with some of their dealers. If you want to pay extra for the gold standard warranty, then you can get a lifetime warranty, but it is an extra added cost.

​2) Amarr Garage Door Openers


​The Amarr Garage Door Openers usually occupy the mid-price range for garage door opens. As such, a usual estimate for the garage door and opener often fall between one thousand and fifteen hundred dollars.

Ease Of Use 

​Once installed the Amarr garage door is easy to use. It opens and closes appropriately and provides an excellent seal on the door which helps with temperature control.

Build Quality

​While the garage doors included are sturdy and dependable. Unfortunately, the product is not perfect. Many customers complained that the windows included with their Amarr product were either slightly crooked or leaked when it stormed.


​Amarr offers a lifetime warranty on their product which is an incredibly refreshing change from the Haas company’s more strict warranty rules.

Haas Garage Door Pros And Cons

Haas garage doors come with a lot for customers to be happy with when they buy it. For one thing, almost all the models look great and, thanks to the vast customization options, they can fit the styles of nearly every home. Whether you want a classic white color or a faux wood panel design, the company has something for you. 

The doors also come with a significant amount of insolation, so if you live in an area with harsh winters, then you do not need to worry about Haas letting you down. Many of the models also come with attractive window options that feature decorative designs and styles. 

However, the garage doors are not perfect. If you live in an extremely windy area, then you might want to consider a different brand. During hurricane-like wind conditions, there have been cases of the garage doors buckling down the middle with unfixable damage done by weather. 

What is more, the customer service does not cover this type of wind damage in its warranty, so you cannot expect a free fix. On top of this reaching, customer service is even tricky. Many customers report that they will not answer calls or emails.


  • ​They look great
  • ​Nice insulation
  • ​Decorative glass


  • ​Some difficulty after installing
  • ​Prone to wind damage
  • ​Spotty warranty

​Haas Garage Door Review Conclusion

For the most part, we think Haas garage doors represent an affordable value that comes with the potential to look great on any home. However, the affordable price of the product does come with a downside — namely, the poor warranty quality that comes with it. 

If you want a company that fully trusts their product, then we recommend companies like Amarr that offer a lifetime warranty at a slightly higher cost. 

However, we do believe that Haas still offers a great product. When it is all said and done we give the Haas garage doors an average of four stars out of five stars.

We hope this Haas garage doors review helped you figure out whether the company fits your needs. You should also do the right amount of researcher into which seller you buy from when you shop. 

A poor installation job can ruin a pretty good product, so make sure you trust the person who sells to you. Otherwise, you might end up with a broken garage door that degrades much quicker.