The garage doors are the most concerned part to the entrance of the house. That make it a very important element of the safety of any home. There are different types of doors to choose- the design, color and texture are the options which you want to choose which suits the style of the rest of the house. You can improve and facilitate the use of the door by installing an engine that automates the opening and closing.

Types of Garage Door Openers

First the opening can be done manually or automatically, this second alternative is also offered as an option for manual doors already installed. The automatic option will extend the life of the door, making smooth and constant movement, and also provide security.

There are two types of garage door opener: Rocker and sectional. In both cases you can place them to open manually or motorize them to open automatically.

• Rocker

In this case the door rotates vertically on an axis to go from being perpendicular to the ceiling (when closed) to being parallel to the ceiling (when it is opened). Look at the drawing below.

It needs a clear and available space on the outside of the garage of approximately 1.20 m, Which is the space that protrudes from the facade as it opens.

They are the most economical.

• Sectional

This system is formed by panels that slide vertically, by guides by a rail, until they are horizontal to the ceiling. It is a type of opening that adapts to the inclination of the ceiling. It is recommended to install a roof motor adapted to the weight and dimensions of the door.

The advantage of the sectional opening is that it does not occupy space either in or out of the garage, although you should pay attention to possible obstacles in the roof.

In addition, it offers a high level of thermal insulation. It is a very quiet model. You can park your vehicle practically close to the door. Likewise, there is the possibility of lateral opening,Left or right with equal operation to the horizontal and that will slide on the wall of your garage. The lower guide will not hinder your access.

How to choose Your garage door?

You should check that the door dimensions are appropriate for the dimensions of the available space and that it conforms to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition, the door must be robust enough for each hole and each case.

garage door type selection

  1. Hollow height
  2. Hollow length
  3. Lintel height
  4. Width between the frame and the left wall
  5. Width between the frame and the right wall
  6. Left wall
  7. Right wall
  8. Free space from the lintel Up to the ceiling: there should be no obstacle between the lintel and the end of the door travel when opening

Types of engines, Automatism

In case you want an automatic door, you must install a motor with enough power to be able to lift the garage door without problems. It is recommended that they also be quiet engines and smooth mechanism.

You should know that the motors have to be installed on a rigid surface. This means that if the roof is covered with insulation or other coatings, you must remove them before installing the engine.

Security and privacy

We must bear in mind that they are one of the doors that give access to the house and we should not lower the level of security in that door, although it is used to a lesser extent than the entrance door.

In addition, that access from the outside to the interior of the home is a focus of entry of the cold or warm air from outside the home. Therefore, the garage door also becomes important as an insulating element, both thermal and acoustic.


All types of garage doors require maintenance: it consists of lubricating the rails or opening mechanism, usually with oils or lubricants – those with a silicone base and never use grease are recommended.

Depending on the material of the door you will need special care and a way of cleaning itself to resist the weather. You should continually check the status of your door.

Periodically check that the door is correctly balanced.

Decide on the material

Depending on how frequently you use the garage , the resistance you are looking for, the maintenance and your personal tastes you can choose from 4 different materials for your garage door :


It comes in several colors and styles and requires little maintenance. As it is not so heavy it is easy to use manually. It is rust proof, but not as durable as abolished.


Wide variety of styles, colors and finishes. It is more resistant than aluminum, but it can be oxidized if scratched or scratched.


It is the traditional choice. It comes in a variety of designs and even you can design it yourself. Requires regular painting maintenance.

Fiberglass or PVC

It is the novelty of the market. It lasts longer than any other but can be broken with a strong blow. It is more expensive than steel but cheaper than hardwood. You can choose from a variety of designs.

Determine the style that fits your home

Apart from the material, you will have to take into account other thing like the style, choosing a door that complements the architecture of your home.

  • Victorian type
  • Colonial
  • Traditional
  • Country
  • Modern

Color Choice

The color of a garage door should match or be a complement to the other colors of the home. The basic rule is; color should not contrasts in an extreme way with others. Make your choice thinking about the color of the windows, the front door or the lining of the walls.

Choose also according to these details:

  • Number of panels
  • Types of hardware and hinges
  • Windows (with or without windows of different shapes)
  • Type of insulation
  • Automatic or manual
  • The door steps you need

You see that choosing the best door for your garage requires a laundry list of work which do not end up buying anything. When you have already selected a garage door and bought, don’t forget to hire an expert person to install the doors.