With the millions of vehicles that travel on the highways each day it is inevitable that there will be some that break down and others that will be involved in shunts and accidents. Accident recovery is therefore a required service and there are many individuals and companies that provide this. These will have tow trucks available and to fit these out properly for the job there is a variety of tow truck equipment available.

Tow truck equipment comes in a variety of styles and serves a range of purposes. Safety items can be important, especially on busy highways to ensure that work can be carried out with due regard to other vehicles on the road. Simple safety equipment can include luminous triangles which can be set out on the road to warn oncoming traffic of a hazard. Other equipment can include simple reflectors which can be stuck onto the side of a tow truck or for a more prominent display light bars can be added to the roof of a tow truck. Costs for this type of equipment for a two truck can vary widely, with simple reflector strips being available for a few dollars while light bars can run to in excess of $1,000.

Having tools available in a tow truck can be a good idea as they may be required at the scene of an accident or breakdown for a variety of reasons. A list of best tow strap and truck equipment for this purpose is toolboxes and safety boxes. These are designed to be installed securely on a truck with both under body and topside mounted boxes available. They typically come in a range of sizes with most being manufactured of metal. The cost for these can range up to in excess of $500 for some of the larger boxes, with sizes of up to 60 inches being available.

Tools themselves can be useful tow truck equipment and there are a range of these available. Lock out tool sets can be good equipment to have available and these can be used to get into the majority of automobiles. This may be needed in many cases and depending on the exact tools included the cost for a set of tools can range up to around $400.

If you are looking to purchase tow truck equipment there are a variety of outlets that have these available for sale. There are a number of specialist internet retailers that have equipment for tow trucks available and some of those to consider include TowX, AW Direct and Truck n Tow. Equipment for a tow truck can also typically be found in vehicle accessory stores and checking your local stores can be worth doing to see the equipment they have available.

There can be a range of jobs required when providing a tow truck service and ensuring the vehicle is properly fitted out for these is common sense. There is a variety of tow truck equipment available for this purpose. With a little shopping around anyone with a tow truck should be able to fit out their tow truck such that it is equipped to deal with the various jobs required as part of their everyday work.