If you have problems with the start of the car may be because of the spark plug of your car, one of the problems of the spark plugs is that the area where the spark is made to start the engine is optura and must be repaired.
Proper separation of the spark plug head , and adjustment of the gap between the electrodes, is sometimes necessary for the engine to function properly. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. This ensures that there are no sparks while working with the spark plug wires.


1 Locate wires for spark plugs and spark plugs. The cables are used to send current to the spark plugs of the ignition system. They can be found at the top of the engine.Locate wires for spark plugs

2 Disconnect the wires from the spark plugs by pulling them off. They must leave immediately. Each cable has its own plug. If you mix the order, the engine will not work properly.Disconnect the wires from the spark

3  Remove the plugs by unscrewing them.Remove the plugs by unscrewing them
4 Place a blade between the tips of the electrodes on the plug if you want to separate them.Place a blade between the tips

5  Hold the spark plug in a press, with the electrodes facing up.
Gently squeeze the spark plug , bending the tips of the electrodes closer together to get the desired space. You may have to leave the tips more together at first, in order to allow some elastic recovery.Gently squeeze the spark plug

Reinstall the spark plugs and connect the battery.