Hand trucks are useful gadgets that can help people accomplish everyday chores quickly and easily. There are several things to consider when renting one of these devices in order to make sure the right one is chosen for the job.

Things to Consider


Hand trucks can be found in capacity ranges from 200 to 1,000 pounds. When trying to decide which one is best, it’s important to think about the types of goods that will be moved with this equipment. Moving furniture or heavy appliances will require one that has a higher weight capacity than if light boxes are being handled. Users must pay for damaged hand trucks whenever they are returned, so it’s best to overestimate the weight being move rather than underestimate it.


Hand trucks have a variety of features such as cargo straps, ergonomic handles, and ribbed base plates to name a few. When trying to decide on a hand truck, it’s important to think about how certain features might be beneficial. For example, people who are carrying loads up and down stairs or over rough terrain may want a cargo strap to help stabilize the goods. Models with advanced features usually cost more than basic hand trucks do, so consumers must carefully weigh the benefits of different features against the cost in order to choose the right one.

Length of Rental

Users can rent hand trucks for only a few hours or several days depending on their needs. Those who only have one or two items to move may only need this equipment for part of a day, in which case a short-term rental is ideal. Those who have several rooms full of household goods may need several days to accomplish their goals. Since there’s usually a penalty for returning a hand truck late, careful planning is important so that consumers are able to finish on time without being charged extra money.

Damage Deposit

Many hand truck rental companies require customers to pay a damage deposit at the time they rent a hand truck. This fee is assessed in addition to the rental charge and is used to cover damage to the equipment aside from normal wear and tear. This deposit is then refunded to the customer whenever the equipment is brought back in good condition. Customers should inspect their hand trucks carefully and note any damage that is present to make sure they are not charged extra money for something that was there when they got the equipment.

Automatically Included

Hand truck rental may sometimes be automatically included in the cost of a moving truck. Other times, it is a separate charge that is only assessed whenever the equipment is used. Rental companies may attach a hand truck to the inside of the vehicle and then charge patrons only if it has been removed. That way, it is available in case it is needed, but users do not have to bear the cost if it is not necessary.

Many people do not think about hand truck rental until they are in need of this equipment. Those who are planning a move soon should become familiar with the different aspects that are involved so they will be prepared to choose the right one.

Hand Truck Rental Rates and Tips to Save

It can be a little expensive to rent hand trucks, but extremely difficult to move without them. Those who are planning a move should compare rates and follow a few simple guidelines in order to obtain the best deal possible on renting this equipment.

Rental Rates

The rates for a standard hand truck start at around $7 per day. A furniture dolly costs around the same amount of money to rent as a general purpose hand truck, as rates for this equipment also begin at around $7 per day. It’s slightly more for an appliance cart, as these models begin at around $10 per day. Motorized equipment can cost quite a bit more, as these models typically cost around $80 per day to rent.

One Way vs. in Town Rentals

Most retailers will quote one price for one way rental and another one for in town use. One way rentals are usually offered by moving truck companies whenever people are moving to a distant city. These individuals will not return their trucks or equipment to the same location where they were rented because it is inconvenient. Instead, they will return their equipment to a franchise location in their new city. This typically comes with a surcharge of 25 to 50 percent of the rental cost vs. an in-town rental which is picked up and returned to the same location.

Renting the Right Equipment

There are a number of options available when it comes to renting hand trucks. Consumers do not always need to rent more than one type of hand truck because many can be used for multiple purposes. For example, an appliance dolly can also be used to haul small boxes. A good rule of thumb is to think about the items that will need to be moved with a hand truck and then rent a model that will move the biggest one in order to prevent borrowing too much equipment.

Renting on Weekdays

Since the demand for hand trucks is typically higher on weekends, many rental companies charge more money to use this equipment on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Those who can plan their moving efforts between Monday and Thursday can usually save money on renting a hand truck as a result. There may also be a better selection of equipment available since the best hand trucks won’t already be rented by others who are also anxious to complete their moving over the weekend.

Checking for Discounts

Some rental companies routinely offer discounts to members of certain groups. Some of these groups include senior citizens, AAA members, and military members. Before renting a hand truck, it is a good idea to find out about any discounts that are available. That way, consumers will be better able to compare prices between companies in order to get the best deal possible on equipment rental.

When renting hand trucks, the cheapest deal is not always the best one. Those who are comparison shopping should consider the type of equipment and conditions associated with the rental in order to make the best choice possible.

Hand Truck Rental Providers

Hand trucks are an item that most people don’t use every day so they rent them whenever there’s a need for them. No matter where consumers reside, there is bound to be a rental provider that’s conveniently located.

Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt rentals has equipment locations around the country. Customers can go to the company’s web page and type in their zip code in order to find the closest one. This company not only carries hand trucks, but a variety of other material handling equipment as well. A few of the items available for rent include pallet jacks, loading ramps, forklifts, and hydraulic lifts. Many of these goods can be reserved and paid for online, which can save valuable time when arriving at the retailer.

Budget Truck Rental

While this company is famous for renting moving trucks, they will also rent hand trucks. Consumers do not have to rent a moving truck in order to obtain a hand truck, as many models are rented separately. Those who do rent a moving truck will be able to request a hand truck be included in the package. In addition to renting a hand truck, consumers can also purchase a host of other moving supplies such as boxes, packing material, and tape.


U-Haul is another truck rental company that also provides utility dollies. They have special ones available for moving appliances or furniture, so customers can easily choose the one they need. Those who are renting a furniture dolly can also purchase furniture pads to keep their items from being scratched during the move. Users can return their hand truck to the same retail location where they rented it or to another U-Haul location near their new residence for only a small amount more.

LA Equipment Rentals

This company rents equipment to customers who live in and around the Los Angeles, California area. They have a variety of models available, so homeowners will be able to choose exactly the right one. Their hand trucks consist of durable steel frames and area around 48 inches tall. These hand trucks may have different sizes of wheels, and the tires may be wide or narrowly spaced. Equipment that is rented from this company must be picked up and dropped off at this retailer’s location at 3300 E. Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles.


Lowes has economy hand trucks as well as those designed for appliances available for rent in many of their stores. Some locations also have pickup trucks for rent by the hour as well. This can make them an ideal choice for moving relatively small loads only a short distance. Any equipment rented from a Lowes home improvement store must be returned before the store closes or an additional fee will be charged for keeping rented items overnight.

Hand trucks are a valuable item to have when moving. Unfortunately, they are only used occasionally and take up a great deal of room when stored. Since buying one of these items is not always practical, it’s comforting to know there are lots of places where hand trucks can be rented whenever there is a need for them.