How to Take Care of Your Tires

tire maintenance tips

A tire is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect and enable better vehicle performance. Modern tires are usually made of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric, and wire, along with other compound chemicals. It consists of a tread and a body. If your car is equipped with the wrong tires it can be very ineffective and will not perform very well. That is why you should consider the right tire for the right season.

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Summer Tires Versus Winter Tires

Tropical places are lucky enough to use only one type of tire the whole year round. But for those places who experience different seasons annually, like summer and winter, has to use accurate tires for a specific season. Summer tires won’t work well in snow, that’s why winter tires are designed to fit in with the said season. Summer tires are designed to give you excellent control and high performance during the summer season. It is made up of soft rubber that grips the road and lets you make sharp turns on dry, hot pavements.

This kind of tire generally doesn’t provide the level of traction needed to plow through stick snow and grip icy roadways. On the other hand, winter tires are specially designed for world weather conditions. They have compounds added to them that make them grip better on the ice and a compound that makes its rubber flexible to keep the treads free of snow.

Summer tires may provide you with excellent performance, but the disadvantage is that it easily wears out. While winter tires, with their thread and tacky surface, works better on the ice and will reduce your gas mileage. Just like our clothes, we prefer specific clothing for a particular season, we wear thin clothes during summer and thick clothes during winter, we should also consider this with regards to our tires for our own safety when we travel.

Follow these points on taking care of your tires to prolong its life service for you to refrain from keeping on buying new ones.

  • Tire rotation. It can help equalize tread wear and greatly extend tire life. It can give good gas mileage and improve the overall performance of your car.
  • Tire balancing. Although not a regular maintenance, this is done when you experience losing a balancing weight due to some type of driving or handling stress on the wheel.
  • Alignment. This allows the tires to track straight when the vehicle is in motion, to provide optimum high and low-speed handling and steering response, to minimize body sway during cornering and to minimize tire wear.
  • Tire inflation. It can give a dramatic effect on tire life, fuel economy, and safety of vehicle handling and steering.
  • Lighten your load. Your tires will benefit from decreasing the weight of your car by removing excess cargoes. They will be under less operational stress and would last longer.

Tire rotation should be done routinely. Tire balancing and alignment should be done every year. Tire pressure should be checked every month. Aside from that, regular cleaning will also help you keep an eye on your tires, spotting such safety concerns like bulges, deep cracks or cuts, and issues with the treads. Through following these points on taking care of your car, this will not only help you economically but it will also help you for safety purposes.

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