Nowadays, there are a lot of manufacturers that produce Tonneau according to their own style, and that includes Lund. Lund truck bed covers can either be a soft or a hard tonneau cover which is used to protect the truck bed as well as the contents placed on it. Their brand features the roll-up types made from durable ABS plastic that can cover the entire area of the truck bed. They also manufacture truck bed covers that are equipped with folding panels giving the owner easy access and entry to the truck bed. The truck bed cover also offers hidden storage space keeping all cargo and other items safe from prying eyes of thieves. All Lund tonneau covers are reasonably priced and are considered by many as an inexpensive alternative to the competitor’s truck bed covers.

Most pickup truck owners will install an affordable truck bed cover for their pickup truck to streamline the look of their truck. They can choose from among the plethora of truck bed cover styles that are available in the market and even online. There are so many Lund tonneau covers of the hard types that are equipped with folding panels for the user to have convenient and easy access to the truck bed especially when cargo and other valuable items are placed there.

Lund also produces a hard tonneau cover made from fiberglass which can be lifted and held in the air just like the trunk or hood of a car. Other styles of Lund tonneau covers include the rolled-up type which can be stored directly on the front of the truck bed. This is comparable to the tonneau covers manufactured by competitors where retractable hard tops can slide easily back and forth. Hauling and removing of cargo placed on the truck bed is done in a quick and easy manner. There are also other manufacturers that produce the roll-up style of tonneau cover which is made of vinyl and can also retract into a canister when access to the pickup truck bed is needed.

Lund also creates tonneau covers that can lessen the drag while the pickup truck is in motion. This helps increase the pickup truck’s acceleration at the same time its gas mileage. This affords big savings on the part of the owner, especially in today’s increasing gas prices. Since the Lund truck bed covers can be tightly closed at the cargo area, the rush of air can’t burst into the tailgate minimizing air resistance and reduces the drag.

Lund tonneaus not only minimize wind drag but also offer the same security for the cargo and the items on the truck bed. These truck bed covers provide secure storage while affording your pickup truck a finished and aesthetic look.