Depending on your needs, you may be better off going with an all-weather cargo liner over a carpet cargo liner, or vise versa. How do you know which kind you’re better off with? Well, part of it is personal preference, but a lot has to do with what you plan on hauling around in your cargo space.

All-Weather Protection

All-weather cargo liners deliver maximum defense against mud, snow, spilled foods and beverages, and dirty equipment. They are designed with a unique system of ridges and grooves that deliver a virtually indestructible barrier between your carpet and all the dirt and gunk your gear drags in.

All-weather cargo liners are made from ultra-durable rubber, stain-resistant nylon and thermoplastic. From textured undercarriages and plastic nibs that cling to your carpet to snap fasteners that keep the cargo liner in place, all-weather liners come equipped with devices that keep them from sliding around.

Plus, all-weather cargo liners are a cinch to clean. Simply pull it out, shake it down and hose it off. Let it dry off, and then put it back in place and it’s ready to go.

You may want to consider an all-weather cargo liner if you live in or visit places that tend to be snowy and/or muddy. If you want to prevent spilled spaghetti sauce or broken eggs from leaving a mark on your carpets, an all-weather cargo liner will do the trick. Also, if you’re hauling around muddy soccer gear or muddy shoes in the rear of your ride, you’d want to opt for the all-weather cargo liner.

Carpet Liners

Carpet liners are designed to complement your ride’s interior style. They’re designed in a variety of colors to best match your current color scheme. And, carpet cargo liners use luxurious treated nylon carpet for top-notch looks and a premium feel.

The number one benefit of carpet liners is that they deliver the protection you need without sacrificing your ride’s style. On top of a wide variety of colors to choose from, carper liners can also be personalized with custom logos.

Caring for carpet floor liners isn’t quite as simple as caring for all-weather floor liners, but it’s still fairly simple. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dirt and debris, and you can take out the liner and give it a good shake down.

Carpet floor liners are recommended for style-conscious drivers who enjoy completely customizable options. They’re perfect for people who use their cargo space to carry clothes, boxes, containers or other clean objects.