Many people believe that black cargo pants are designed for men who partake in rough physical activities. This is no longer the case. Over the past few years, fashion designers have turned black cargo pants into a must-have item for all occasions.

There are several reasons why black cargo pants stand out from regular pants. Firstly they are a military style item which is narrow at the ankles. The pants are also wide around the hips and have large pockets. These pants are popular as they are long, tough and durable.

Advantages of Black Cargo Pants

1. Fashionable

When these pants were first invented, they quickly became a wardrobe staple for men. The fabric and design suited men who were working out in the fields or doing manual labor. Today these pants are often worn during outdoor activities. However many people also wear them to parties, social gatherings, and work. As casual clothing is becoming more and more popular, the cargo pant is welcomed in a large number of settings. It should be noted that black cargo pants are also popular with women and children.

2. Variety of Colors

In the past, the cargo pant came in solid colors. Today this is no longer the case. Fashion designers have updated this item with numerous styles and colors. Some pants even come with sewn-in decorations. Black is a versatile color. It will go with nearly any other color a person decides to wear. The style is relaxed and comfortable, yet stylish. The garment can be worn for a night of clubbing or just hanging out with friends. Today there garments for nearly every purpose.

3. Widely Available

People who want to purchase this item can head to online and offline stores. Most department stores stock this item at a discounted rate. Those who have a more prominent budget should head to casual wear stores. Buyers who cannot find the right pair of pants should shop online. There is simply more choice online than it is offline. If consumers are using an online store, they should ensure that it is reputable and affordable. Buyers should also check that the shipping costs are not too high.

4. Comfortable

Work pants in this style are comfortable and practical. The garment typically comes with many pockets to keep tools or accessories handy while working. Though the pants are comfortable for physical labor they are also suitable for many other types of work. Chef pants in the cargo style are comfortable and breathable. They make excellent attire for working in the kitchen where an individual will be subjected to high temperatures and humidity. Drawstrings allow them to be adjusted for a custom fit. Velcro pockets allow for easy access to mobile devices, keys, and other personal items.

5. Easily Washable

Those working in medical professions will also find several styles of black cargo pants in scrub pant categories. Garments made for medical professionals are typically made of a light cotton/polyester blend that easily washes without wrinkling. They can be work with a matching scrub top or with a white lab coat. Either way they will look professional and will stay wrinkle free all day.

6. Designer Level

There are many designer label black cargo pants on the market. While the items carry the same 6 pocket style they may also include special stitching or tucks in the fabric that make the particular brand stand out from the rest. A metro style is designed to be loose fitting. The item looks good with a t-shirt, rugby shirt, or a sleeveless shirt in warmer weather. Additional folds in the fabric give the garment a more trendy look, for those who want to blend classic styling with a modern look.

7. Suitable for Variety of Uses

There are no limits in the places where the pants can be worn. They are suitable for those working in medical offices who need comfortable uniform or scrub type pants. Pants made of heavier cotton fabric are suitable for construction or outdoor jobs. The style is found on the slopes among amateurs and professional competitors.

8. Great for Casual Occasion

Every guy should have a pair of black cargo pants in his wardrobe. Although they are not the right choice for suit and tie affairs, black cargo pants can be a great choice for just about any casual occasion. One of the best features of cargo pants are numerous pockets. This makes them great for school, hiking, making deliveries or working in a casual office. You can carry supplies, pens, paper and even a bottle of water right in your pants.

9. Can Match With variety of Dresses

Black cargo pants are also a great choice because of the ability to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Black pants go with a variety of shirts and shoes. You can dress them up enough for a casual office environment by wearing a nice, bright polo shirt. You can grunge them down by adding a scruffy top. For hiking on a cool morning, you can start with a grey flannel over a white t-shirt. If it warms up, you can tie the flannel around your waste. Black cargo pants truly are the “everyman” of the slack drawer.

10. Hard to Snag

Finally, they are nearly indestructible or will take one heck of a beating at least. They are not quick to catch fire when working around hot surfaces or flames. They are hard to snag and so rip resistant. As far as general wear goes, they they will last for a very long time. The disintegrate very slowly, in many instances even more slowly than denim. With all of the wonderful attributes of black cargo pants, they may just be the best piece of clothing ever invented by mankind.


Black cargo pants are suitable for many situations as they go with nearly any other color. They are comfortable for work or play. Trendy styles are available for those who like to wear the garment for casual social environments. They can also be found at many different price points to fit any budget. Many retail stores, sporting gear stores, and uniform shops carry the garments.