Cargo pants are always in style. But it’s not always easy to find the correct cargo pants. There are thousands of stores online, or locally that carry cargo pants for men, women and even for juniors, but with so many styles and sizes – it can be an overwhelming task to sort through the varieties and pick a pair that you like. So it’s important to do your research yourself to make sure you’ve found a great deal on the selection of choice that you want to buy.

Fashion Tips In Wearing Cargo Pants

Cargo pants or trousers are designed for outdoor activities and loosely cut for comfort. They contain one or more cargo pockets which are patch pockets with accordion folds to increase its capacity to hold things. They can be found in any colors imaginable, but the more popular ones are the khaki, camouflage and black cargo pants types. Here, we gave you some tips that will help you choosing right one.

  • Choose a color to match your existing wardrobe. These pants come in all colors and styles unlike before where it’s limited to the khaki and camo. Pick a color that will go well with most of the shirts or blouses that you already own to create variations every time.
  • Match it with a neutral top. Hollywood Stars commonly wear them with basic colors. Unless it is a black cargo pants for men or women, which can accommodate a much wider pairing options, stick with plain tops and basic accessories.
  • Wear it with something girly. Skinny cargo pants for women are best worn with floral blouses or lace tops to contrast the masculine appeal of the pants.
  • Take into consideration your footwear. Cargo pants especially the skinny ones for women is best paired with ballet flats, sandals, wedges and even heels. You can even pair it with high heeled ankle boots that are funky for that leg lengthening effect.
  • Paired with jackets. Pairing black cargo pants with jackets, blazers or sweaters is great and would give you that fashionably chic look.
  • Accessorize. To have that fierce look, wear a lot of necklaces, rings, bangles, scarves and match it off with sunglasses.

Best Cargo Pants for Men

Cargo pants for men originally came from the military; it is almost similar to a khaki trouser. These pants were created to accommodate the high activity of the army. Now cargo pants for men are really popular. Many people buy and use it because the pants have a lot of features that allow them to carry many things around. This really suits the current trend of fashion and lifestyle. Not to mention lots of pockets that will come are really useful for outdoor activity such as camping, hiking, hunting and other daily work. Here are the 5 Cargo Pants we found for Men.

1. Wrangler Cargo Pants

Wrangler Cargo Pants have been around for decades now and they have been part of our culture as a nation. This is because cargo pants manufactured by Wrangler are not only worn to dress up but are also worn to protect people while they are at work. These pants protect workers especially men whose job requires exposure to dangerous situations. Since this is the case, pants made by Wrangler are very functional.

Since these pants are very functional, it makes us realize that when we buy these cargo pants, we are spending wisely because we are getting back a lot for what we spend every time we get one of these pants.

Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR Men’s Ranger Pant

Wrangler is very well known for its quality products which include cargo pants that are selling well in the market. These cargo pants are available in your nearest stores as well as online, so you have more options for obtaining one. These pants come in military khaki colors, and this is why they can be worn in casual and more relaxed events. And since Wrangler is committed to providing us with comfortable pants, they have created other different types of cargo pants that cater to different tastes.

Genuine Wrangler Cargo Pants

These cargo pants are very unique in their own way because they have a look that is distinct to them. Although they may somewhat resemble other brands out there, it is still clear to see that since wrangler makes them, there is something special about them. These pants come in different sizes and since they are also Long, they can be worn by big and tall people who usually find themselves spending hours looking for pants that will fit them.

Match Men’s Wild Cargo Pants

These cargo pants scream quality and they also have a very different design. Unlike other cargo pants, these ones have a real-life design to it and since it does, people wearing it really blend in with their surroundings. These pants like the mens wild have a design Black, Khaki, Mud, Max, Light army green etc. To make their design realistic, the company uses earth toned colors such as gray, brown and green. Another interesting fact about these pants is that they are thermal lines meaning you can wear them on cold weather and you are still protected from the outside elements. These pants are very functional, especially when they are worn during the most appropriate time.

Wrangler Originals Cargo Pants

If you are looking for the best deals in cargo pants, you better decide on getting one of these pants. These pants are made of raw materials that are meticulously studied so that the company comes up with pants that are worth buying and spending on. And not only do they come with affordable price, they are also available in different colors and prints. These pants also come in different fits because people who are slim surely find one that will fit them. There are also bigger sizes that can fit people who have special needs.

2. Military or Army Cargo Pants

Are you looking for pants that will give you a cool and unique look? Army cargo pants can give you this look. The military and hunters once used them, but with the advancement in fashion, they now become a fashion statement and are among the top choices for men and women.

Different colors

Military cargo pants come in many different colors. While the camouflage (or camo) patterns are very popular, they can’t exactly be used to go to the office. A khaki or black one will fit that role a whole lot better. So before a buying cargo pants, please consider what you’ll need them for.


Since military cargo pants are usually made of at least 50% cotton, these pants are very sturdy. This makes them extremely long lasting and very suitable for outdoor professions or survival trips. Cargo pants have been known to last 8-10 years with normal usage. There are very few pants who have such an incredible track record.

Flexible waist, tight fit

If you’re looking for some extra comfort, you should look for military cargo pants which have a flexible waist. These waistbands are elastic, so they adapt themselves to your waist. This makes it easier to move around in the pants.

Another convenient feature that not all military cargo pants have is a drawstring cord at the bottom of the pants which you can use to seal the bottom of the pants tight. That’s a very comfortable and highly appreciated feature in winter.

Comfort and Style

Primarily designed to give comfort, these cargo pants are made of lightweight and durable materials such as cotton. Army cargo pants for men offer them more space around the legs, allowing them to walk in longer strides. When it comes to women, the pants are usually fitted to maintain a sexy look. They have many features unique to them such as:

  • Baggy and with wide hips
  • Narrow ankles with loose openings
  • With multiple large pockets
  • Army fatigue patterns

Price range

Military cargo pants come in all sorts of quality and price ranges. The regular cargo pants can be had for $30-$50. Higher end cargo pants can go up to $100. The latter is more suitable for soldiers or other operators who use them in high wear-and-tear situations.

3. Tactical Cargo Pants

There are wide variations on cargo pants, but when it comes to special situations and extreme conditions, you are most likely going to need tactical cargo pants to get the job done. You can greatly benefit from choosing the correct pants, even if you don’t believe it right now.
They have been sewed externally there so they can hold a good amount of different equipment or tools and remain comfortable for the person wearing these pants. There are similar pockets attached to the back of the pants as back pockets. These are all meant, for one thing, to be able to provide the person wearing tactical cargo pants, to be able to effortlessly carry around more necessary tools and equipment without it becoming unpractical.

Best Tactical cargo pants are not just the traditional pants that have straight legs and pockets slapped on them. Instead, they have special shapes in the knee and the back area to make them fit better and move better. The military tactical cargo pants that are intended for police use and for Navy or Marines, there are places where flashlights and special tools can be stored and reached easily when needed.

4. Black Cargo Pants

When it comes to clothing there are few things nicer to wear than a good pair of black cargo pants. There are many reasons for this. They always fit in an amazing way, comfortably relaxed but not so loose they flop around. The storage capability is second to none, nothing even comes close. They match with just about anything. The color even helps to hide any marks or stains. Beyond that, they are standard for many uniforms, especially in the food service industry. The best attribute may be their durability. They hardly ever wear down and you have to put them through a lot to cut, burn or harm them otherwise.

5. Men’s wool Cargo Pants

A couple of men’s wool cargo pants are essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. These pants suit almost all types of casual outings. They give you comfort, durability and the same time look trendy on you.

Wool cargo pants can be worn as casual pieces of clothes. These pants work great when you are outdoors. You can put them on when you are out on a stroll amidst nature. These will give you tremendous comfort on camping trips and also in hunting expeditions. These pants allow flexibility and do not restrict your movements. The material keeps you warm in cold atmosphere.

A Few Characteristics Of Men’s Wool Cargo Pants

These garments are washable as well as durable. They are guaranteed to last you for years and years. They are flexible too, allowing you to move freely in them. They look really good when teamed up with a round neck or with a v neck tee shirt.

If the mercury level has dropped really low, you can also match it up with a cardigan. It will keep your body warm as well as give you an extremely stylish look. Men’s wool cargo pants are available everywhere in the market. The prices at which they come vary with the brand which manufactures them.

Why Do Men Prefer To Wear These Wool Cargo Pants?

These pants allow you maximum comfort. This is the primary reason why people love to wear these. Other than that, these pants are suitable for all types of weather, especially in warm weather and even in damp weather. You can wear these on your hiking trips and even to your fishing expeditions.

These pants contain enough room where you can fit in all your equipment. There are several pockets in which you can keep all your tools and several other small articles. There may be an extra zipper hidden in your pant. You can make your wool cargo pant into shorts. Folding your pant in that manner will allow for more flexibility and comfort. It will also protect your pant from getting damaged.

Methods To Take Care Of Your Woolen Cargo Pants

You must take proper care of your woolen cargo pants to make them last longer. Follow the instructions that are mentioned on the label. If you are an amateur, send these men’s wool cargo pants to the professional cleaner.

Best Women Cargo Pants

From the beach volleyball freak to the sporting event to cheerleader, cargo pants are on the wish list of one and all.

Women Cargo Pants: Color Sense

One of the best creations in the clothing industry is the women cargo pants because it gives us women more opportunities to be more expressive of our feelings regarding the clothes we wear. Also, these pants give us more freedom to move and step out of being stereotypes. Because of cargo pants, we are more taken seriously regarding our capability to handle jobs that were originally thought to be for men only.

1. Green Cargo Pants Women

One of the most worn cargo pants is the green one, and I guess it has its advantages, and that is why it is popular. First of all, this color scheme is not too obvious when stained and soiled which is why ladies very much prefer it. And since the color is able to hide stains, it does not require too much maintenance which makes life much easier. Cargo pants of this color also do not need much ironing since its color can hide creases – this means, you can just wash and wear your pants!

Not only are these cargo pants easy to clean and maintain but they come in different looks. Some are baggy while some are slim fit. The first design is very common because it is its original look and is usually worn by women who prefer to move freely in their pants.

The latter, on the other hand, is preferred by those who have the smaller figure and would like to have their curves flaunted. There are also some of us who prefer this design because wearing such fitted pants help us move more efficiently.

2. Camouflage Cargo Pants Women

Khaki in color and lightweight, these pants are suitable for us who are on the go. It is very obvious today that women are compelled to work, and when we work, we do various tasks that require less time on preparations. Because of this, we need stuff such as clothing that is easy to wear, wash and maintain. We need clothing that is easy to clean as well as easy to wear without going through the hassle of too much ironing. Also, since these pants are very light, we can carry them around when we travel and in instances where we need to change wardrobe.

3. White Cargo Pants For Women

Pants that are white in color are usually avoided by many especially us women because it reveals a lot of imperfections on the pants such as stains. But, there are others who prefer to wear clothing of this color because it makes them look fresh and clean. Since this is the case, it is good to know that there are cargo pants available in this color and they look good. Such cargo pants can make petite girls look taller and bigger.

But regardless of what color we prefer and choose, cargo pants will always be in fashion because its design is revised to suit not only our clothing needs but our fashion taste as well.

4. Skinny Cargo Pants

So you have gone and bought those skinny cargo pants that looked incredible on you when you tried them out at the store! And now you are wondering how best to wear them. If you are hoping that your existing wardrobe will throw up some pieces that go with your new purchase, then you are probably on the right track. Below are some tips on how to wear skinny cargo pants.

Some Shopping tips for Skinny Cargo Pants

For Practical Look

Skinny cargo pants are a big hit in the fashion mainstream. Dark olives, dark grays, and blacks are some of the colors that can be flatteringly worn with a variety of tops. If you want a practical look and feel, wear t-shirts. Because of the close fitting nature of these pants, loose fitting tops and t-shirts go well with them. Wear the top loose or tuck it in to give you a trimmer look. Wear a jacket over the tucked on top. This can be your casual daytime look.

For a fashionable look

Close fitting tops in black or white will work well with your skinny cargo pants. Try a lacy white top with a camisole matching the color of your cargo pants. This works if your cargos are a darker shade. The inherently masculine nature of your cargos is paired with the overt femininity of the lace which in turn is toned down by the camisole. Try on a sparkling top, a pair of peep-toe sandals and a clutch to match with your cargos, and you are ready for a night out.

Match Sandals

For the perfect pair of kicks, go for thong sandals. You can wear ballet flats or high heels shoes too. If you are bottom-heavy, avoid wearing flats with skinny cargo pants because that will tend to give you a more substantial look. Go for half boots or wedge heels instead. Avoid wearing gym shoes with your skinny cargo pants.

Some Other Consideration

A brief glance at the expansive style selection list of ladies’ cargo pants is enough to indicate that these pants are as in sync with today’s trends as butter is with toasts! A visit to your nearest retail outlet would be a time consuming affair if cargo pants happen to be on your purchase list. This is because there are too many shades and styles going around to consider before honing in on one. Buying clothes isn’t an easy job if you are the fairer sex, and that is even more so when it is cargo pants that you are looking for.

Find the Size

It would be really smart of you to try out a few sizes from some prominent brands with online presence. Purchasing cargo pants for women online is cool enough, but only after you have hit upon the size that suits you. Once you have an idea about as to what size of cargo pants works for you, you can do market research right into your living room by scavenging through the online catalogs of some ‘top of the ladder’ clothing ranges. Whatever you do, remember to not fall into the trap of dirt cheap unbranded cargo pants. Such pants are made from inferior fabric, and that certainly reflects the overall picture that you cut.

Determine the Style

Cargo pants for women come in all styles one could imagine, ranging from the revealing cargo shorts for summers and beach vacations to the ankle length super light weight cargos for the skin conscious female population. Though there isn’t any hard and fast rule governing the styling, cargo pants for women tend to have lesser pockets than what the male variants have. Waistlines make interesting observations with cargo pants for women, and so do the shades on offer. Cargo pants only long enough to cover the knees and a little beyond finding widespread endorsement among womenfolk all across the globe.

The Fashion Trends

It is common knowledge that women do not mind compromising on the comfort front if that is a sacrifice they have to do for riding on the latest fashion juggernaut. However, cargo pants eliminate any such situations and present themselves as irresistible clothing options, courtesy the perfect blending of style and comfort. It is an absolutely delectable experience to spend the evening in a pair of cargo pants coupled with a chic tee and a pair of cute slippers, knowing all the while that the passing male crowd lets its gaze linger on to you every once in a while!


Other fashion gurus claimed that cargo pants are no longer the in-thing and should have died when it lost its popularity at the start of the millennium. Though this has been basically true, more people are still wearing them apart from the usual wearers like toddlers and construction workers. Celebrities occasionally are seen sporting them as daywear especially during the summer months.

Cargo pants may have lost its general appeal but their versatility and functionality will remain and they will forever be a common sight in the wardrobe. Variations also played a great deal in keeping them alive, just like the black cargo pants men wear to hide stains and dirt from showing on their clothes while keeping their tools handy.