A ceramic space heater is your best choice for an economical, safe and portable source of heating. They are typically used to warm up a hard-to-heat part of your home or vehicle. Larger models usually remain in place while smaller ones are very portable and can be moved from room to room. 12 volt models can be used to make your car or truck toasty warm to help overcome an inefficient or non-working heater and to help with defrosting the windows.

While ceramic heaters come in different shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common – ceramic plates and aluminum baffles. Once turned on, the ceramic plates get hot and the aluminum absorbs and radiates the heat, usually with the help of a fan. This type of space heater is generally able to heat a large room (300 square feet) fairly well.

We had 2 small Honeywell ceramic heaters that were used prior to the furnace fiasco to help keep our home office and back television room warm. While you will feel the heat much faster from these units, we also found that the heat wasn’t evenly distributed – cold spots. The other thing we noticed was  that once you turned them off, the heat in the room dissipated rather quickly.
Four things you should consider before buying a ceramic space heater:

1. Dry air. Since most ceramic heaters have fans, that also means they blow out dry air – think static electricity. This issue can easily be resolved by having a humidifier in the house.

2. Noise. While most of the newer ceramic space heaters are fairly quite, they still make noise due to the fan and/or oscillation. This could be bothersome if you have to spend a great amount of time in the same room.


There are numerous varieties available for purchase. You can easily find them all here.
Pros: Heats a room quickly, stays cool to the touch.
Cons: Makes noise, dries the air.

At a time when we are all trying to save money on utility costs, a ceramic heater is an excellent choice for increasing the comfort of a selected area of your home while reducing the heating demand on your furnace. Thirty to sixty dollars is all you need to invest to bring warmth to a part of your home you’d like to more comfortable without driving up the heating costs for all of your home.

Ceramic Space Heaters: Description

A ceramic heater is a convection heater that relies upon the movement of air to heat a room. Typically a fan is used to draw air across a heating element and then to distribute the warmed air out into the room. Ceramic heaters are new. They use a ceramic material and aluminum baffles to provide a combination that is economical and efficient. The ceramic material is heated by electricity and that heat is collected and stored in the aluminum baffles. As air pass across the ceramic and the baffles, it is heated and pushed out into the room. This process of pulling air into and out of the heater circulates the air throughout the room to create air movement that helps keep the temperature constant and comfortable.

These heaters are typically very efficient and give off a tremendous amount of heat for their small size. The plastic outside of a ceramic heater is usually cool and safe to touch and safe to pick up and move to another rooom.

Ceramic Heaters typically range in price from $30 to $100. However, higher end models may include special features that would make the operation of the heater automatic or more convenient.

Ceramic Space Heaters: Applications

A ceramic space heater warms a selected space in your home. Ceramic heaters have many applications, not limited to:

  • A living space where you and your family spend a lot of time
  • An office that only needs to be heated during the time you are working
  • A cold spot in your home that is difficult to heat and keep warm
  • An add on room that was not a part of the original heating design
  • A nursery or playroom
  • A cold basement
  • A garage while making repairs to the car or woodworking

Ceramic Space Heaters: Extras to Add Convenience

As you shop for a ceramic heater, consider any of the following extra features that may fit how you’ve chosen to use your heater:

  • Oscillation to better move the air in a larger or irregular space
  • A remote control to easily make changes from your easy chair
  • A temperature dial that is calibrated by temperature
  • The option of blowing unheated air
  • Light weight for easy portability if using in multiple rooms
  • Quiet operation so it won’t interfere with sleep or TV

A ceramic space heater can also be a considerate gift that is not expensive but will be greatly appreciated by that newly married couple with the less-than-perfect new apartment or rental.


A Ceramic Space Heater is one of the newer types of what is called a convection heater. A convection heater is a type of heater that will draw air over a surface and then blow it out into the room. With a ceramic heater, electricity is passed through the ceramic plates, which causes it to heat up. The heat is then absorbed by aluminum baffles that are attached to the ceramic plates and a fan blows the hot air off of the aluminum and into the room.

A ceramic space heater is usually quite small compared to the amount of heat it puts out, making them ideal for situations where you will want to move it from room to room. They are quite energy efficient and the outside of these heaters usually stays quite cool, so they are a little safer than some of the other types of space heaters. As a matter of fact, a ceramic space heater is probably one of the best choices for households that have young children around, since there is really no directly hot surfaces that can be accidentally touched, causing a burn. As with all space heaters, they also have a tip over sensor that will shut the heater off if it is accidentally knocked over.

Because of the nature of a convection heater, the ceramic space heater is good for heating an entire room instead of just a focused object (that object usually being you). Many ceramic space heaters are set up similar to an oscillating fan, so that it evenly distributes the heat across the entire room. Ceramic space heaters are usually very affordable as well. Some examples of ceramic space heater manufacturers include Delonghi, Windchaser, Lasko, Air King, and Soleus. Here are some examples of ceramic space heaters with good customer reviews: