There’s no denying that your truck endures a lot. While transporting goods, it tastes all the bitterness of nature and ensures that they are least bothered by those hazardous outer circumstances. Probably, you haven’t noticed that these continuous actions are making it weaker day by day.

Now, be generous and let your focus be centered on its bed first. Because it is a portion that’s liable to most of the wear and tear. Safeguard it with a good protective do it yourself bedliner in order to keep it healthy leading to a prolonged life.

Top 3 Picks: 3 DIY Bedliner for 2017

Bedliner Buying Guide

There are a variety of options when it’s time to select a do it yourself bedliner, so we’ve broken down the options you need to look for.


Spray-on: The spray-on liner, as its name asserts, is sprayed right away on the bed. It contains a lot of positive points to make your deal better.

  • Unlike the other types, it can fit on your truck-bed  regardless of of its size and model.
  • Whereas drop-in liners shift their position every now and then letting the bed revealed to irritating scratches, it doesn’t let such irksome paint scraped marks to be made.
  • It’s moisture resistant and therefore, doesn’t split like the drop-in liners.
  • Choose the color you like, to suit your truck.
  • You’ll undergo less maintenance issue.
  • Provides more room to accommodate additional goods on the bed.


  • High priced yet worth the money for its long-term duty.
  • Can put some extra weight on your truck if you use thick coating.
  • No option to change your mind once done as it offers lifetime service.
  • Some brands fade away as time passes by.

Roll/ Brush -on: A solid polyurethane paint-like mixture that helps to avoid direct touch of the products from the truck-bed.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and damage proof
  • Scratch, corrosion & skid resistant
  • Less vulnerable to humidity
  • No gradual fragmenting turns on nor does it peel if the prep stage is done accurately


It takes a little longer to dry properly. So, have some patience before you go on a business ride.
Tends to denting as it’s thinner than drop-ins

Drop-in: Built out of plastic or rubber staff, its exterior may appear to you either rough or sleek.

  • Cost-effective
  • Usable at another pickup having the same sized bed
  • While carrying the goods, it saves your truck bed from getting any pit
  • Loading and unloading will be quiet


  • Rust begins to grow from the accumulation of water, dirt, or something worse than these between the liner and bed.
  • Gradual influence of severe sun heat and UV rays make them fragile and cracks begin to visible on it
  • Low priced drop-in liner often comes with poor quality material
  • Its movable feature gets the paint scuffed


Your truck is destined to see the worst of universe. Before touching the bed, the rough forces will try to destroy the gleam of the liner. So, durability should be the prime fact to consider in a liner kit. Ponder over the essence of your selected liner to heighten the capacity of the bed against everything nature will subject it to. We know that eternity can never be the limit of any product to last. But thankfully, there’re a lot of brand available out there, purchasing which you can hope to get a liner that’ll take decades to fade.


Some liners come only for a specific application whereas other kit will treat you with the freedom of using them irrespective of the surface material. This feature of being flexible-in-use allows you to cover one thing which you probably have meant for another. For example- you can plate your truck bed with the tool that you may have purchased for undercoating your jeep or for the pickup bed or the boat deck.

Again, with the same kit, you’re open to choose between two different applying techniques. You can begin rolling on, or can use spray gun. Surprisingly, each of them will result in two dissimilar and unique looks. So, pursuing your heart requires selecting the liner kit with the most adaptability option.


Scrutinize the following points regarding the resistance of a liner tool before making a purchase.

  • Scratch – Hauling goods with spiky ends on your jeep presumably is not a new thing. So, make sure that trailing something over the bed won’t peel-off the layer.
  • Skid – The weather is uncontrollable – a fact. And reaching your destination before the deadline and obviously with the cargo in a good condition is another harsh truth that you’re obliged to follow. Hence, be selective in case of bedliner buying and manage to collect the slippery proof one. Compel the wet condition be harmonious with your aim.
  • Rust – Water is the thing that causes most of the corrosion. But you can’t deny the fault of dump weather for oxidation either. Choose the model that claims to offer abrasion sealed coating.
  • Chemical – Every day you load and unload a ton of flammable materials risking your bed’s life. These substances are capable of stealing the refined air of your truck if even a little amount of them touch the surface by chance. Being the proud owner of your vehicle, it’s your duty to lengthen its life-line by applying a liner that’s immune to bleach, resin or the kind.
  • UV – Ready to go on a ride with jeep under that scorching sun? Have worn the sunglasses and the sun hat to avoid the grasp of harmful Ultraviolet rays? You’re not ready yet. Because you have forgotten something important. Yes, you’re skipping the thought of securing the cargo bed from UV as well as the extreme heat. Don’t ignore the fact that like your skin, your beloved truck’s bed is also susceptible to those unfavorable radiation. So, it’s high time you do choose some liner that protects your bed from the malevolent rays.

See Popularity

The above tips are sufficient to lead you to a winning purchase. But if you’re still doubting your knowledge about the suitable DIY bedliner, give up the attempt of educating yourself. Don’t be fooled. The secret is simple. Go after the brand name. Believe us, you’ll appreciate the decision in future. Many newbies have already ended up buying win-win DIY coating kits belonged to the well-known companies. We can confidently say that you’ll be astonished finding how the manufacturers promise reflects in their tools.

5 Top DIY Bedliners Reviews

1.U-POL 0820V-GUN Black URETHANE Truck Bed Liner Kit With 726 Gun

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”459″ identifier=”B003TQIIPG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

While you haul goods on your truck bed, hearing some sound while feeling some vibration is natural. You’ll regret knowing that your truck is literally getting weaker with every jolt. So, suppress those jerks produced from that impact by treating the vehicle with U-POL 0820V-GUN Black URETHANE Truck Bed Liner Kit. It not only benumbs the noises but also keeps the cargo reposed.

However, keeping your vehicle free of commotion and stirring is not its only featured. After all, you’re paying for a bedliner and not for a silencer. So, here’re more. It’s going to protect your bed from UV rays, abrasion, water, scrape, taint and what not! Additionally, the included spray gun 726 has made the task of fortifying your truck bed a matter of minutes. To operate the applicator gun effectively, link an air compressor with it. Then follow three simple steps. First of all, load the gun, then shake it and finally all you’ve to do is shooting.

Its sleek look may give an impression of plastic liners, but you know well that, you’ve done this without undergoing those hassle of drilling or bolt-on installation. Again, unlike the roll-on liners, it won’t peel off after 12 months or so. And it takes comparatively less time to dry and your truck bed will be ready to be loaded within the next three days. In a word, this long-lasting coating tool is an immaculate blend of traits that will make your vehicle easier, more streamlined, with all grace, comfort, and style.

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2.Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0002TDUW4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

For professionals who depend on a pickup as an important tool of their trade, Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit is the best go-to option. It comes with a gallon of black coating, a brush for application and two rollers. Not to mention, the coating remains on tap and you can start plating truck bed immediately after unpackaging the product.

This coating won’t mar the real glow of the bed, instead, it’ll increase the sparkle of the entire vehicle. Some liners, found on the market, are very much vulnerable to combustible components. So, carrying these chemicals in your vehicle results in a horrible aftermath like coming off the paint in certain places. But by covering the bed with textured polyurethane as Herculiner HCL1B8, you can see a positive difference. It’s durable and will keep your truck fresh even after its encounter with those caustic agents.

This tool has also impressed the pickup owners who look for a rust-free bed for using years after years. Again, it keeps the truck bed slippery-proof even the midst of a heavy shower. Thickness? It makes the bed so sturdy that you can compare it with a bed that has been treated with 5 layers of a roll-on liner. Smooth and easy to use. Turns out, this Chinese product is one of the best bang-for-the-buck improvements you can make.

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3.Al’s Liner ALS-GR Gray Premium DIY Polyurethane Liner Kit

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”313″ identifier=”B004OI3MM2″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

ALS-GR DIY Liner Kit comes with the versatile option that even doesn’t break the bank. It has the widest range of applying option. No matter what the target areas are, be it your boat, four-wheeler or truck, its service is always of the top class. A master solution for textured, plain or painted surface.

While your truck bed is loaded with thinners, solutions or such fuel-like substances, confronting sudden jolts in every U-turn is not a miracle. It may also happen that your truck bumps against an obstacle during your speedy ride. Chances are the containers filled with liquid will overturn or a little amount of them just splash over the truck bed. But it’s fine if similar incidents happen with your cargo. Because of the main fear behind this unexpected occurrence, i.e., the damage of truck bed, is not a question to be raised when your bed is covered with Al’s ALS-GR Liner.

Again, what might surprise you about it is its diverse nature. That is, you can use it following either the roll-on or the spray-on system. While the former application will provide you with an even look, your bed will wear a course demeanor if you go with the latter option. Now, the choice is yours.

Unfolding the box, you’ll see 3 separate liquid elements which you’ll need to mix first. However, it’s not a critical task at all. Because there’s no issue of measurement before blending them together. Big relief, right? Simply combine the B, C and Tint with the A and you’re all done with the mixing process. Now, start rolling or spraying over the bed.

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”282″ identifier=”B002M0S9AE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

Like our previous recommendation from U-POL, this Bed Liner Kit is loaded with features that are sure to bring lots of benefits to your daily transport. In fact, it shares a lot of traits you get on competitors that are far more high-priced. First of all, it’s a superb noise reducer, trembling abater and a great security provider against abrasion. You’ll find it extremely tolerant to heat also. Irrespective of weather changes, it’ll keep your bed free from gradual waning, specifically, due to oxidation. Best of all, it dries fast. Hence, for carrying light materials, wait not more than 3 days. But, if you’re thinking of piling up heavy firewood or concrete stuff, we encourage you to delay the trip for a week for lasting impact.

To enjoy the advantage of reliable adhesiveness, take the pain of scratching the surface first. By discarding as much dirt as possible in the prep work, you can ensure the shine of your truck bed for ages. But what makes it special is that it’s tintable. Yes, you’re allowed to choose your desired hue by mixing up to 10% urethane base dye.

Some truckers prefer topping the coating in order to bring a distinct look. In case, you’re willing to do the same thing; minimum 1 hour is enough to coat for the second time. Perfect for covering your 8 feet bed.

Following the guidance transcribed in the manual, coating your jeep or boat is like a no-brainer. Coming with 4 bottles of tintable bed liner base, a spray gun and 1 LTR hardener, this kit seems ready to envelop the bed from rough outer forces. Note that using compressed air of 50-60 psi is necessary to reinforce the power for that included gun.

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5.Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3-gallon Black with GUN

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”375″ identifier=”B008IGKIOG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”globalgarage03-20″ width=”500″]

Linerxtreeme is offering you a classy spray on Bedliner Kit. The sturdiness of epoxy or urethane has inspired the pro truckers to plate their cargo bed with it. To make the beginners applying it less pesky, a spray gun comes free of additional charge.

While spraying the truck bed, things lying around the truck can easily get messy. To avoid this situation, do the coating in a place where you can let the sprinkles fly without causing any harm. As for your wardrobe, wear an attire that you even don’t dream of wearing twice.

Its semi-gloss finish will make your vehicle’s bed challenge the test of time. Its enduring capacity can surpass the other competitors in the market. Suitable for use on wood and fibreglass made exteriors. Has an unquestionable cohesive power.

Furthermore, the instructive words for guiding your coating are written in a very lucid language. Coming in only one page, it has become easier for people of all temperament. Unlike the long boring manual, it’s capable of educating the impatient customers too.

Have doubt in mind regarding the quality of the product? Take a look at the brand’s long history of 20 years with infallible reputation. Again, they have the record of thousands of satisfying customers who have not only brought the kit from them but also revisited their store for purchasing more.

All these features are the reason of why this tool, in spite of being comparatively expensive, is continually grabbing the buyers’ attention for ages. Besides, when you consider how much they will prevent the damage to your truck, this cost would seem like pennies on the dollar.

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