Of all the parts of a truck, the seats are more exposed to damage and the harmful chemicals that you (the driver) and your passengers might bring inside the truck. If you are owner of an older model truck or the newest model, you have the responsibility of making sure that your seats are well-taken cared off. Truck seats are usually exposed to the sun especially when you don’t have tinted windows.

However, even when you got tinted windows, still the sun will penetrate inside your truck hitting directly the seats but not as much as it would be if there is no tint at all. Apart from the harmful UV rays of the sun, truck seats are exposed to dirt, dust, and other chemicals that might penetrate if you are not careful. Dirt and dust can’t be avoided especially when you use the truck more often and you are in a hurry of getting in and out of it.

Features to Look When Buying Truck Seat Covers

When it comes to getting truck seat covers, the challenge is to where to get one. Fret no more! Why? You can find assorted car seat covers right at your local automobile shops. If you don’t have time, then it is time to read our reviews and select on according to your needs. Always remember that the prices of the truck seat covers found online are exclusive of the shipping and handling fees. So if the covers cost about $100, you need to add up the fees to get the total amount that you need to pay.

Things to see on truck seat covers


This is one of the most preferred options due to their luxurious and stylish looks. Genuine leather seats are not only elegant, and comfortable, but are also easy on mainten. Aside from that, you can easily clean the spills within minutes.
However, you must also keep in mind that genuine leather can become cold in winters and hot in summers.

Cool Sport Mesh

If interested in breathability, longevity, durability, and good looks, then you should opt for Cool Sport Mesh as a material for Custom Ford F150 seat covers.
The biggest advantage of Cool Sport Mesh is that it traps heats, looks new even after years of usage and maintains a comfortable temperature during long rides.

Atomic Polypro

People interested in waterproof, sporty, and durable option should consider Ford F150 seat covers made using Atomic Polypro, which is a polyester/nylon blend known for easy cleaning and durability.
Atomic Polypro gives luxurious looks and feel of soft and finely woven canvas and is the same material that is used extensively in soft luggage and backpacks.
It is weather proof, waterproof and keeps even temperature during winters and summers.

Ballistic Polypro

Custom Ford F150 seat covers made using Ballistic Polypro are best for outdoor enthusiasts. It is not only waterproof but also stays cool in summer and warm in winters. Ballistic Polypro fabrics are made from our ultra high strength 900 Denier Polyoxford weave construction, the toughest of all seat covers

5 Best f150 Custom Truck Seat Covers Reviews

1. BDK PolyCloth Black/Charcoal Gray Car Seat Cover (Easy Wrap Two-Tone Accent for Auto)

If you’re an avid adventurer, it’s pretty sure to say that your vehicle seat receives a lot of punishing use. And to save it from those constant abuses, dressing your seats with polyester made BDK Car Seat Cover would be a good solution. This exquisite seat covers not only act defensive against most chemicals, mildew and abrasion but its not getting  shrunk, stretched or wrinkled nature encourage you to take your lovely pup everywhere you drive.

100% breathable, meaning that it doesn’t retain heat and therefore, helps to keep everything around it cool and reviving. So, only excuse to remove them is when they’re actually dirty. And as the manufacturers claim, you can forget the hassle of cleaning it manually, and simply throw it in your washing machine if a stain does occur. After air dry, the cover will again be ready to add a bit of luxury to your trip experience.

Don’t forget to check its COLOR varieties. BDK has outdone themselves with taupe beige on black, blue on black, Charcoal Gray and many other classic trim accent pattern options. Instructional video for installation is included.

2. FH-FB102102 Classic Cloth Car Pair Set Seat Covers Gray / Black- Fit Most Car, Truck, Suv, or Van

FH Group is putting a lot of emphasis on the breathability of their fabric material and the FH-FB102102 Classic Cloth Car seat cover emerges to be their classic outcome. The components used in its cloth are, in fact, a blend of magic! We mean, the combination of mesh cloth finish and foam backing is common. But the inclusion of the small fishnet sandwich cloth is something out of the box!

Talking of the fitting, it’s designed to adapt any shaped car seats. Yes, this stretchy fabric is almost universal. And “Almost” being the keyword, it’s availability shares some limitations. You can’t save your seats from getting threadbare, torn and split with it if the vehicle’s headrest is non-detachable. The product’s compatibility guide adds that your seats will also say “nay” to these covers if they own built-in seatbelt or airbag compatibility.

Since breathable fabrics are quick to absorb liquids, unforgiving strains stuck on this cover can easily reach the original car seats. But here’s the relief – these covers are  machine washable. So, once they become dry, you’ll have them ready for dirt duty again. Footnote- you’ll need to make a separate purchase for armrest slots in case you care about them.

3. FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Pair Bucket Seat Cover

If your SUV’s headrest is not removable, don’t spend your time reading about this product. But if it’s detachable, go ahead, because the FH Group Universal Fit Seat Cover has a lot to offer you. Starting from the breathable fabric to the ease of cleaning, it comes with all the features and drawbacks that it’s cousin FH-FB102102 Classic is already providing. So, what makes the consumer understand that it’s a better option? The color. It gives you a long list of ten colors to choose from. No fancy car lover will return empty handed if they’re planning to decorate their car’s interior or simply aiming to hide the old torn seats.

More, it’s a semi custom model, so a wide variety of cars can rely on them to shield the original ones from the messes that your toddlers and pets naturally create. Regarding installation, the website of FH Group has uploaded an easy to follow steps that make it really shamefully simple to embellish your vehicle’s’ interior. For added comfort, hidden Velcro opening and adaptable straps are there. So, hand in glove fitting is obvious. Finally- durable, comfy and machine washable are the qualities that describe it best.

4. AUTOYOUTH Tire Track Detail Front Bucket Seat Covers Car Interior Accessories Universal Fit – 4PCS, Black/Gray

The Autoyouth Front Bucket Seat Covers are made of top shelf polyester fabric and of course, come at an excellent price. Labelled with universal fitting, this 46.46” x 22.05” cover can perfectly wrap the seats of a variety of car models starting from your SUV to pickups or trucks. Its 4mm foam backing bridges a gap between comfort and craft, whereas the bag hook accessories and the manual make its Installation a breeze.

A lot of other brands may not give you the freedom of installing it matching the need of your car’s interior, but this ergonomically designed seat cover leads to an elegant look even after making enough room for the side airbags. On a busy day, when you’ve to haul yourself or the goods hastily, you’ll find its finishing layer quite supportive. It would easily withstand any rough treatment and won’t wiggle with accidental thrusts. Maintenance? it’s easy to keep it fresh and in tip-top shape by effortless washing. Adding to the positives, Autoyouth offers MONEY BACK guarantee if you happen to find the product unconvincing within 90 days. The 2-year Warranty is just another plus.

5. OxGord Car Seat Covers – Mesh Fabric (Red / Black) (17 Piece)

In case you missed it, OxGord launched the Mesh Fabric Car Seat Cover is a hard wearing and sportier savior of your car’s interior. Its anti-fade sandwich fabric prolongs the life of the seats, resisting the wear and tear resulting from everyday use. Another corner of its feature that you’ll love is its foam padding, it’s meant to provide more comfortable sitting for both the driver and the passengers.

The cover set doesn’t offer any worthwhile customizing feature (like cutting and stitching) to fit your vehicle’s interior. But it’s easy to imagine that some automobile owner (who is after splendeur) will happily shell out the dough for it.

A few users found its steering wheel cover stinky, which dissipates very quick. Others received the cover thinner than they expected. And installing it takes little longer as you’ll have to deal with some adjustments. For the price, that’s no biggie, though.

A word to the wise – keep your hunt on if there’s no option of elevating the bottom back seat available in your car. With those limitations understood, the OxGord Car Seat Cover is otherwise ideal.

Advantages of using custom made seat covers:

* Aesthetically pleasing – If your truck looks good, you will naturally feel good while driving it. Custom seat covers can be made in cool patterns, colors and premium fabrics according to your preferred style, whether sophisticated or simple.
* Prolong the life – Sitting on your truck seats for long durations, carrying passengers or gear can easily wear out the interiors of your truck. With the help of quality cover, you can not only protect your seats but also prolong the life of your truck. You would want that its interiors last as long as the vehicle itself.
* Give a custom look to your truck-With custom seat covers, you can easily give the desired look to your truck’s interiors in the choicest of colors, designs, and fabrics.
* Keep your truck clean-With waterproof and fashionable fabrics, you can keep your interiors classy, yet clean. Most of the custom made seat covers resist stains, and protect the original seats.
* Increase its resale value-Everybody wants to protect their vehicle as it is one of the biggest investments. Therefore, a small investment in seat covers can help you in protecting the value of your truck.
* With good quality covers, your original seats and its fabric will stay protected and when you want to sell your truck, you will get a much better value because your truck seats and its fabrics are in impeccable condition.

Other Places from where you can buy good Ford F150 Seat Covers

You can get exciting deals on Ford F150 seat covers on the Internet as many sellers have their own websites and offer exciting deals on these covers. However, you should do adequate research and choose only reputable sellers after reading reviews and testimonials. It is best to deal with sellers who have clear-cut customer service policy and offer clear photos of various vehicle seat covers offered by them. A seller who offers you an exact fit and also guarantees 100 percent satisfaction with a fair return policy can definitely be trusted to provide the high quality seat covers for your truck. Amazon is good online store we can recommend for you.

Why You need to Buy Custom Fit F150 Seat Covers?

For Ford F150 owners, if you want to keep your truck in great condition, and keep the seating upholstery looking its best, you will find that choosing to place f150 seat covers in your truck will allow you to do so. Not only can you choose the custom style, design, and the right fit for the F150 seats, but with custom, seat covers drivers are also going to be able to personalize the truck in their own way. From going with your favorite color, to having some type of embroidery to showcase something you love, there are many custom design options drivers can choose if they decide to buy custom seat covers for their F150 truck.