Finding the right jeep bumpers is a vital safety step to any jeep owner, whether they’re just a hobbyist or they use their vehicle for off-road or racing events.

When looking for the jeep bumper, the best solution depends on a) the level of protection you want and b) what kind of looks are you wanting for with your ride.

Bumpers are also an eye catching addition that some riders take a lot of pride in when they are customizing their vehicles.

Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Jeep Bumpers Models

Product Fits Price
#1. Smittybuilt XRC

2007-2015 JK 2 & 4 Door

#2. E-autogrilles D-Ring

2007-2018 JK 2 & 4 Door

*except 2017 Rubicon Recon

#3. Restyling Factory Textured

2007-2017 JK 2 & 4 Door

#4. Razer Auto Textured Crawler

2007-2017 JK 2 & 4 Door

#5. ARB Satin Black Stubby Winch 

2007-2017 JK 2 & 4 Door

How to Select the Best Jeep Bumpers?

How to Choose Jeep Wrangler Bumper

At first glance, bumpers may look like they’re created equal. But after examining the many features, like bumper lights, bumper grills, covers, etc, you’ll find that they’re very different in many respects. There are many excellent brands of Jeep bumpers to choose from, and they all offer custom accessories that can enhance the practical value of your vehicle.

If you want bigger tires for skidding through mud patches, you’ll likely want to install a custom bumper that gives greater wheel well clearance. 

The Types– There are mainly two types of Jeep Bumper. Front Bumper and Rear Bumper. From these two types there are many style to choose . But what is best among them? And How will you choose them? With our large reviews, you’ll always be able to find what you’re after.

Fog Lamp Included– If you plan on driving through densely forested areas or driving at night, you’ll likely want a bumper that comes fitted with specialized fog lamps. An especially quality brand is Smittybilt, which have been producing quality Jeep bumpers for years. All of their bumpers come fitted with durable D rings that can facilitate towing and constructed from heavy duty, hearty materials. These are the types of craftsmanship that you will want to look for.

Winch System Attachment– One addition you may want to consider is whether you want a winch system attached it. A winch system allows the owner to attach a cord to the jeep, and then use this cord to pull another object. It has a variety of uses, including pulling another stuck vehicle out of the mud or uprooting a difficult tree stump.

Light Weight vs Heavy Weight – This is a matter of fuel consumption and performance. Having a lighter bumper increases fuel mileage, but isn’t ideal for off-roading. Having a heavy bumper is great for off-roading, but the heavier the bumper the worst your gas mileage.

Here are 5 Best Jeep Bumpers Reviews we have carefully Chosen for You

1. Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper

Smittybilt’s a company which has been around about 50 years and has a strong tradition of innovation. We realize that a lot of bumpers don’t give a safe way to jack the vehicle up, so Smittybilt came out with lots of good features. You will see there’s a triangular cut on which, the substantial area helps to lift your vehicle up when you need. There are some lateral and horizontally slotted holes which allow you now to have different sizes of LED light bars.

Light mount tabs can holds  lights up to 9″ diameter. You can also have additional fog lights right down. This bumper here has evolved to all the features that people. A lot of features on this bumper that you will not find any of any other manufacturers. The all new XRC bumpers have upgraded their design with more lucrative styling and heavy duty features, to provide you the ultimate protection for rock crawling.

2. E-autogrilles Wrangler Bumper D-Ring

If you own any model Jeep Wrangler between 2007and 2017, here’s a bumper for you – the E-autogrilles 07-17 Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Crawler Off road Front Bumper. These front bumpers actually give a new twist to an old school design. The first thing you will notice, as you might expect from the E-autogrilles Jeep Wrangler bumper, is its excellent build quality. This bumper is durable if you’re looking for a bumper that will keep your Jeep from road hazards. Indeed, these front bumpers are designed to stand up to anything that gets in their way while at the same time providing your Jeep a powerfu reinforcement you want!

It’s made from 5/32 inch cold rolled sheets of steel and two inches and 120 steel tubes. You’ll also find that the entire bumper is coated with rust proof textured black powder material. This coating also adds to the bumper’s durability. Where the E-autogrilles Jeep Wrangler bumper excels is single piece design that is enough for maximum strength. Users are happy with the E-autogrilles 07-17 Jeep Wrangler JK Rock Crawler Off road Front Bumper because it is so strong and its winch plate packs an incredible capacity of up to 12, 000 pounds! Even the two D-Rings that you get with this bumper are powerful as they can haul nearly 5 tons each.

This bumper is so easy to install with basic hand tools. No need to cut or change anything. It fits your Jeep like a glove! Even the winch is easy to fit up, as the holes are well aligned. The E-autogrilles is undeniably a good deal for any jeep enthusiast. You’ll also get two D-Ring shackles that for most bumpers you would have to buy separately. So if you’re looking for the ultimate bumper that fits your Jeep Wrangler then you can’t go wrong with the E-autogrilles Jeep Wrangler bumper.

3. Restyling Factory Wrangler Textured Bumper

If you’re worried that you might not get the best fitting bumper for your Jeep Wrangler, then don’t look far. This tough, durable bumper comes with its own winch plate mounts that can take up to 12,000 pounds. You will also find the fog light housing to be the perfect match for your Jeep Wrangler. Your bumper not only looks great on your jeep, but it is also sustainable, thanks to the textured black powered finish. This coating ensures that your restyling factory Wrangler bumper does not lose its strength and style too quickly.

Fortunately, the restyling factory Wrangler bumper is great, made even better with 2 3/8 inch by 0.120-inch tubing and heavy duty 5/32 inch steel. You’ll like how this stylish bumper looks on your Jeep Wrangler! The bumper is also very easy to install, and other manufacturers would benefit from taking a cue from Jeep. You really don’t need to cut or drill anything. Everything on this bumper is prepared for you to simply bolt down to your Jeep.

I’d go so far as to say that Wrangler bumper is the best fit for any model jeep if you can temper your expectations a bit. The Wrangler bumper brings you much of the style and durability you’d expect of a rugged jeep bumper. Regarding accessories, you get full strength D-Ring mounts that are welded both in and out, as well as two 4.75 ton D – Rings. If all you want from Jeep bumper is protection from the unexpected bumps along the road, then restyling factory Wrangler bumper should certainly be among your choices. Expect maximum protection from this full-width bumper that is just what your Jeep Wrangler needs.

4. Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper

Have you ever wanted to give your Jeep Wrangler a strong and ferocious look that will grab attention? Then why not use the Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper?

The Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper is an impressive 48 inch wide by 26 inch high, which gives it a great look. The Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper looks inviting enough with its attractive textured black powder finish. This coat also protects against rust and other corrosives. It’s built to last.

This bumper is strong as well and thanks to its 5/32 inch steel sheet and 2 3/8 by 0.120 tubing this bumper gives your Jeep Wrangler a truly rugged appearance.

One good thing about the Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper is its maximum tire clearance. You won’t feel like you’re driving anything less than a Jeep Wrangler with this bumper on. It is a great fit for any model Jeep Wrangler, from 2007 to 2017!

Your Razer bumper comes with two almost 5-ton D-Rings as well as welded D-Ring mounts and is designed to haul some serious load, easily with any winch up to 12,000 pounds.

We’ve been impressed with the Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper, particularly its built-in winch plate, so we’re keen to see how it really performs under pressure.

It’s very easy to install this bumper. You don’t need to modify or cut anything. Even if your Jeep model is older or younger, you won’t need to adjust anything to mount your bumper or the winch plate. Just bolt on, it’s that simple and straightforward.

You’ll like the two light tabs included on the pre-runner hoop. This is for use off-road. You can easily remove the pre-runner hoop if you much prefer not to have it. Any owner of a Jeep Wrangler would love the face lift that this Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler bumper will give it. You will certainly love how your Jeep looks!

5. ARB 3450430 Satin Black Stubby Winch Bumper for Jeep Wrangler JK

ARB 3450400 Satin Black Stubby Winch Bumper has been built from 4 millimeter laser cut steel; powder coated in a 5 stage anti-corrosion to add not only style, but protection to your Jeep Wrangler JK. The bumper is a snap to install, given that it utilizes the factory mounting locations. All of the necessary hardware are added on that. For increased protection, the ends of the bumper covered with 3 millimeter steel plate to prevent distortion or damage.

ARB 3450400 Satin Black Stubby Winch Bumper offers substantially more protection than the factory front bumper. Constructed of solid steel plate, each ARB bumper features a five-fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides enormous strength to each corner of the bumper. Constructed from a combination of .787 inches 350 grade steel and supported with 3 millimeter steel plate, rocks don’t stand a chance.

Installing Jeep bumpers: Classic Jeep bumper with hooks

Once you’ve settled on and bought the right bumper set for your vehicle, it will be time to go through the process of installing it. You could hire a professional to do this is you don’t feel confident in your handiwork, but this will cost extra. Furthermore, you may need to do routine maintenance on these jeep bumpers yourself some day, and understanding the installation process will give you a leg up when it comes time for these repairs.

  • The first step will be to remove the old bumper from your vehicle. If it came factory made with a bumper, these might be somewhat difficult to remove. So, ensure that you have the tools necessary to do the job right.
  • Most companies that sell custom jeep bumpers will give you all the parts and accessories that you’ll need to mount their bumper. But just in case, make sure you keep the assorted bolts and screws that went with the original bumper.
  • If you get into an accident, these pieces can become warped or broken. It would be nice to have all of these spare parts on hand if you need a replacement in a hurry, and you may just need additional jeep bumpers for different types of riding.
  • It will apply to any bumper you decide to get just make sure that the manufacturer has taken these considerations to be very important and that they have the strength and the durability behind it so that you get years and years of use out of your front bumper.

The Verdict

Everyone is looking for something to help set their vehicle apart from the rest. You’ve found what you’re looking for with our bumpers! The pre-runner style gives the front of your Wrangler the aggressive look it needs.  These bumpers are direct fit, bolting into the stock bumper mounting locations, no cutting or welding required.

Whether it’s an independent dealer or a wholesaler with many parts, you can find a great deal here. But you should be weary of the way some do business. Be on the lookout for the lowest prices around, good warranty features, and a large selection offered on a helpful site. Find this and you’ve found a good service.

When shopping around for a jeep bumper, you may easily come to the conclusion that no two distributors are really alike. But how do you tell the good apart from the bad? It all has to do with what they’re offering. A reputable location with a have a large selection of parts offered at the industry’s lowest prices, including warranty features and other guarantees. And to put it simply, the rest will not. The choice will then be clear. Also don’t forget to buy a quality jeep soft tops when you head out to off road traveling.