Nerf bars are one of the most popular car accessories on the market today. Add nerf bars for convenience and safety on your pickup truck or sport utility vehicle(SUV).  It may act as a step to ease entry and exit from the vehicle, or help prevent damage to the vehicle when crossing rocks off-road.

The rugged construction of nerf bar is useful, and now these products come in a full length, wheel-to-wheel design for more protection. You can add a lot of style to your pick up or utility vehicle with these while helping your passengers get in and out without slipping. This dual function is the main reason they are such a popular add-on today.

Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Nerf Bars

Product Fits Price
#1. Westin Pro Traxx 5″ Oval Step Bar

2011-2018 Silverado & Sierra Crew Cab
#2. Ionic 5″ Stainless Steel

2007-2018 Toyota Tundra CrewMax
#3. MaxMate 3″ Stainless

2001-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500 & 2001-2019 2500/3500HD Crew Cab 

Tall Truck? Short Wife? No problem for Nerf bars!

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Making the decision to buy a big truck, lifted or not, can be a daunting task for any husband with a short wife, especially when the weather is hot and skirt season is in. However, what is an even harder decision is how to get your girl into the car when there are no nerf bars to give the extra boost. The outcome can be hilarious and, let’s be honest, most of the time embarrassing. The reaching, stretching and grabbing to get into the truck never make for a graceful entrance, or exit. As summer approaches, why not add some nerf bars to your truck while saving your wife from any more paparazzi worthy entrances.

Nerf bars are so diverse in color, materials and design that finding for you, and your wife won’t be hard. Nerf bars are a great addition to any truck, short wife or not. Making the decision to add nerf bars to your truck will not only make your wife happy, but it will add style and definition to your truck.

Short Reviews of Top 8 Best Rated Nerf Bars

1. Westin 2454540 Wheel-to-Wheel Step Bar, Stainless Steel

Already have a nerf bar attached to your car but can’t step up or down the car hastily? No doubt, you need Westin 21-53720 Pro Traxx 5″ Oval Step Bar. Unlike any standard round step bar, this oval model provides comparatively more room to place your footstep. Children or aged people who find hopping on your SUV challenging, this nerf bars are going to be a blessing for them. Their stainless-steel material ensures high weight limit while keeping the refined look of your vehicle intact.

These nerfs provide a secure stepping platform by utilizing specially molded grip pads with extra durable threads. These give stability in just about any type of weather including rain, snow, or mud. A unique design really will grip your shoe and keep you from slipping at the wrong time. Besides, during the off-road ride, it comes handy to protect the chassis from flying rocks.

Being a Oval step bar, it confirms safe steps in front of each door entry. Watch its versatility even when you’re aiming to climb the truck bed. Meant for comfort, safety, and style, the 5” Platinum bars are the comparably expensive one among our listed models. However, if you’re seeking for a combination of durability and elegance, it’s the best bet for you.

2. Ionic Pro Series 5″ Stainless Curved Nerf Bars

When buying nerf bars, it is always in the customers’ interests purchase a bar that is appealing to the eye, as well as, having a functional stepping surface. Lucky for you, the Ionic 5″ Nerf Bars fit both categories, and far exceeds the expectations!

The Ionic 5″ Nerf Bar is a great nerf bar for any truck, due to its Stylish curved oval tube design. The dual coated powder coat finish is polished is great for durability, even for the constant use. Setting off the great shine of the stainless steel is the recessed, black, step pads, which make sure you are entering and exiting your vehicle as safe as possible. Instillation is easy on the Ionic 5″ nerf bars, requiring no drilling, comes with black powder coated brackets, adding to this nerf bars durability, and great looks.

The Ionic Pro Series 5″ is designed for a high weight capacity and the wear and tear of everyday use. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to be used on a daily basis. You can have it all with the Ionic 5″ Nerf bar!

3. Westin Signature Chrome Nerf Bar Review

Westin is well-known brands in selling truck accessory. When buying a Westin nerf bar, you don’t need to be worried about the quality, durability and style. The chrome nerf bar lays the length of the cab and adds style to your truck.

Westin created the top of the line; cab length nerf bar when manufacturing the Signature Chrome nerf bar. The Westin Signature Chrome Nerf bar is constructed from 3″ diameter steel, with ridged stepping pads for extra protection. Each Westin Signature Chrome nerf bar is made vehicle specific, including the brackets, for a secure fit and an easy installation. The installation only takes minutes, and no drilling is required. The recessed step pads are black and UV resistant giving you optimum protection from both daily use and the elements. Also, on the Westin Signature Chrome Nerf Bar, the recessed step pads are mounted in the recessed areas, rather than being cut out, so you don’t lose your durability due to look

The bottom line is the Westin Signature Chrome Nerf Bar is a chrome 3″ nerf bar that offers superior looks with excellent durability. The easy, no drill installation takes a matter of minutes and all nerf bars are vehicle specific for a great fit every time. Westin also backs these nerf bars up with a 3-year warranty. 

4. MaxMate Custom Fit 01-16 Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab Stainless Steel 3″ Side Step Rails Nerf Bars

Thinking of purchasing a pair of nerf bars but can’t afford the high-priced model? Look at these tough 100% stainless steel made MaxMate Custom Fit Nerf Bars introduced by MaxMate. It comes with a very reasonable cost and you can rely on the brand for durability. Not to mention, these accessories have a mirror-like finish.

Its simple installation requires a few sockets along with a ratchet. A clear guidance is also provided with it for DIY process. Just stick to the manual! Luckily, the bars accompany every essential kit you’ll need while ascending them on your vehicle. No drilling is needed to get an accurate setup.

With their stylish & sturdy construction as well as the UV protecting feature, a 3” round bars allow you to take a firm footing. The convenient ‘slip-resistant’ pads are another add-on to make your entering and exiting the cab risk-free in all-weather condition. Capable of handling any load with much ease.

MaxMate Custom Fit Nerf Bars are specially manufactured only to serve crew cab with 4 full-size doors. So, if you’re the owner of any regular (with 2 doors only), extended (with 2 full-size front & 2 suicided rear doors) or double cab (with 2 full-size front & 2 narrower rear doors), it’s better to keep your search on throughout the market to match those models. To wipe out any confusion regarding the fitting issue, follow the link leading by the “See all vehicles” option on Amazon. Play safe! Limited yet warranty for life is available.

5. N-Fab T1464R Nerf Bar

N-Fab are steadily making a strong name for themselves in the realm of automobile accessories, particularly with their enduring nerf bars. By fastening them on their truck or SUV, the drivers, as well as passengers, enjoy an easy access into and out of their vehicle. Contrasted to regular nerf bar models, extreme firmness is induced in it by designing the bars in only one piece. While other brands offer time-consuming installing system, it takes very few moments. Nearly half an hour is enough to complete all the fitting task before you get into your truck for the next ride.

Don’t have much knowledge of using car body-lift kits? Remain calm as you’ll experience no hassle in installing it. Thanks to N-Fab’s patented hoop step structure and inventive ascending method. It allows the entire work to be done precisely without any alteration on the brackets or step bars.

In addition, while finding it complicated to reach the truck-roof for washing purpose or securing ladders, use N-Fab T1464R Nerf Bar to perform such toughest duties as it can withstand 465 lb., that is very close to the highest range of load capacity. So, mount these matte black bars on your shiny SUV and let the beholders be overwhelmed by the antithetical color combination. Note its supplementary contribution in endowing a solid & sturdy look simultaneously. With nice finishing touch, it’s highly functional and recommended to the high budgeted users.

6. STEELCRAFT 3″ SIDEBARS Stainless Steel Side Step Nerf Bar Running Board

If you’re looking for a new bar that stands out from the rest, while retaining its strength and durability for everyday use, then reading this review could help you decide on the perfect fit. The Steelcraft STEELCRAFT 201807 1999-2017 CHEVY SILVERADO is made with state of the art stainless steel materials with stylish finishes.

The Steelcraft nerf bar retains the quality, strength, and usability of a great nerf bar while looking better than the competition. Just like the name says, these nerf bars are 100% marine grade, stainless steel and include stainless steel brackets to make these nerf bars last longer than other nerf bars that will eventually rust due to the elements. Each Steelcraft Stainless Steel Side Step Nerf Bar Running Board is designed “vehicle specific,” meaning that not all the nerf bars look the same. Some are straight, some are bent at a 45-degree angle, and some are bent at a 90-degree angle to match your truck flawlessly. These nerf bars are so durable, when taken care of properly; they will look as good as the day you bought them!

Now, I bet your thinking that a nerf bar with such quality must have a long and hard installation, but nope! Install the Steelcraft Stainless Steel nerf bars in under an hour with a few simple hand tools. Adding to the simplicity of the installation, your set of running boards are shipped with the required brackets so you can get your truck looking great as soon as they arrive at your home.

7. Bestop 75101-15 PowerBoard Electric Retractable Running Board

The Bestop PowerBoard is the next step in state-of-the-art vehicle entry! PowerBoards promote effortless entry for raised or high clearance Trucks or SUVs by deploying in less than a second anytime the door is opened. Once you have safely entered and closed the door, the PowerBoard retracts out of sight keeping the ground clearance and original appearance of your vehicle.

The PowerBoard’s durable, extreme weather tested motor is capable of extending the board surface area lower to a more reasonable step height than any other running board, side step or nerf bar. Each PowerBoard kit includes all you will need for easy setup, Including incorporated LED lights to light up the ample 6. 25 inches extruded aluminum stepping surface for risk-free night time entry and exit. The Bestop PowerBoard is a full-length running board that works with rear doors for SUV and Crew Cab travellers. The Bestop PowerBoard, there when you need it!

8. N-Fab D0984CC-TX Nerf Step Bar

N-FAB is the industry pioneer in making quality Nerf-Bars, Pre-Runners and other Off-Road accessories. N-FAB designs and manufactures the strongest, most durable and best-looking Nerf-Bars available in the market today. N-FAB is engaged on building a heavy duty, high end, high-quality tubular parts for all the latest trucks and SUV’s dating back to the 80’s. While others are using thinner and thinner tube to cut cost, N-FAB still uses heavier gauge .084 wall steel, with an all welded one piece construction.

N-FAB Zinc coats each part for better corrosion protection. Lastly, N-FAB finishes their standard parts in a thick layer of high gloss powder-coating for a finish coat that will surely last long. These standards have gain advantage from any of their competition. Looking for products that are unique and designed to last longer, look cleaner and function better, then N-FAB has what you are looking for!

N-FAB manufactures high-quality tubular accessories for most Truck and SUV makes and models foreign and domestic. Their core products consist of their award winning Patented Nerf-Steps that come in 3 different configurations, Cab Length, Full Length-Wheel to Wheel and their Bed Access 6 step. With more than 400 models, N-FAB has the broad line of Patented Hoop Steps on the Market in many styles of finishes.

How Long Will They Last?

Nerf bars also come with all stainless-steel mounting hardware and brackets, so there is no corrosion occurring over time like with some other models. In addition, with a lifetime warranty, you are covered for years and years. Installation on these typically takes about an hour, and the best part about it is there is no drilling required. They utilize already existing factory mounting locations. Rest assured these nerfs are not only a snap to install, but also they also come polished up to chrome or mirror like finish. It’s easy to see why these truck accessories have become so popular with owners around the world.