A recovery strap, also known as a snatch strap or tow strap, is remarkably useful for any towing application because of their strength as well as durability.

The recovery strap can be an extremely handy tool to have in your possession, whenever you need to tow your vehicle. They are fairly easy to use, and ensure the safety of your vehicle during transit. Although that’s not the only use for a recovery strap and you’ll find that they can be extremely useful when you’re looking to do almost anything that would normally require the use of a chain.

Top 3 Tow Straps : Editor’s Pick

Product Capacity Price
#1. Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap

35,000 Pounds

#2. Heavy Duty Recovery Strap

35,000 Pounds

#3. Smittybilt CC220 2″ x 20′ Recovery Strap

20,000 Pounds

Understanding the difference between a Tow strap and a Recovery strap

A recovery strap purchase is literally a confusing task as many buyers fail to differentiate between a recovery strap and a tow strap. If you still find it hard to understand what makes these two kits divergent, here’s some points to clarify the facts-

Hook – It’s the first thing that presents a tow strap as a completely distinctive tool. It usually comes into action when you need to tow your vehicle and that’s what makes a tow strap’s use different from a recovery strap. However, if you’re in the mood of recovering your car using tow strap, give a second thought to this decision. Because when the metal hook comes off, it turns into a fatal projectile.

Material – The fabric used in a recovery strap or a snatch strap and its stretching are among other qualities that make it separate from a tow strap. Nylon is the material used for a snatch strap for giving it the necessary elasticity whereas polypropylene or Dacron, materials with less stretching, are the chief components of the tow straps.As each tool is manufactured keeping a certain purpose in mind, we should utilize them understanding their respective fields of use to get the desired outcome.

Length & Width – Getting confused about what size of the recovery strap will be the fittest one for your transport is very easy. To make your buying more ordeal like, a lot of models come with varied sizes. You’ll find the available straps having the length of 20-40 feet and the width 2-6 inches.

A measuring tip to calculate the strap –About 10,000 lbs. weighted vehicle will require a 1” wide strap. Hence, you’ll need to use 3 inches’ strap while rescuing a stuck jeep of 30000lbs. Most probably, your curious mind is going in the favor of having a 6 inches’ strap for using on the various weighted vehicles.

Here’s another thing you need to know– The wider the strap is, the less elastic the strap will be. Therefore, if you’re thinking of collecting only one model for using on various cars, 2”/ 3” is the suitable size as it’ll meet your every recovering purpose without failing the mission.

5 Best Recovery Straps Reviews

1. Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap 35000lb

The typical strap can stretch a little, to give an object a gentler tug when Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap ensure the vehicle is held firmly, but not so firmly that damage occurs. They are fantastic alternatives to chains because medal can corrode and rust when used in harsh environments. Over time the quality of your chain will degrade, and you’ll no longer be able to count on it to control the weight of your vehicle. This is why a recovery strap is a great alternative for any scenario.

They can actually be better than your typical strap. This is because they offer a lot more give than standard tow straps. While a normal towing job will hold your car firmly in place during transit, the Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap made it easy to remove tree log, stump, bushes easily. Towing can be violent, and can cause damage when done incorrectly. Therefore one of your best options is always going to be having a Heavy Duty 3″ x 20′ Winch Snatch Strap in your vehicle at all times, so that you can utilize it’s effectiveness in an emergency.

2. Big Ant TOW03 Nylon Recovery Tow Strap 20 ft

Big Ant comes to your aid when you stuck at any off-road. To reinforce its durability the manufacturers have kept its length 20 feet and the width 3 inches. No matter which sort of weather is reigning, it’ll just make the work done at every atmosphere. You can verily rely on it in terms of towing due to its being featured with double loop. You’ll also find the strap perfect for maintaining proper distance between the vehicles.

Unlike polyester recovery straps, the nylon strap acts like a rubber band while stretching. So, you’ll be highly benefited when you’re aiming at a running start. In case of poor traction, that is, if your vehicle is struck in a loose gravel, sand, mud or snow, pulling it out with Big Ant Recovery Strap is like a piece of cake. Containing universal fit loops, this strap is capable of towing any type of small vehicles- cars, trucks or Jeeps also. Its 20,000-lb. dragging capacity gives you another reason for preferring it amidst other models.

Note that, improper use of this stretchy material may damage the vehicles or injure the passers-by. However, you can ignore this only downside by using it consciously. So, whenever you’re driving out on a long trip, don’t forget to store this strap inside your tool box to have a safe and timely return.

3. Heavy Duty Recovery Strap | For Off-Road Recovery and Towing | By Titan Auto

Looking for a strap that covers both towing and recovery purpose? Titan Auto’s Off-Road Heavy Duty Strap comes with enough length to offer these dual objects. Being a polyester made strap, it remains virtually unaffected by UV rays / hostile weather. You can also compare it with nylon straps for measuring its strength in watery condition and definitely, it’ll live up to your expectation.

Some jeep owners consider a recovery strap burden like to carry all the time. After all, it gives a messy look and covers a whole corner without the least chance of being used. Need not to mention, your vehicle gets stuck when you leave the strap at home. Now, no more waiting for another vehicle to come for helping you. You can easily roll this flexible strap up as it comes with better storage option in your car and the best part is that this soft material doesn’t lose it durability a single bit even after being folded while being stored.

Extra padding provides extra power especially at the edges that is connected with the rig. Such set up remains protected without causing any damage to the vehicle or tools. Interesting, you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for. Remember, there’s an option open to you for replacing the product if you find it defected. Within 1 year, you can also return it with the full selling price refunded.

4. Smittybilt CC220 2″ x 20′ Recovery Strap – 20,000 lb Capacity

Smittybilt Recovery Strap frees you from the hassle of installation intricacy. When your vehicle is in need of recovering from the mud or icy area, you’ll surely want to get the task done without delaying. Likely great for using night and day, its service won’t ever disappoint you no matter it’s raining or the sun is burning.

Many readers also view durability and this model, coming with high quality finishing and stitching, will meet such requirements. Being capable of withstanding 20,000 LB, it would be a good choice for pulling heavy vehicles and the outcome will be free from any sort of decaying on the part of the strap.

Your vehicle won’t need to wait for a tow truck to come and rescue it. Only by connecting this portable kit to any trailer hitch using a D-ring shackle or a hook, you’re ready to resume your journey within the shortest possible time. Meant primarily for using in the weighty vehicles, this model’s double loop design has it made heavy duty, which is enough for making your effort successful during emergencies.

5. ARB ARB705 4-1/3″ x 30′ Recovery Strap – 33000 lbs Capacity

Having a strap that has only positive qualities is very rare now-a-days. But ARB has made this impossible possible as its ARB705 model is fully user friendly. You’ll be surprised knowing that it’s 100% nylon which is ideal for generating kinetic energy. This feature will provide elasticity that protects your vehicle from suffering even the slightest scratch that ensures its longer service.Making the right choice also involves stretchiness if you’re willing to avoid the sudden shock and jerking while trying to rescue your car from deep muds or desert sand. Again, it’s strong enough to help you pull heavy jeep or truck out of muddy hole. After using on a marshy land each time, washing the strap properly can lengthen its lifetime.

Not quite as durable as a polyester strap, its performance is sure to please you though. Very easy to accommodate. So, you ‘re allowed to forget its presence on your car until you are in dire need of this tool. In terms of flexibility, any other model available out there on the market currently can hardly beat it. Safe, reliable, tough, high quality product and dedicated to serve for years to come. No doubt, this long-lasting and affordable strap is a must have kit to deal with the emergency situations.

The unexpected fall of your vehicle on a ditch or a trench will surely make you gloomy. Nevertheless, as there’s no exact way to foresee where the road has made its trap for you, it’s the best and wisest decision to store a recovery strap always inside your kit box to face such unavoidable situations courageously.

Final Verdict

When you’re looking to buy a recovery strap, the best possible place to go is always going to be a hardware store. Here you’ll be able to buy a strap of the length and strength that you need, as well as all the supplies to make use of it, such as a winch and crank. Store like Home Depot will have a great variety of products from top brands like Smittybilt and Rugged Ridge. Typically a recovery strap will cost you around $30 to $40 depending upon the length that you need.

Generally, a buyer needs to have a proper idea about the product he intends to purchase for enjoying the better and promising service through it. Therefore, keep an eye on the following tips before you are heading towards the market or making an online purchase. Since all recovery straps available in the market won’t serve you equally during your distress, it’s better to understand and scrutinize the required things before you approach to any model.