There’s a wide ranges of Serpentine Belt models out there, readily available for Cars, Trucks & SUVs. The serpentine belt is one long, snaking, winding belt that keeps your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning and — in some cases — your water pump running smoothly and effectively.

As a car owner you mostly need quietest one  to drive multiple peripheral devices in the engine. It transfers power from the engine’s crank to many of its accessories. Compared to a chain, it is quieter and more efficient, as well as being cheaper.

Our Picks – Top 3 Serpentine Belts for 2017

We tested over a dozen Serpentine Belts to find the very best of the buck..

Here’s top 3 serpentine belts recommended by experts. So if you’re a looking for a quick solution- this list will help you.

Product Editor’s Rating Price
#1. Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt

#2. ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt

#3. Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

Short Reviews of 5 Best Serpentine Belts

Here are the reviews of 5 top serpentine belts on the market.

1. Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt

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Need Silent driving experience? Gates K060841 is one of the top quality Serpentine Belts  which will give you smooth driving experience. You’re going to get a USA made featured product with OEM quality. Perfect in length and fit on a variety of car models.

This belt is strong and easy to install. Only one kit- a torque wrench is needed to replace the old belt and it’ll go on and on without any squeaking for years to come. After installation it will be running smoothly, no cracks or noises will occur. There’s no way to know when any unwanted catastrophe will happen. So, it’s better to invest on a good serpentine belt as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.

The Gates K060841 has been designed to work not only with small diameter pulleys but also with automatic tensioners and backside idlers. So far so good. Quality belt in affordable price.

2. ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt

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Ethylene propylene diene monomer(EPDM) is the first and foremost feature of this model that gives you the reason to use it into your car. Unlike the old models that came with neoprene, EPDM made belts don’t requires replacing them frequently. Instead of wearing, cracking or chunking out, this belt is ideal for tougher use.

Regarding time-span, you will find it the most loyal as the manufacturers have given it the necessary flexibility needed to be bent freely. Again, in this belt, misalignment is also acceptable, a feature that is rarely found in other models. Precise in dimension ensures its finest operation during your travel.

High temperature of the engine causes most of the wearing in a serpentine belt. But you shouldn’t think of such abrasion. Because ACDelco has made this model immune to temperature rising. you’ll surely appreciate its crack resistance that blesses it with a long life.

Capable of fitting into a lot of car-models and featured with the v-ribbed advanced technology, this belt comes at a very affordable price. Quiet, reliable product with great endurance. Easy to install and perfect for both pro and DIY replacement.

3. Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

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Being one of the top manufacturer of automotive drive belts in the world, Bando has come up with the heat resistant feature in this model. You may already have witnessed belt’s wearing due to overheat. Now this belt has come to your aid in forgetting all those bitter experiences. It will keep your vehicle running for a longer period of time.

With the essential tools, you’re going to find the whole unit’s maintenance easy. From installation to replacement, you’ll find every step simple. Its smooth performance will give you the sense of original belt. Install it into your car and enjoy a noise free ride.

Notice that the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Quality has made it a more reliable product. You’ll find this high-quality belt compatible with the equipment and its specifications are sure to offer you a standard performance. But don’t forget to collect the tensioner tools (a socket along with a piece of thick PVC or steel pipe from your nearby store) to feel the money well-spent otherwise you’ll find the belt unusable.

4. Continental Elite 4061025 Poly-V / Serpentine Belt

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Continental Elite 4061025 is a professional belt which serves as a replacement for different serpentine belt applications. The belt uses advanced technology and rubber construction to provide total safety to the users. The Belt is made with EPDM rubber which is crack resistant and handles extreme temperatures. This ensures the belt to be used for a long time with perfect operation.It used Quiet channel technology, that increases the flexibility of the belt.The belt comes with an innovative and flexible construction allowing the belt to ensure a great number of bends which result in the belt to have a long life. Once Continental Elite Serpentine Belt is in use, you will surely feel the performance. It will meet all your expectations for function and form.The belt is the choice of many professional technicians, and it last longer than ordinary belts available in the market. Give it a try.

5. Motorcraft JK6982D Serpentine Belt 

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Motorcraft JK6982D Serpentine Belt is another useful serpentine belt which is made from premium quality material ensuring its durability.Designed to transfer the horsepower from the belt to the accessory efficiently, the Motocraft V-ribbed belt is able to resist deterioration which is caused by oil, grease, high temperatures and other factors. It comes with polyester cords which perform excellently in many applications with short adjustment drives and minimizes the slippage successfully. In order to bend the belt around winches, you do not need to use more energy. Motorcraft JK6982D Serpentine Belt is very reliable, and it is easy to use. No extra efforts are required. Once the product is installed, you will feel that your money is well spent. So make your choice now and invest in the quality as soon as possible.

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How will you know when your belt needs to be replaced?

Though serpentine belts don’t wane silently, some car owners ignore the idea of changing it periodically. However, being located inside the front part, the impaired belt’s constant whining will force you to replace it sooner or later. Usually it’s good to change the belt about every 4-6 years depending on the condition.

Outside of just the edge of the belt something will happen to it over time. Primarily it gets dried out and cracked. The reason behind it is –In the engine department, the extreme heat deteriorates the rubber making it brittle and eventually broken.

So, it’s pretty sure that you’re among those conscious car owners who replace the belt whenever the defective symptoms become visible. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing this compulsory accessory.

How to Choose the Best Serpentine Belt?

The belt is generally made of rubber or neoprene over natural or synthetic cords, in a “V ribbed” profile, with multiple grooves across its wide surface. Tension on the belt is maintained by an adjustable or spring-loaded pulley. Ford introduced the serpentine belt on their 1979 Mustang.


Speaking of earlier days, neoprene was used to make serpentine belts that resembles the material used in wet suits. After running for several years, they turn into shiny or glazed pieces. This state leads them to develop cracks.Before replacing this sort, what you need to check includes whether there’re 3 or more cracks per inch or if the cracks are deep enough to be a threat in your next trip?However, things have changed with the progress of belt material. Manufacturers are using EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene- Diene Monomer) material in modern days. Unlike the neoprene made belts, small cracks don’t cause any big issue in EPDM belts.To measure wear in the “valleys” and “ribs” on this belt, you need a small tool. Keep in mind, the other accessories depended on the serpentine belt will gradually be damaged if you don’t replace the belt immediately after 5% of the rib material is lost.


While selecting a serpentine belt for your car, make sure to get the right sized one. If you don’t find any part or model number on the previously used belt, take a thread and measure its length and select one size smaller than the thread to get it fitted. Because the current one has stretched after its long use over the years. But if you manage to find out the manual that comes with your vehicle, look up the exact size of the belt and buy without further callous task of measuring.

Careful online Purchase

Online purchase always has some inherent risks as an honest dealing depends on the sellers themselves. To avoid any such fraud, be inquisitive while looking for any product through online. Your query may include-Is it coming with any warranty or not? Will it fit your car model?That is, it’s better to scrutinize the main aspects to make your serpentine belt buying free of remorse.

Replace as a Comprehensive Unit

Changing the full set at a time has an advantage. For example- replace the gaskets and gasket adhesives as well while planning to alter the belt. This process gives you the opportunity to know the next possible time of replacing the other parts while any flaw is discerned in any of them. In a word, you’ll be aware about when the related parts are going to be feeble “soon”.

Things You Should Know


  • The use of a serpentine belt has several advantages over other designs: compared to a system of smaller belts, it is simpler, more compact, and can be made stronger and so more efficient.
  • Maintenance is improved, because there is only one belt to inspect and potentially replace. Belts will also frequently give warning signs before failing entirely, such as fraying or visible wear, allowing the owner or mechanic to replace the belt before any serious problem occurs.


  • However, the serpentine belt does hold the notable disadvantage that when it fails, it makes every accessory attached to it useless until it is replaced.
  • Since the alternator and water pump are necessary for the car to run, this can result in the owner being stranded until it can be repaired.
  • The belt can also fail without any visible damage being present. Also, if the belt acquires a glaze on the outside, or if it is misaligned or installed improperly
  • It can produce a loud squealing that may be annoying to the driver or others, while still not necessarily requiring replacement.


A belt should generally be expected to last at least 60,000 miles, with more modern versions lasting over 100,000 miles.


Because of these risks, the serpentine belt should be inspected during every oil change or other garage visit, or the owner may wish to inspect it his- or herself. If there is any fraying, heavy visible wear, or a large number of cracks on the belt, or if the grooves have become very shallow, it should be replaced. To avoid a breakdown, the belt should also be replaced after 50,000 or 60,000 miles.


A serpentine belt can sometimes be replaced by the owner, but often on front-wheel drive vehicles it is a far more complicated job requiring a mechanic, due to the transverse placement of the engine. With preventative maintenance and attention paid, a serpentine belt should never give the owner of a modern car trouble.


Serpentine belts remain intertwined with several important parts of your vehicle indicating its great role in keeping the entire engine active. Both sides of a belt stay closely connected with some parts or other. That’s why most of the models are constructed as self-adjusting to meet the need of your car. But as different brands come with distinctive characteristics, you should choose them on the basis of your convenience.

If you’re in the middle of the highway around the desert or in some place where there’s no help, no doubt, you’ll be in a dangerous situation. So, it’s mandatory to replace your belt on a regular interval. While taking any decision, make it better by consulting with your mechanic, and hopefully, you have a good trusted serviceman.

There can be various reasons for the shrieking sound coming from your car. To enjoy the best outcome, do haste in finding the actual reason behind it. If the problem arises from the defected belt, a systematic approach is recommended as soon as possible. Before facing any unexpected ill-mannered commotion or slippage, repair the belts spending some time as well as money. Because delaying in servicing may result in popping or snapping off the belt during an ice storm and the time possibly, the midnight. As you can imagine what mishap it might cause, take a wise step and do accordingly.