As far as aftermarket accessories go, a pickup truck bedliner has to be one of the most popular. There are a couple reasons for this. First, bedliners provide excellent protection if you haul things in your bed. You won’t scratch the paint, or dent the lining with one of these installed which will keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. A second reason is they look great on just about any type of pick up. Whether they are sprayed on, heavy duty rubber, or durable plastic bedliners, they work like wonders for keeping your equipment looking great for years.

1.Bedrug BRC07CCK Bed Liner

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For a pickup or truck, we recommend Bedrug BRC07CCK Bed Liner for a variety of reasons. It provides rugged protection, hence, a great solution for long-lasting and maximum coverage for your truck. It’s molded to fit your specific brand and model, so Bedrug dealers ship it to you like a snap. And believe it or not, it is almost twice as skid resistant as a standard hard (plastic) liner.
Sure, spray on liners are good choices as well but they are expensive and cannot be removed once installed. And the traditional one-piece plastic ones can be slippery, and more prone to scratching the paint underneath with their abrasion. The Bedrug bed liner solves all those problems and adds some advantages instead. All the equipment ships in one small box which will reduce your shipping costs.
Setting it up on your vehicle is very straightforward. A video tutorial is also available to make your installation easier. It comes in 2 parts- (i) the cargo floor and (ii) the tailgate segment. Don’t find anything creative here? Check out the joints between these two parts. This ingenious idea is put into action in order to safeguard such corners from soot or other wastages.
It looks not only incredibly beautiful but also feels great in everyday use. Besides, the carpet-like surface is soft and smooth to touch. So, whenever you kneel on it for arranging the goods, be sure that the bedliner won’t hurt your knees. Perfect for both personal and trade purpose and since perfection has a price, you’ll find its high-price quite reasonable.

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2. DualLiner Truck Bed Liner 2014-2016 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra (1500 only) with 6 foot 6-inch bed (4 lower tie-downs only), model GMF1465

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Featuring 3/8 inches thick polyethylene to provide accurate fitting matching your truck-outline, DualLiner Truck Bed Liner, Model GMF1465 is anything but basic. Unlike the spray-ons, its sidewalls are immune to any wear or tear even under rough condition. If till this day, you’ve experienced the frustrated movement of your cargo during your speedy drive. After installing it onto your vehicle, the goods won’t play that irritating motion game with you anymore. Because it’s too strict to give that freedom of easy drifting.

Meant to fit 6.5’ bed, that is available specifically in 2014-2017 Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500 models. But you can get the exact liner for your cargo if you manage to collect it corresponding your car model, year or so. Just make sure you prefer standard lower tie-downs. Besides, if ever water acts as an intruder due to heavy shower and consequently begins to reside under the liner, don’t take panic. Model GMF1465 has got drain holes underneath that’ll secure dry service so that you can drive freely throughout every season.

Manufactured in the U.S.A, it comes with REAL 100% lifetime warranty that can’t go wrong. Many cargo owners have played dumb here and ended up purchasing a low-quality product, the price being equal or in some cases, little bit higher. So, before it gets too late, protect your truck bed with DualLiner Truck Bed Liner keeping the glow and glamour of your truck intact at the same time. You may find it a little bit expensive. But don’t worry, with so many top-notch features, you’re going to forget the pain of losing extra cash. And as it’ll go a long way, you’ll appreciate its high price.

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3. Rugged Liner C65U99 Under-Rail Bedliner

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An affordable option, this bedliner ticks almost all the boxes. Slippery proof surface? Check. Defense tailgate against unfavorable situation? Check. Durability? Check. The Rugged Liner C65U99 Under-Rail Bedliner is made from compact polyethylene, and while sturdy, it provides an evenly thick feel all over the liner to treat your pickup with a fine piece of coverage.

Surprisingly, what other pricy models fail to provide comes with this liner, the wrapping headboard for guarding the front rail. Copyrighted front corners, constructed out of rugged materials, secure your trucks’ angles more meticulously. This bedliner also offers you an astonishing opportunity to show your possession of your vehicle in black & blue. So, write down your company name, logo or any trademark that’ll figuratively scream out loud it’s master’s name. Indeed, amazingly innovative feature.

To attach the tailgate section, a few screws are enough to keep the liner on place and thankfully, these screws accompany the liner. Another encouraging statement about this product is that it’s rated 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon and the consumers have uttered only positive remarks about it.
However, its tailgate part is not connected with the cargo bed part, a trait you anticipate to see in pretty much every bedliner nowadays. But since it comes at a comparatively lower budget, henceforth, even with this minor drawback, it can be the best bang for your buck. Last but not the least, it includes limited lifetime warranty.

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4. Penda 61027SRX Truck Bed Liner

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So far what seems like an entirety when you’ve been looking for a bedliner that would serve as a coverage over your cargo bed but to do with skid resistance on both top and bottom side of the liner in mind, the Penda 61027SRX Truck Bed Liner can be a fantastic shell. A fresh take on a contemporary design, it has versatility at its core. Designed by Penda, specialist in the bedliner market, it’s available at around two and a quarter hundred dollar only. Though the least expensive model in our list, yet the package contains the bedliner for the truck bed as well as the tailgate and other installation kit which, of course, needs no drilling process to undergo. The w/cargo lamp is another add-on that you’ll find appreciable.

Penda gives priority to their consumers’ need first. So, in case, you receive a faulty product that causes fitting problem or such, you’re going to have that exchanged with a newer and suitable one immediately after you inform them about the issue. A customer-centric deal. Now let’s count on its diverse features- first thing first, its praiseworthy role as a guard from slippery on either side. Secondly, it has got easy setup and precise fitting as you’d expect.

Unless it’s a spray-on liner, you may desire to change the bedliner so that you can try another model. Again, some users think of using the same bedliner for more than one truck which they do very frequently. Turns out, you need a liner that can easily be detached for fulfilling whatsoever your purpose is. Here Penda’s molded-in board holders come in handy. Custom designed, these vertical board holders lend manifold advantages. Keeping your loads isolated from each other for ensuring better care is the key benefit it can provide.

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5. Bedrug BRC07SBK Bed Liner

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While you keep your truck-bed remained bare without any sort of liner for years, you’re going to be rewarded with a rusty truck bed. So, it’s better to keep your cargo free of dust and scratch by applying Bedrug BRC07SBK Bed Liner. Evidently, you’re preparing your bed to fight almost every rough force of nature. Almost being the keyword.

Coupled with a skid resistant stiff material underneath, this 3⁄4-inch foam helps the truck bed consume sudden jolt produced during the loading and unloading of the goods. Again, it feels like a comforter under your knee while keeping the truck bed smooth and glossy for years to come. In fact, this carpet-like bedliner created from 100% polypropylene has a lot to offer.
Being an owner of a cargo/pickup truck, you can realize how fast dirt accumulates every other day when you drive on the long roads or amidst the desert or in a snowy area. Take any of the situation; this bedliner is going to win your heart. Surprisingly, you can let the narrow spaces (for example- the points where the tailgate and the floor panel meet each other) remain away from dust that piles up as time goes by.

Want to judge its value by strength, structure or cleaning simplicity? Certainly, it beats all of its competitors scoring very high in every respect. No matter you use the vehicle for managing household or your company work, its brilliant service remains constant. You can also notice its unbending performance even after its encounter with strong chemicals such as blech, motor oil or battery acid.

Whereas other types of liners fail to withstand combustible liquids which lead them to gradual waning, Bedrug BRC07SBK Bed Liner has the intense capacity to bear such reactions, and it also saves paint finish of the truck bed allowing to be new and shiny overtime. So as soon as you install it, you’ll quickly realize that this is one of the best liners to any truck. Durable, guarded against dust and easy to clean. Not to mention, it’s highly water, abrasion and strain proof.

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One thing is for certain- if you own a pick-up truck you should really have a bedliner installed. It is easy to scratch the paint or dent the bed without one, which over time will diminish the value of your vehicle and be prone to rust. For a relatively small investment, you can have complete peace of mind.