Do you find it is a challenge to keep your car organized and clean? If your car is the epitome of messiness, you can do something about it without spending a fortune. Here are some DIY car hacks to keep your vehicle space in order.

Here Are The List of DIY Life Car Hacks

Toiletry, Shoe, or Remote Control Holder as an Organizer

Multi purpose hanging plastic container for stuff organizer

If you have children, hanging one of these organizers on the back of the front seat provides pockets where you can keep your kids’ snacks and toys, whether they’re crayons and coloring books or stuffed animals. It helps get rid of clutter and gives you and your kids an easy way to transport these items, or you can leave them hanging in the car.

Tissue Box Bag Dispenser

Isolated Blue Box of Tissues

Small garbage bags always come in handy in your car, but you may not know exactly where to keep them or what to do with them. A tissue box acts as a storage container and dispenser for those plastic bags, whether you need them for the market, to contain trash, or to hold wet, sandy, muddy, or otherwise dirty clothes and shoes.

Cereal Container Trash Can

Food storage. Food ingredients (quinoa and brown rice) in plastic containers

Take a plastic bag, put it in a cereal storage container, and place the box in the back-seat area. If you plan to put wet trash into this can, you can use heavy-duty hook-and-loop tape to secure the can to the floor.

Laundry Basket Trunk Organizer

laundry basket with towels on the table

Put a laundry basket in your trunk and put all your shopping bags in it. The basket will keep your bags from moving and shifting in your trunk, and when you arrive at your destination, you can carry all your bags at once, using the basket.

Cupcake Liner Cup Holder

empty cupcake holders in pink and purple designs

Cupcake liners aren’t just for lining cupcake pans anymore. Line your car’s cup holders with silicon cupcake liners to keep out dust, crumbs, liquid from spilled drinks, food wrappers, and small toys. When the liners get dirty, remove and rinse, then put them back in place.

Laundry Basket and Muffin Tray Extra Large Cup Holder

Cupcake tin pan over white background

If the standard two-cup holder isn’t enough for you and your passengers, place a muffin tray inside a laundry basket. It gives you a holder for at least 12 drinks, ideal for SUVs, minivans, or other vehicles where you have lots of passengers.

Coffee Filter Cleaning Cloth

Paper coffee filters

If you already have coffee filters on hand and don’t want to spend money on cleaning cloths, you can use the filters instead. Apply olive oil or a cleaning solution to the filter and start wiping your car’s interior with it. The filter is effective in grabbing dust and dirt.

Shower Caddy Car Fluids Holder

Fragment of luxury bathroom with wood bathroom caddy

Having your car fluids on hand when you’re on the road is highly helpful, but you may have wondered about the best way to transport them, besides merely throwing those fluid bottles in your trunk and hoping for the best. Use a shower caddy to hold those bottles in place easily. You can use heavy-duty hook-and-loop tape to attach the caddy to your trunk wall to keep the caddy upright. It is handy for things such as window cleaner, antifreeze, or motor oil.

Meal Holder Shower Caddy

Empty red plastic restaurant serving basket in white background

Besides holding fluids in your trunk, you can also use a shower caddy to keep your meals in one place. You no longer need to put your drink in the cup holder and your meal on the passenger seat, on your lap, or in another cup holder. Put your drink, your breakfast or lunch sandwich, and your snacks or side dishes in the caddy for easy access.

Carabiner Bag Hooks

Plastic carabiner for bags and clothing accessory

If you dislike throwing your belongings on the car floor or seat, use carabiners to take advantage of vertical space in your car. Attach them to your headrest so that you can hang items such as your purse, umbrella, grocery bags, gym bag, tote bag, or whatever the carabiner can support.

Scarf Purse Holder

gold scarf

If carabiners aren’t your style, you can always use a scarf and tie one end to the passenger seat headrest and the other to your purse. This keeps your purse from shifting or even flying around in your car.

Ice Pop Mold as Console Organizer

making homemade summer fruit lolly pops on ice pop molds

If your center console tends to get messy, using the bottom half of an ice pop mold helps organize this area. Each ice pop slot can be used to hold small items such as coins, pens, remote controls, or toiletry or cosmetic items.

Gum Container Coin Holder

different colorful candy, sweetmeats and chewing gum in a container

Plastic gum containers usually fit in your cup holder. So once you’ve finished off all your gum, save the container, keep it in the cup holder, and use it to hold loose change or any other small items.

Cosmetic Bag Emergency Kit

Pink make up bag with cosmetics isolated on a white

Use a makeup bag to hold emergency kit items in your car. Put things such as bandages, scissors, and disinfecting wipes in the bag, which you can put under a seat or in the glove compartment.

Rubber Band Phone Holder

elastic rubber band ball and a unordered pile

Save money on phone mounts and use a rubber band instead. Loop the rubber band through the vent and secure your phone to the vent with the rubber band. The phone stays in place and will be at the right viewing height, especially if you’re using the GPS on your smartphone and following driving directions.

Binder Clip Sunglass Holder

four binder clips: mint, pink, yellow and blue

You can use special clips that attach to your car’s visor to hold your sunglasses. While those clips are generally inexpensive, you could also use binder clips. Put two binder clips together in opposite directions, attaching one to the visor and the other for your glasses.

Bungee Cord Grocery Bag Holder

bungee rope cords

Typically, you put your grocery bags in your trunk and drive off. Your food and other items roll out of the bags and all around your trunk, and you’re helpless as you drive and hear the noises coming from the trunk. Avoid this by putting a bungee cord in your trunk, threading the cord between the handles of all your bags and stretching the cord across the width of the trunk. This keeps your vehicle organized and clean.

Foam Brush Vent Cleaner

Foam brush with wooden handle side view

Instead of spending money on a specialized cleaning brush for your car vent, use a foam craft brush that you may have lying around from your house painting or craft projects. The brush clears away dust and dirt from the vents.

Clothespin Air Freshener

green wooden clothespin isolated on white background

After you’ve cleaned the vents, add five to ten drops of your favorite essential oil to a clothespin, then clip the clothespin to your vent. This makes an economical air freshener that you can refresh easily.

Candle Wax Air Freshener

Candle in glass on white background with lavender

If you have leftover candle wax, especially wax in a glass candle holder, you can put this in your cup holder. On a hot day, the wax melts and releases your favorite fragrance into your car. This is an inexpensive and resourceful way to re-purpose scented candle wax.

Toothpaste Headlight Cleaner


Headlights accumulate grime over time, often turning yellow. To rid the lights of the dirt, rub them with regular toothpaste and a toothbrush. Spray warm water and wipe with a paper towel afterward. Finally, use some wax to give the headlights some shine and sparkle.

Blanket Pet Cover

Brindle French bulldog sitting in the trunk of a car on a plaid with a red ball and a pillow in sunny weather, traveling with a dog

If you have a dog who frequently sits in your back seat, you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate pet seat cover. You can use a blanket to protect the seat from pet hair and possible accidents. For something more special and comfortable, you can create a hammock in the back by securing the blanket corners to the two front and two back headrests to elevate your pet.

Suction Cup Shower Organizers for the Windows

If you have run out of space in the console or the back seat to place organizers, there’s always the windows. Use suction cup shower organizers and attach them to your windows. They can hold items such as pencils, pens, and markers, drinks and snacks, or toys.

Multipurpose Baby Wipes

Wet wipes in package box isolated white background, with clipping path

If you have children, you’re likely to keep baby wipes on hand to clean them up. Since you’re already storing these in your car for them, remember that you can pop them out to clean small spills and stains. Because they don’t have harmful chemicals, they’re safe for your children and your car.

Soap Box Organizer

soap box

Those inexpensive travel soap boxes make good organizers for many small items. For instance, they can store crayons when the original box gets damaged and is no longer usable. You can also use them as containers for playing cards during road trips. Other usage ideas include candy storage, holding stamps for your mail, or housing first aid and beauty kits with nail clippers, bandages, lip balm, and dental floss.

Clear Nail Polish for Windshield Cracks

clear nail polish

For windshield cracks, use clear nail polish to paint over the crack to slow down the spread of the cracking. This is only meant to be a temporary measure until you can have the windshield repaired or replaced.

Hair Conditioner Car Wax

hair conditioner in yellow plastic bottle

In a pinch, you can use hair conditioner to wax and buff your car. The conditioner gives your vehicle shine and keeps water streaks from developing.

Seat Warmer for Food

If you have seats with seat warmers, you can keep your food warm until you reach your destination. If you have pizza or other takeout food and you want to keep it warm once you leave the restaurant, turn the seat warmer on and place the food on the seat, so the food doesn’t get too cold.

Alternative Cleaning Supplies

four cleaning supplies for car hacks

Instead of carrying old rags or paper towels in your car, you can store microfiber cloths, which you can also use in your house for cleaning. Microfiber cloths are reusable and are more effective at removing dirt and dust. They can be kept inside one of your DIY storage containers. You can also store club soda or seltzer water in your fluids holder and use it with your dirty clothes if you need to remove stains. Seltzer water with alcohol can be used to clean windshield wipers and prevent streaks on your windows. Vinegar and baking soda are other items you can store to use for cleaning carpet stains and deodorizing the car.

Vinegar and Water for Melting Ice

Another reason to keep bottles of vinegar and water on hand is to melt ice on your car instead of laboriously scraping it off. Mix one parts water with two parts vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your car with the mixture.

 Compressed Air Duster

The can of compressed air that you use on your computer keyboard or other computer equipment can also be used to remove dust in your car’s air vents and small crevices.

Here’s A Video About The DIY Dust Remover How to make a Compressed Air Can

Magic Eraser Grime Remover

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads

If you use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for your home, know that you can use it in your car, too. Its melamine foam works as an abrasive cleaner, like super fine sandpaper. It loosens grime and dirt, and the foam absorbs it all. Use it on vinyl and plastic surfaces, but be extra gentle when working with leather.

Toothbrush Scrubber

pink toothbrush, soapbox and shower scrubber on white background

For textured vinyl, a toothbrush is a wonderful choice, especially for getting deep into the surfaces. It’s a great hack when you don’t have a detailing brush.

Cotton Swab Duster

Pile of white cotton swabs isolated on wood background

For detailing large crevices, a cotton swab can get into places that are too small for a cleaning cloth and too large for a toothbrush. You can use swabs to pick up excess wax from hinges and trims or use them for dusting air vents instead of the much more expensive vent brushes. Cotton swabs can also be used to clean car badges and emblems. The best part is that once you’re done using the swabs, you simply throw them away.

Cooking Spray Bug Splatter Remover

using spray on the microwave

If you’re worried about scrubbing too hard on a bug splatter spot and causing scratches or damage to the paint, a can of cooking spray from your kitchen is all it takes. Apply the spray on the splatter and wait a few moments. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the area afterward.

Cookie Sheet Trays

homemade ginger bread cookies on a cookie sheet

Cookie sheets make great trays for car use. They can be used for in-car meals and snacks as well as a surface where kids can play or do homework. Magnets will stick to them, and you can get creative by using spray paint to personalize trays for each family member.

Fabric Bin Storage

yellow storage box for keeping supplies

You can use a fabric bin to keep all your various supplies in one place. If you have trunk space or other floor space in your car, you can use this bin to hold paper towels, wipes, trash bags, flashlights, snacks, and water bottles.

In-Vehicle Water Cooler

Water Bottles in Cooler

A small, insulated water cooler can be kept in your car to hold water or other drinks. The cooler keeps drinks cold, especially in the hot summer months. Whether you get stuck in an emergency or you and your passengers need to stay hydrated, having access to fluids is a smart idea.

Olive Oil Dashboard Leather Cleaner

olive oil

If you feel spending money on leather cleaners and conditioners is too frivolous, never fear if you have olive oil in your kitchen cupboard. Put some olive oil directly on the dashboard and start buffing, then wipe the rest with a towel. The oil does not leave a film or a sticky feeling. Instead, the oil leaves your dashboard with a sheen.

Squeegee Pet Hair Collector

Cleaning windows with a squeegee

You can use a lint roller or a vacuum to pick up pet hair in your car, but if you have a squeegee and a spray bottle, you can pick up pet hair in a less costly and more effective way. Spray your carpet with water, then use the squeegee to wipe away the fur. The rubber blade collects all the hair quickly, so you just need to wipe off the hair and repeat the process until there’s no more hair.

Single Sock Cup Holder Cleaner

red christmas sock

When you’re left with single socks because they’ve lost their mates, you can use those lone socks to clean your dirty cup holders. Wrap a cup with the sock and spray a household cleaner at the bottom and the sides of the sock-wrapped cup. Put this cup in your cup holder and twist and spin the cup. This helps pick up dirt and dust that have gotten stuck. Throw the sock away when done.

Expandable Tabbed Folder Document Storage

brown expandable file folder

Often, we put our papers in our glove compartment without much thought. Using an expandable tabbed folder to store our documents, such as car registration, title, maps, insurance information, emergency numbers, and maintenance and repair receipts, keeps everything organized.

Using items that may already be in your household, you can use these DIY car hacks to inexpensively and ingeniously solve common cleaning and organization problems most people encounter. These hacks are meant to make your daily commute, road trips, and car maintenance easier and more enjoyable. They are simple to do and keep your vehicle clean and uncluttered.