Campers have been popular for a long time in many countries especially in the West. This is because they offer the comfort of being able to travel to the outdoors and go to a campsite. They are preferred because one can take their family and camping gear all in one easy trip without any added hassles. In some parts of the world, campers are also called caravans. While there are those who actually live in motorhomes for one reason or another, there are also those who love going to the outdoors and end up purchasing campers as an added travel mode for this. Recent hurricanes and tornadoes in some parts of the US have caused caravans to be more widespread because FEMA, the agency that manages disaster recovery in the US, issues motorhomes to families who have lost their homes.

Whether your camper home is your main dwelling place or just an added luxury for camping, it is essential that you protect it against wear and tear not to mention the elements of harsh weather. One of the best ways to do this is through caravan covers. There are different types available in the market but most of them depend on the size of your caravan. Caravan accessory shops have excellent choices of caravan covers based on the size and type of your motor home.

So why would one need a camper cover?

First of all, a cover for your motor home is extremely essential if you want to protect your caravan from harsh weather conditions. In the West, there are different distinct seasons in one year all of which can take their toll on a parked caravan home. For example, in some places, there is extreme heat during the summer and extreme cold during the winter. These extremes weather temperatures can damage the paint and d?cor of the motor home and result in costly paint jobs in the future.

Then there are those who live in areas where there are extreme rain and hail. This can also cause untold damage to the motor home, and a caravan cover can do wonders in guarding against this. Hail can damage glass and paint and can result in rusting of metallic elements of the caravan home.

Before you purchase the camper cover, you must check and see whether the covers meet certain criteria. Not all covers are the same and purchasing the wrong covers can result in minimal protection for your motor home.

One of the first aspects of the cover to check is whether it is breathable. This means that allows for air to flow freely within the cover and not to retain any heat inside. If this happens, then damage to the RV motor home can be realized even with the cover in place which can be very disheartening. The other thing to ensure is that the cover is made up of a soft inner side which will not scratch the paint on the caravan.

Going on a caravan cruise has become one of the most popular pastimes for many people. While there are people who actually live in these motor homes, there are those who have purchased them as an extra holiday gift for themselves in order to enjoy outdoor travel. But sometimes caravans can become cramped inside generally because they are smaller than regular homes. In this case, the solution is to purchase caravan awnings.

Caravan awnings are structures, usually tent-like, that allow the caravan owner temporarily or even permanently increase in space. This is usually outside the caravans. They are also popular because they can be set up with minimal hassles not to mention they are very affordable.

These structures as we mentioned are very light and can be easily erected and dismantled whenever the caravan is on the move again. They are usually very cozy and provide added quarters for the family and even additional guests. The family can set up a dinner table right inside the awning. Others even add extra amenities such as televisions and radios.

Awnings are ideal for holidaymakers and campers alike. This is because while the caravan is outdoors, no one really wants to spend their entire time inside it. One of the most important uses of these structures is protection against adverse weather. Camping out in the countryside during a hot summer can be very uncomfortable, so motorhome awnings offer the necessary shade during these occasions. This also goes for winds in areas where winds tend to be strong.

Camper Awning Types

One of the most common awnings is the free-standing ones which come in four main designs. They come complete with covered walls which serve as added protection. They are also easy to assemble and erect. Then there are the annex designs and the canopy designs both of which are also popular. Sun canopy awnings provide cover against strong heat rays. They also enhance the feeling of being “indoors” while one is actually outdoors, a favorite feeling for those who love camping.

Annex designs are popular because they resemble regular tents and are therefore easy to set up. This is because they use the zip mechanism much in the same way as tents and are just as easy to set up. These have become popular especially for people who are temporarily stopping at a campsite but will be moving again shortly.

So what does one need to consider before purchasing camper awnings?

You should, first of all, consider the size of your motor home. This is because this information will be asked by the awnings seller. If you get this information wrong, then you risk purchasing a product that you may be unable to use because it may be too small for your motor home. Another thing to consider is whether the store where you are making the purchase has a money-back guarantee.

To get a better idea of the RV awnings that are available on the market, you could take a look at the Discount RV Awning online store. There are many RV awning products out there that you could buy from reliable manufacturers that make durable products, which can shelter you and your family from the sun and rain year after year. Since awnings attached to your recreational vehicle may require an upfront investment, you want to ensure that your RV awning will last a long time. Also, in addition to an attached awning for your recreational vehicle, you might also want to find a pop-up canopy or wall tent that you can use near your RV when you are RV camping. You want this kind of canopy tent to be easy to set up and take down. When you get one of these pop-up tent awnings, also make sure to pay attention to both the collapsed size, as well as the setup size. It is important that your portable awning collapse into a small enough size to be easily stored inside your recreational vehicle or in one of its compartments.