A home makeover not only includes the interior but also what the outside looks like, and this includes your garage door.

Some of the essential features to look for when looking for a brand new garage door are the insulation capacity, window designs, panel styles, and the color.

There are probably a good number of garage door dealers you have heard about, and the CHI Overhead Doors should be one of them. 

Garage doors are prone to wear and tear over the years because they are the most frequently used largest mobile sections of your home.

They also form part of the largest viewable outer face and entrance of your home and just like a facelift they deserve a proper aesthetic investment. This gives you more reason to make your homes exterior representation appealing. 

Also, make sure to contact the right people for the installation of your door. This is equal to the stylist-designer affair for a red carpet event. Any mismatch could give the tabloids a headline to exploit in.

The correct garage installation assures you of prolonged years of service with minimal maintenance needs. Does CHI Overhead Doors provide this? Learn about this and more in our CHI garage door review.

Chi Garage Door Review: Product Overview

A beast in its category, the CHI Overhead Doors leads the pack in the fabrication of rolling steel, commercial and residential garage doors. 

CHI Overhead Doors first introduced garage doors in 1989, and their quality and craftsmanship have been their central tenets ever since. Get a taste of their wide selection of contemporary and classical garage doors in varying styles. CHI garage doors have better flexibility in design compared to most garage door dealers in the market. They produce maintenance free and secure steel wall skeletons.

Some of their garage doors use fiberglass which gives it a highly distinctive look. You can also revamp the look of your home and garage by having windows installed on your garage door.

They provide an impervious opening for natural light hence gives your garage a warm appeal.There are a variety of materials used for making garage doors, and these are fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and steel. They all have varying performance and durability levels.

Wood and steel have the highest demand though wood is not a very durable natural material. However, it is preferred by many for its classic and earthy tone.All these options are available for you at CHI doors because of their customization services. You have the option of customizing your garage doors depending on your preferred color, panel types, and window designs.

They extend exemplary customer service by ensuring that entirely fabricated garage doors are inspected before delivery to ensure they arrive in good condition and ready for installation by a qualified CHI professional.

Chi Garage Door Review: Product Specifications

CHI offers a variety of panel door designs you can choose from to illuminate the tone of your home. There are raised and recessed panel design.

Both have short and long panels while the recessed design has an additional combination of both and a carriage house configuration.

They are also not boring when it comes to glass design. They offer a vast selection that comes in standard, obscure, designer, seeded, and glue chip.

You have the option to have them installed as one unit or with window inserts and overlays. Inserts from CHI can be interchanged for a definition of different looks. 

Also, remember to check the insulation feature of your garage windows. They come in single pane non-insulated and double pane insulated. Double pane insulated windows provide insulation from adverse weather conditions.

All CHI door designs have the same thickness of 2 inches with a ship-lapped design and a Tongue and Groove design for thermal protection and structural integrity. If your garage is detached, a standard non- insulated door would be ideal for you.

In cases where the standard Chi door thickness doors do not provide enough temperature control, you can have additional insulation attached to the door.

These include interior and exterior steel cover for sandwich doors, which also give an appealing finish.

Not only does it provide extra cushion against bad weather but also acts as a noise barrier and enhances the structural integrity of your door. 

Insulation types used in sandwich doors include polystyrene and polyurethane. Polystyrene has an overall great insulation capacity while the polyurethane has a better thermoregulation capacity.

Garage doors that come with the polyurethane insulation feature are more costly than the standard and premium doors.

Garage doors in their best category use heavy duty hardware for extra protection and durability. 

The CHI garage doors come in different styles. These include:

  • Stamped Shaker
  • Skyline Flush
  • Raised Panel
  • Planks
  • Stamped Carriage House
  • Accents Woodtones
  • Full-View Aluminum
  • Overlay carriage house
  • Overlay recessed panel
  • High definition fiberglass

beautiful garage door Chi Garage Door Review:

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To discuss some of their features, we will have a review of some of their different styled garage doors.

Raised Panels

This design comes in two materials, steel, and fiberglass. They also come in both short and long panels. It has nine color options and eight woodtones.

The only models that lack insulation in the short panel category are the 2250 and 2240. However, the rest have polystyrene insulation among the better options, while the best category has polyurethane insulation.

The design gives you an assurance of durability proper control of temperatures.

Accents Woodtones

If you are looking for color, go for the Accents Woodtones category. They also have the best ideas in design and technology and produce some of the best quality garage doors.

It uses insulated steel and incorporates full-color digital imaging in their designs. It has seven available colors, eight woodtones, and two style options. Only their 5216 and 5916 have polyurethane insulation.

Stamped Shaker

The Stamped Shaker has seven color options and four wood tones. Their 2550 model has no insulation, but you can get CHI 2518 which has polyurethane insulation from its bets category.

Construction type varies from standard, medium duty, and heavy duty. The medium and heavy duty construction types come in all color variations but don’t have the painted wood tones. 

They provide an option of no window inserts, Cascade, Stockton, arched Stockton, Madison, and arched Madison window inserts.

Chi Garage Door Review: Pricing

elegant garage overhead door Chi Garage Door Review:

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The lowest priced CHI garage door is the CHI 2250 at $426 (has no insulation) while the most expensive is the CHI 2216 Insulated Sandwich at $2054.

Their prices vary because of the size of the garage door, cost of manufacturing, spring life, and R-value. All CHI products have a limited lifetime warranty.

You can find their products, including door accessories and replacement parts on Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement.

How the CHI Garage Door Compares to Other Options in the Market

Chi garage doors face competition from several garage door dealers. However, we shall only have a look at two. These include Clopay and Wayne Dayton.

Clopay is the only garage door brand that has received the Good Housekeeping Seal meaning that their door bearings can be replaced if faulty within the first two years after purchase. 

Most of their design categories are similar to CHI but, the only exception is the Clopay’s Avante Collection that fabricates glass and aluminum garage doors. 

However, the downside to this collection comes is that it comes with a five year and three-year warranty on the finish and hardware, respectively. This is a huge difference compared to CHI’s lifetime warranty on all its products.

Wayne Dayton has a reputation for manufacturing high performance, quality and designer garage doors. Apart from offering a selection of colors, panel, and window designs, they also offer stylish hardware.

Some of their styles come at relatively higher prices compared to its competitors. For example, the Wayne Dalton 8300 goes for $1347 while both the CHI 2283 and the Clopay 4050 go for $1280 each.

Pros and Cons of the CHI Garage Door

So that we do not appear biased, we will also include the benefits and the downside of the CHI garage door in our CHI garage door review. This will give you further information when you are weighing your options.


  • Full-color digital imaging in some of their designs
  • Variety of panel door designs
  • Sandwich door insulation for extra cushion from bad weather


  • Accent wood tones not made out of natural wood

Chi Garage Door Review: Our Verdict 

From our CHI garage door review, it will only be fair to give due where it deserves. CHI Overhead Doors have an impressive record of manufacturing designs such as the Accents Woodtones that offers a scope of designer colors.


Depending on your budget, you have the choice to customize your garage doors to your preferred color, panel, and window design.

This should be reason enough to check them out and hopefully secure a purchase.