Getting a new car is always an exciting venture, but getting to choose custom auto paint colors can make the purchase even more fun. Choosing car paint colors is a great way for people to express their personalities and stand out from everyone else on the road. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make the best possible selection.

Choosing a color is not an easy task for some car buyers. These individuals should consider the purpose of the car. If it is being used for business reasons, a muted color may be more appropriate. A first-time driver often likes a flashy hue because he or she is just proud to be on the road. Family vehicles used to feature standard colors but are now available in various shades in the gray, blue, green, and red color families.

Nothing alters the appearance of an automobile like changing the exterior paint color. For anyone shopping for an auto paint colors, chart is one of the most important considerations. Paint provides the vehicle with a personality, which is often reflective of that of its owner. There are nearly as many colors of paint as there are models of vehicles, more if we consider aftermarket paint colors.

The factors to Consider When Choosing Auto Paint Colors

Personal Preference

Most people choose their custom auto paint colors based on their personality. Since they spend so much time in their cars, it only makes sense that they would want something that truly speaks to who they are as an individual. Drivers should choose car paint colors that they like, but keep in mind the preference of other family members if they will not be the only one driving the vehicle.


In addition to personality, there are other factors that lead many drivers to their ideal custom auto paint colors. For example, someone who does quite a lot of daytime driving and lives in a warm climate may prefer a lighter color because it will reflect heat. People who live in areas that are prone to crime should remember that care with some custom auto paint colors are more likely to be stolen than others.


Of course, for most people, cost is going to be an issue when settling on custom auto paint colors. However, the actual color is rarely a deciding factor when it comes to a quote for a custom auto paint job. The cost will more likely be decided based on the size of the car, the type of paint and any special designs that may be included in the job.


When shopping for a car, design is usually the first thing people consider. They want their car to look attractive so they will be proud to drive it. Paint color is a big part of that and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some drivers prefer bold, energetic colors like yellow, orange, and bright blue, while others like the sleek look of a black or cream colored automobile.

There are also those drivers who want their cars to look like speed machines. They are not content with a one-color vehicle and instead choose to add different color trim and designs. Many of these cars look one color when viewed from a certain angle and another when approached from a different vantage point. When the goal is to draw attention, these cars achieve it with their iridescent and dimensional hues. Car owners spend most money and countless hours to create this one-of-a-kind appearance.

Color palette

Using a car color palette is a good way to choose an aftermarket paint color. It contains tens of thousands of colors and individuals can toggle effects light brightness and muted qualities, expanding the options. If they see a color they like, clicking on it will show them other hues within the same color family.

Auto Interior Paint Colors

When we shop for a new car, we usually focus on the color of its exterior rather than the interior. This is a mistake because we can miss some fashionable auto interior paint colors. Before limiting the interior paint choices by selecting an exterior color, view all the hues available for the inside of the car. You may find one that provides the automobile with an entirely new look.

Paint colors for the interior of the vehicle should coordinate with the color of the dashboard, door panels, interior roof, seats, and carpeting, unless these are also being changed. Test the color on a small, inconspicuous area of the interior before purchasing an entire supply of paint. This will reveal whether the color matches the other interior hues.

Red color is a popular auto paint color

Using a color chart is the best way for a car owner to make sure they are getting exactly the color they want. If they just describe the shade they are imagining, the technician doing the work may not be on the same page. The chart includes many selections and a code for each one so that customers know exactly what to expect from the finished product.

The Verdict

Keep in mind that for a new auto, car paint colors offered by the manufacturer sometimes come at an additional price. Automakers usually charge several hundred dollars more for the most popular colors. This is usually not the case with paint purchased on an aftermarket basis, as these shoppers pay additional for effects and paint systems.

Choosing custom auto paint colors can be a lot of fun for someone choosing a new car or giving new life to their old one. Choose a color that reflects the personality of the driver, but also keep the other important factors in mind. Some colors may make the drive more comfortable, while others may make the car a target for crime.

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