Trailer hitch bike racks are a great solution for carrying your bikes. Strap on style carriers can be a hassle, and roof top requires you to lift your bike above your shoulders. Not what you really want to do after a long days ride.

You may be saying “I have a car, I can’t use a hitch mount bike rack”, which in many cases is simply not true. All trucks and most SUV s and cars can accommodate these handy carriers. Just because you have a hitch installed does not mean you have to tow a trailer (nor should you). A bike and hitch carrier weigh far less than any utility trailer. Only in the smaller sized vehicles such as a Smart Car should you need to consider the amount of weight on the back end. Even then some of these vehicles can accommodate one or two bikes on the rear.

Additionally, the hitch receiver, which is hidden under your bumper, can be used for other items. Need extra space? Use a hitch mounted cargo basket or any of many different accessories.

Let us here at  help you to find what you need. Not sure if your auto can be fitted with a receiver? Check out our vehicle guide (coming soon). Take a look at our reviews of some of the most popular hitch mounted bike racks. Our goal is to help you carry your bikes comfortably and securely.

Buying the Trailer Hitch Rack

There are a lot of bike racks in the market today. Different style, different types, and different capacities. A hitch mount bike rack is one type of a bike rack. The difference between a hitch mount bike rack with every other bike rack is that you just have to mount in your bikes using a few straps to secure the bikes from scratching each other.

One advantage of the hitch mount bike racks are that they’re easy to install – just slide it to the trailer hitch. Most of the bikers or biking enthusiasts prefer bike racks that can carry more bikes and hitch mount bike racks can carry up to five bikes. Second advantage is it is easier to lift and mount the bikes so you don’t need to remove the front wheels to mount the bikes.

One example of a hitch mount bike rack is the Thule 915 Roadway 5-Bike Mount Rack. It has only two-inch receivers which convert quickly to 1.25-inch receiver. The Thule Roadway bike rack has a dual quick-release lever for rapid, rear vehicle access and folding arms for storage.

The Thule Roadway bike rack weighs 33 pounds and has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 – that’s 5 bikes with 30 pounds as the maximum weight for each bike. The thing about hitch mount bike racks is that you have to strap the bikes down to refrain it from rocking or scratching. The hitch mount bike racks are made sturdy, and most of them are heavy, which is actually expected so that they can withstand the tough journey.

One thing though is that the hitch mount bike racks might affect the driver’s view out of the rear window, but you can work this out. Overall, a good bike rack, no hassle in assembling but still reading the instruction guide is highly recommended. This bike rack is durable, easy to use – you don’t have to worry about mounting the bikes or lifting them plus they have great designs and an assortment of color that goes along well with any type of car.