The installation of a fifth wheel trailer hitch to your truck will allow you to pull the phone condo with ease until your trailer hitch is properly installed. Not groped to tow a trailer that matches or exceeds the load capacity of the tow vehicle; allowing a correction factor of 20 per cent will make sure you can safely tow your spare wheel, without too much wear the suspension of your truck. Trailer hitches the fifth wheel mounted at the center of your truck bed and provide strong links towing.

  • Use a ratchet 3/8 inch extension and a Torx socket head to unscrew the thermal discharge from the underside of the floor.
  • Insert rear cross Kit fifth wheel hitch between the top of the rail frame and the lower part of the bed of the truck. Use a ratchet 1/2-inch and taken to loosen the mounting bolts of the bed if the measure is too tight to slide the rear crossbar. Repeat this with the other under-bed cross. Unbolt brake controller factory of your truck from the driver’s side frame rail with a ratchet 3/8-inch socket and if the truck is equipped with one.
  • Slide the chassis brackets from the kit tow on the outside of the rear frame of the tire. Use the ratchet 3/8-inch socket and bolt them freely in its place. Use the notch in the side bracket that aligns with the center of the square tube of the floor to help you align it. Align the brackets on the side of the chassis with the holes in the streets from step 2. Bolt together with the ratchet 3/8 inch socket.
  • Insert the pointed screw (supplied with kit towing) through the holes on the bottom of the stringers so that the pointed ends to the lower part of the platform. Tighten the screw to the bottom, so that makes bumps in the floor of the platform.
  • Connect a hole saw to a drill and locate the bumps in the floor of the platform created in step 4. Place the center of the hole saw on collision. Drill four holes 2 1/2-inch in the floor bed of the truck. Remove pucks circular from the towing kit, put them in the holes and install them with a ratchet and socket head Torx screws provided in the kit.
  • Tighten all bolts securely. Have an assistant help you pick up the hook and place it on the circular rubber discs attached to the truck bed.