Off road driving is an activity that many people enjoy and there are a range of different vehicles produced for this. While off road driving can be fun, it is also highly likely that at some point in time a vehicle will become stuck and having a means of recovery can be important. Being pulled free by another vehicle is an option, although if you are out on your own this will not be possible. However there are methods of self recover and Mile Marker winches are an option to consider.

Mile Marker Winch Review

Mile Marker is a company that has been around for a few years now and their equipment is highly regarded for its performance. Mile Marker winches come in a few different styles to suit a variety of off road vehicles and are a relatively simple method of self recovery for vehicles that become bogged down or stuck. The winch is basically fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle and when attached to a solid object has the power and capabilities to pull a vehicle free.

Many winches rely on the battery of a vehicle to provide power, although this will have a tendency to drain the battery when the winch is in use. However there are a range of hydraulic Mile Marker winches that have been designed to use the power steering pump as their source of power. This provides a more reliable winch which can operate for a longer period of time without draining the battery. This means there is less chance of a battery becoming drained to the point that the winch will not work.

Hydraulic Mile Marker winches

Hydraulic Mile Marker winches come in a range of models to suit the requirements of customers. The HI Series is intended for permanent installation on the front or rear of a vehicle. The H Series on the other hand is more versatile and can be mounted as a permanent or detachable winching system on a vehicle. For the largest off road vehicles, one of the newest winches that Mile Marker will be offering is the H-18k and this has 18,000 pounds of pulling power and can be used on a range of larger vehicles.

Other available  Mile Marker Models

As well as hydraulic models, there are also a range of electric winches available from Mile Marker. These include the original Tough Series, as well as the X Series and a new line which is due for release known as the V Series. Each series has a range of models available to suit different mounting and pulling power requirements. Mile Marker also has ATV/UTV winches available and these are a more compact size and designed for use on smaller off road vehicles.

If you decide to use a Mile Marker winch on your vehicle, the official website has a dealer locator available, which provides the opportunity to find is there is a store in your area that stocks their products. There are also a few online dealers where Mile Marker winches can be found for sale with the Winch Depot being one of these. Costs for winches from Mile Marker can range from just over $200 for some of the smaller ATV winches to in excess of $1,500 for some of the most powerful hydraulic winches.

If you enjoy off road driving, fitting your vehicle with a winch can be a smart move to ensure even if you do become stuck you have a means of self-recovery. With the innovative technology included and the reliability they offer, Mile Marker winches can be a good choice for this. There are a range of options available such that whatever type of off road vehicle you own there will be a winch from Mile Marker to suit.