Do you have a scratch on the car?

Quiet! Although it is a very odious situation, especially if you have the new car, there are different tricks that will help you repair this mark on the body and thus, get your car back to look like the first day. Depending on the depth of the mark will be more or less easy to disguise it, but, anyway, nothing is impossible! Before going to the mechanic, try products that you will easily find in specialized stores and, thus, try to see if it is possible to repair it yourself. In this article from UnHow will we tell you how to remove scratches from the car by discovering the three different shapes that currently exist.

Instructions :

1  Before we can remove scratches from the car, the first thing we have to do is repair the depth of the car because, depending on this, we can do it ourselves or, if not, have to go to a mechanic for a more intense treatment And professional. The scratches that are made in the transparent layer of the vehicle can be solved simply but the others are usually more complicated.

A car has 4 layers :

  • Transparent coating
  • Color layer
  • Primer coat
  • Steel layer

Depending on the layer to which the scratch has arrived, it will be easy, or not, to repair it. For example, marks that may appear not to wash or dry the car well can be easily removed with a good polish; Are considered slight scratches and, at most, reach the transparent layer or the color.

But when in the scratch you can see another color or the steel, then we find that the damage is much deeper and to treat it will need to go to a professional or opt for more elaborate measures that will improve the appearance of the vehicle .
2  One of the easiest ways to remove scratches from the car is by applying a pen or pencil repairs scratches , a product that you can get in mechanics or in specialty stores. You should know that this is not a miracle method, that is, the result will always depend on the depth of the injury and will only be effective on the lightest brands.

You should know that there are two types of pencils in the market:

  • Of paint
  • Resin

The first are designed to conceal the scratch by painting with the color of the body and, thus, dissimulating to the maximum the blow. The resin ones are indicated to fill the mark and, therefore, to make it cover and dissimulate better. So, the first thing is to apply the resin and, when dry, the paint if you want to achieve a perfect result. It is recommended that you leave the car in the sun to dry the resin as fast as possible although you should keep in mind that normally it usually takes about 4 hours.

pencil repairs scratchesBut, before applying it, you must wash the zone well to eliminate any trace of dirt that may have; Thinks that if the blow has appeared after having touched you with a wall, car or column, the normal thing is that the body has left particles of that element and, therefore, with a deep cleaning and drying you will see the real mark that has Remained in the vehicle.

3  On the other hand, there are also some scratch repair kits that are usually sold by the same manufacturers of vehicles or workshops.

These kits are usually made up of:

  • An applicator brush
  • Color painting of your car
  • Lacquer

When the scratch is a little more serious and deep you will need a more intense repair type and, therefore, nothing better as these kits that can achieve a more professional result and that you can easily do at home.
The first thing you have to do is clean the body well to remove any particles that may have become impregnated; Then we will have to surround the scratch of the car with tape at the sides to protect the other areas that are not damaged. Once we have it, we will give it a coat of paint with the brush and, when it dries, we will spray the lacquer that will fix it.
For a much more detailed result we recommend that, when everything is dry, pass a microfiber cloth to polish the area and get rid of the scratch of the car in an easy and fast.

4  But if the car brand is deeper , then we will need to subject the body to a much more elaborate polishing process and that, in a way, we recommend that it be carried out by a professional so that the result is much better. Anyway, if you consider yourself a “handyman” person and you have tools at home, you can try doing it yourself by following the steps that we will give you below.
how to wax the carThe first thing is to wash and dry the body to reduce the presence of dirt that may have been left in the car. Once clean, we will have to smoothly sand the area and, always, we will do it in the same direction of the scratch or, otherwise, we could create new marks.

Now we are going to pass microfiber cloths over the area to polish the scratch well and be able to repair it in depth. Now you have to apply the compound for electric polishers, that is, an abrasive that corrodes the paint to soften it and leave it perfect to put, then, the wax. Once ready, turn on the polisher to the lowest level and see it moving around the area for a few seconds making sure, at all times, that you are not penetrating the layer of puncture.

Depending on the scratch you can spend several minutes polishing the body well. When you finish, wash the area again and, when it dries, you must pour the wax to seal the paint and, at 4 hours, apply the paint and then the lacquer for a splendid result. In a How we tell you how to wax the car .
If this process seems a bit complicated, it is best that you go to a mechanic to do it from there.