Technology has made things more manageable, and you no longer have to open your garage door manually. As a homeowner, you need to find a reliable garage door opener that is quick, quiet, and one that is network compatible. 

The Ryobi garage door opener has some excellent reviews online thanks to its fantastic features.

Read the comprehensive Ryobi garage door opener review to find out if this is what you need for your home.

What Is Ryobi Garage Door Opener?

Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Model GD 200Buy on Amazon

The Ryobi garage door opener is a smart system featuring a steel reinforced belt drive and an excellent 2HP motor. You get an extended motor life and fast openings with this garage door opener.

You don’t have to deal with noisy belt drives as the Ryobi opener makes a silent open and close. The reinforced belt drive is reliable, unlike what you’ll experience with an old chain drive opener.

To operate the Ryobi opener, press the open and close button, this will open or close the garage door. You’ll notice a warning chime that goes off when opening or closing the garage door.

The durable LED shuts off or turns on with regular operation or when there is motion detection. You can choose to operate the opener using the regular manual buttons. Alternatively, you can use the Ryobi smartphone app to connect to the garage opener.

Find a wireless keypad attached to the exterior side of the door when you need an extra option for opening or closing the door. You need to input a passcode to the keypad to use it. It’s critical to note that setting the system to vacation mode means that you can’t use the remote.

The Ryobi garage door opener comes with a wireless keypad, a multifunctional wall control, two remotes, belt attachment, and safety sensors.

You can choose to add some accessories with the Ryobi’s system. Find one battery port for a backup battery and seven module ports. Some of the accessory modules include the high power inflator accessory, fan accessory, park assist accessory, Bluetooth speaker accessory, and the retractable cord reel accessory. 

What Makes The Ryobi Garage Door Opener Unique?

Some features which make the Ryobi garage door opener include:

2-HP Motor

The Ryobi garage door opener has a 2-HP motor, which is robust and doesn’t wear out quickly. You’ll realize that most openers have a ½-HP or ¼-HP motor.  Moreover, you get a faster garage opening thanks to this motor.

Steel Reinforced Belt

The steel reinforced belt provides reliable operation and longer life. It’s also quiet, which means you won’t have to deal with noisy belt movements when you open or close the garage door.

Lithium-Ion Battery Backup

The front of the opener has a dedicated port that uses a similar Ryobi 18-volt battery like other Ryobi tools. You get enough power to open and close the door in case of a power outage. Moreover, the inbuilt charger keeps the battery full.

LED Light

The Ryobi garage door opener comes with a long-lasting LED light that gives out a bright and clear view. You won’t need to replace the bulbs. 

Park Assist

The Park Assist needs no setup. All you need is to aim the two lasers at the corresponding targets. Ensure that the lasers point at a spot on the car’s hood or dash, as this lets you know when you’re far enough. The best part is that the Park Assist turns on automatically when the door opens, and you get in the garage.

GD200 App

You can control the lights, open/close the doors, and monitor the status of the backup battery using the Ryobi GD200 app. The app is available on different devices, something that gives you a view of the garage module system.

You need the passcode for the wireless network. It’s also ideal for adding a pin to access the app securely. Currently, the app only allows a single user/login for every installation. 

Fan Module

You can throttle the fan module using the app or a wired controller. Press the number on the keypad that corresponds to the port attached to the fan; this will turn the fan on at the low position. You can press the button again for high, medium, or off. The app allows you to have variable speed control.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Specifications

Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Model GD 200
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

Dimensions: 42”x 15.5 “x 12.6”Weight: 45 poundsBackup Power: 18V battery+ Ryobi OneMotor: 2HP electric with battery backupBulb type: LEDRail length: 10 ft.Opener Type: Belt DriveRemote: 2Warranty: Three years


The Ryobi garage door opener retails for about $250. However, this price may go down depending on where you buy it.

How It Compares To Other Garage Door Openers

The Roni Garage Door Opener has some top competitors like:

Chamberlain ¾ HP Ultra Quiet Belt Drive

Chamberlain 3/4 HP Smartphone Controlled Ultra-Quiet and Strong Belt...
  • Conveniently control from your smart phone Designed to stand the test of time Whisper Drive feature allows for quite...

While most garage openers are meant to open and shut the garage door, what makes the Chamberlain Ultra Quiet Belt Drive opener unique is how easy it is to install, repair, and operate. Like the Ryobi opener, Chamberlain belt drive opener comes with an excellent battery backup system.

It has a unique design despite its competitive price. Although the Chamberlain belt drive opener comes with cheap LED bulbs, the keypad and remotes work perfectly. Both Chamberlain ¾ HP Ultra Quiet Belt drive and the Ryobi Garage Door opener have smart app control that allows for a quick setup.

The opener has a wall-mounted door control panel, which gives you direct access to the central unit. You get two remotes with the system like the Ryobi opener. Find the wireless numeric keypad that enables remote less entry using a programmable PIN.

The ¾ HP motor allows for heavy daily use, although it’s not as powerful as Ryobi’s 2HP motor. 

Sommer 1042V002 Smart Garage Door Opener

SOMMER 1042V002 3/4 hp Garage Door Opener with Smartphone Controller
  • Powerful and durable 3/4 hp motor
  • Incl. Rail for 7 ft. - 8 ft. Door height/full installation kit included
  • Included smartphone kit allows you to open, close and monitor your garage. No setup or monthly fee

Sommer is a reputable Germany company famous for its unique and quiet direct drive opener designs. Unlike the belt drive system that involves a belt going up and down the track, direct drive openers have a motor that moves up and down a path. A j-arm then tows the door.

You’ll love this garage door opener if you have a living area or bedroom above the garage. Enjoy an easy start and stop functionality with smooth operation. The motor is at the door, something that improves the power.

The powerful 3/4HP allows you to lift the 8ft door. Connect the opener with your home’s MYQ to monitor everything happening around. Most users love the safety beam sensor that alerts you when something is blocking the doorway. Get a new password when remote activation is over thanks to the rolling code technology. Both Ryobi and Sommer garage openers provide smartphone control without any other device or setup.

However, the Sommer garage door opener doesn’t come with remote and touchpad. You’ll have to get them separately. A few users reported that the opener was somewhat slow when compared to other openers in the market. Beginners may find it challenging to install the device. 

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener
  • Security+2.0 and security+ rolling code technology assures a new code is sent every time
  • Completely wireless powered by one 9-volt battery (included)
  • Weatherproof flip-up protective cover

The LiftMaster Garage Door Opener is a LED battery backup Wi-Fi door opener. Find some excellent tech features like Wi-Fi control, motion detection, powered LED lights, and more. The kit comes with installation hardware, two button car remotes, wall door controller, and a user guide.

Enjoy the ability to open and close the garage door from anywhere as the LiftMaster opener comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi and myQ technology. Like Ryobi, you don’t have to worry about operating the garage door manually as it has a battery backup. Both Ryobi and LiftMaster garage door openers are quiet, and feature a soft start and stop vibration reduction.

Unlike Ryobi that has dull LED lights, the LiftMaster garage door opener has bright LED lights that brighten up the entire garage. Moreover, the motion detector turns on the lights when you walk in automatically. Another thing you won’t find in the Ryobi opener is the lifetime warranty on the motor.

You’ll love how fast the installation process is compared to other garage door openers. On the downside, the LiftMaster garage door opener is expensive. Moreover, you may need to get additional accessories, which would up to the overall price of the opener. 

Pros And Cons

The Ryobi Garage Door Opener has a quiet operation, unlike other garage door openers. It uses a belt drive system that incorporates steel for durability. You can download the Ryobi app on Google Play Store as well as the App Store. The app works like a remote and allows you to have control over the garage door. You can personalize the settings depending on your preferences.

The backup lithium-ion battery enables you to operate the opener when you’re out of power. You get a hundred more openings with the 4Ah battery. On the downside, some people found it challenging to handle the keypad. Also, a few people were unable to disable the beeping sound from the keypad.


  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a backup battery system
  • Allows for remote access using a smartphone app
  • Reasonably ​priced
  • Has extra features like safety sensors, a wireless keypad, and an outdoor keypad


  • May be difficult to operate the keypad

Final Thoughts

The Ryobi Garage Door Opener review outlines some fantastic features that the garage opener comes with. You can close and open the garage from anywhere. If you’re looking for an affordable door opener that provides smooth and quiet operation, you should consider the Ryobi opener. Its Wi-Fi capability allows you to control the garage remotely.

However, the opener has some areas it could be improved. Some users found the strength of the remote control weak. It would be nice to have multiple users use one app. 

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