It has been estimated that the time a boat remains anchored while travelling is over 60%.

So it is vital to get a mooring in the right way if you want to achieve total peace of mind, without worries while the boat is standing.


There are several elements to consider before making the mooring of our boat , such as the type of bottom, chain length, weather conditions of that moment, anchor model, the type of currents in the area, the regulations of that Point, etc … We advise you always consult the meteorological parts to browse the link you will find a list of the useful app for it.

In case you have decided to rent a yacht or sailboat, it is advisable to speak directly with the owner of the boat, to show you where to locate all the necessary elements for the anchorage, thus avoiding future surprises. Renting a sailboat or a yacht does not mean that we have to worry about that boat, for this we recommend our article with tips to be a good skipper .

In this article, you will discover

  1. Before anchoring the boat
  2. Tips for anchoring a boat properly

Even so, the time to anchor the boat to be able to enjoy the beach or water activities quietly can become a feat if you do not have the basic knowledge.


The anchoring place. The first step that must be done is to choose the ideal place to anchor. A great source of information to know a little better the place selected is the nautical chart.

Always keep the wind in mind. It is imperative to anchor in coves or spaces where the wind is not very strong, and in the long run can become a problem, dragging the sailboat or yacht towards the open sea or against a rocky area. Protected spaces, protected by meteorological inclemencies of this type are preferable.

In stable climatological conditions, the required chain length must be three times as deep as the bottom marked by the probe, but when the wind begins to blow, the length is five times greater than that marked by the probe.

The nautical chart of space also helps determine the surface. It is very important to select the right seabed, since while one of sand or small stones is advisable, one of mud or large rock can make it difficult to anchor.

Once all the previous elements are taken into account, it is significant to observe the situation of the other anchored ships, with special emphasis on where they point, and to find a sufficiently large space. In the case of no other vessels, this reference point can not be taken.

When entering the cove or beach it is advisable to do it with the wind at the bow, slowly, and stop the motor of the boat when the exact point desired is located. Fish Finder will help you track the location.

It is time to release chain. You have to let go the chain slowly until it reaches the bottom and a little extra. It is advisable to loosen at least three times the chain length concerning the depth being anchored. It is advisable to carry approximately 50 meters of chain, to adapt without problems to all types of spaces and places. It is advisable to equip the boat with an electric windlass to facilitate this task.

The chain falling from the yacht or sailboat, and to the bottom creates a curve called catenary that has different functions such as exerting a horizontal force to hold the boat in the wind or to absorb and absorb the pulls caused by winds and waves.

Currently, most recreational boats already have plow anchors, allowing more ease when anchoring thanks to their rapid penetration into the sea surface.

Final positioning of the boat. It is the last stage of the anchorage, and one of the simplest. To check if the anchor is secure, we will take two references, one closer and one more distant. Always fixed points on land. If they always remain aligned, we are not grading. You can even start the boat and pull back smoothly if it does not move, everything will be ready. read more: Best Fishing Shirt Review.

If the anchor has been fixed correctly, it is advisable to shorten the anchor line either manually or with the anchor mill.

Specific rules. If the anchoring occurs during the day, it should be indicated with a black sphere installed in the bow part, while if it is a nocturnal mooring, it will be necessary to turn on a light of white tone all over the horizon.

We hope that this article has been of your utility so that you have more clear the maneuver of mooring of the boat, we advise that you consult our section of nautical tips to learn much more!