Windshield wipers provide safety for all kinds of vehicles, not just cars. Aside from helping car drivers by helping them see the road better, wipers also do the same thing for boats. Since boats travel on water, they have to face water on the windshield even more. This is because aside from the rain, boats (especially speedboats) have to contend with water splashing all over the place.

Other vehicles that also benefit from windshield wipers include trains and airplanes. Trains, which include light rail transit, benefit because anytime they are traveling outdoors and it is raining or snowing, the driver will have a hard time seeing if anything is in the train’s path. For example, if a tree has fallen or if there is a car on the tracks, the driver might not be able to see these if the windshield is being hit by heavy rain. This also goes for airplanes, which need to have good visibility by the pilots in order to move around safely.

Trico Wiper Blades Review

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Finding a wiper for a specific vehicle can be a challenging task for those who just happened to have a damaged windshield wiper at an uncanny time. The best thing the person can do is to call up a wiper manufacturer for assistance. A reliable wiper manufacturer and distributor is Trico.

Trico was founded in 1917 and throughout the year it has applied innovations from trial and error. Their aims is to provide a better vision for drivers especially in the time of rain, snow or in cold weathers when the windshield tends to fog up.

It is a tri-continental corporation that is one of the leaders in wiper products that produce almost a million wiper blades a week.

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Trico offers five lines of wiper blades that such as the, Flex,  NeoForm, Oktane, Exact Fit, Winter and Classic.

Trico Flex Wiper Blades Review

The Trico Flex Universal Beam Wiper Blade is a top pick because of the way that it converts wind force and uses that for maximum windshield contact. This blade clears all moisture and keeps it clean and increase visibility. The Trico 18-260 is a great pick for many users, as it comes in a variety of sizes. The variable sizes allows you to pick out front driver’s side blades, passenger side, and rear blades.

Trico NeoForm

The NeoForm Wiper is structured with a single beam delivering infinite pressure points for maximum equal wiping action done with finesse. The wiper blade is European aerofoil design to keep the blade intact with the windshield to withstand immense speed.

Trico Oktane

The Oktane Wiper are specifically designed fro street performance which feature metal frame that has a built-in spoiler that is aerodynamic for maximum wind resistance. It can stand speed up to 115mph, is quietly operated, has a sleek look and are available in different colors (carbon fiber, white, blue, red, yellow) and sizes (16-inches to 24 inches in length).

Trico Exact Fit

The Exact Fit Wiper has an easy installation and are made of metal design for durability and strength. They are high-quality blades are popularly applied to trucks to cover about 99% of the auto/light and offer sizes the range from ten to 28-inches.

Trico Winter

The Winter Wipers have a set standard specifically for wiping snow. It has a rubber boot that serves as protection and it helps prevent snow and ice from disrupting the wiping mechanism. These blades are built-to withstand extremely cold conditions and the sizes range from 17 to 28 inches in length.

Trico Classic

The Trico Classic Wipers are designed specifically for vintage cars which are not manufactured today. It has a silver touch resembling the blades on old classic American cars in the 1940’s to 1960’s yet still performs a clean and efficient swipe. The sizes offered range from ten to 18-inches.

So if you’re looking to replace your windshield wiper with a quality wiper, try browsing around the selection of what Trico has to offer. Trico has a website that can provide you with latest models and contact numbers for inquiries.