Before there was a spray on bed liner for trucks there was the rubber truck bed mat, and before that truck beds rusted, a lot. The truck bed mat helped with that problem by not only protecting the paint from getting scratched or dented but by keeping much of the debris and moisture from pooling on the truck bed. But mats have their drawbacks not the least of which is that they leak and where water gets in unnoticed rust can set in. A bed liner can change much of that because it can seal out the moisture and keep your truck bed from getting damaged.

A spray on bed liner not only looks great it can go a long way to protecting the bed on your truck. A new truck is a huge investment, and because of that, it is very important that you do everything you can to protect it. Since rust most often forms inside the bed of the truck protecting it can prevent rust from forming. A spray bed liner is a paint that has rubber and other additives added into it. This paint sprays on very thick and dries very quickly. The coating is very tough and should last for a long time under normal use.

You can do a spray on liner on your truck yourself, but you are much better off getting it done by a professional for one important reason. Many places will offer a lifetime guarantee on your bed liner to fix it if it ever gets damaged. This means that once you have it put on you will never have to pay to have it put on again. This is a huge advantage over do it yourselfers who will have to pay for more coating every time it needs patching, and these bed liners do normally need to be patched at some point in time, particularly if you do a lot of tough work with your truck.

There are different brands of bed liners available so ask around as to which one is the toughest, even if you get a guarantee, getting in to get it patched and waiting till it is patched can be a hassle so finding the best liner can save you a lot of time along the way. Spray on bed liners are a great way to make your truck look good but in the end, the point is to make sure that you take proper care of your truck and these bed liners are a great way to do that.