Auto interior paint colors provide a chance for drivers to further express themselves. Some people like the uniform look of a car with the same exterior and interior color. Others use the inside of the car to turn the color scheme up a notch. They choose a combination of colors and trim that make the vehicle even more impressive.

The auto paint colors chart is like a map that incorporates a portfolio of colors for a specific vehicle. The auto paint colors chart contains a specific paint code for each color on the chart. Be reminded that different vehicle manufacturers have different auto paint colors chart even though the colors may look the same from the naked eyes.

Car Paint Colors Chart

The auto paint colors chart is the tool you use for the paint code when you plan to repaint the entire vehicle or just touching up certain parts of your vehicles with the original color. You will need the auto paint colors chart to locate the paint code for the original color of your vehicle. Even the auto paint experts use the auto paint colors chart to find the paint color code.

The following paragraphs describe in detail of how to find the car paint color code for your vehicles. There are basically two methods in determining the color of your vehicles. The first is to go by the paint color code in the auto paint colors chart and the second is to use the VIN number to determine the color.

Color Code

The easiest way to find out the color code for your vehicle is to refer to your vehicle manual. The vehicle manual will tell you where the color code is located. You can usually find the code at the back door of your vehicle under the doorjamb. If you open up the backdoor, you will most likely find a sticker with alphanumeric characters on it. But this is not always the case. Different manufacturers will put the color code plate in different places inside the vehicles.

In case you fail to locate the color code, you can always look up your vehicle manual. The vehicle manual won’t tell you the color code but it will tell you where to find the color code in your vehicle. After successfully getting the color code, you can refer to the auto paint colors chart for the color. The auto paint colors chart will tell you the exact color of your vehicle for the specific color code.

VIN Number

In case you can’t find the color code plate of your vehicle, you can use the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to determine the color of your vehicle. The VIN can be easily found on a plate located on the driver’s side dashboard by the windshield. It’s always the case where you can find the VIN on the dashboard at the driver’s side or the passenger’s side.

The VIN usually contains 17 digit numbers Jolt down the VIN and takes it to the respective vehicle manufacturer. Tell the professionals that you need the color code for your vehicle and you have the VIN. The professionals will be able to locate the color code for your vehicle with the VIN. The task is usually done through a computer program. All the experts have to do is to key in the VIN and he or she will be able to have the color code.

Once the color code is obtained, you can either determine the color through the auto paint colors chart on your own or ask the vehicle specialist again to find out the color name for you. Otherwise, you can take the color code to the auto paint dealership and the sales person will gladly help you.

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