An air filter is a significant part of any motor vehicle, without an air filter, the car’s engine will not run properly. The air filter is kind of like a bug zapper that catches all sorts of debris, like pollen, dust, and bugs.

When these three elements enter the grill of your car, some of them are stuck on the grill or in the fan of your car. While the rest them travel into the air filter and stay trapped there, this way the debris do not enter your cars engine and damage it.

Top Car Air Filter Comparison Table 

Product Features Price
#1. FRAM CA10468 Extra Guard

– 12,000 mile recommended change intervals

– 2x the standard engine protection

#2. K&N 33-2304 High Performance

– Designed to boost horsepower and acceleration

– 50,000 mile cleaning interval

#3. Mann-Filter C25 114/1

– Balances air flow

– Specially embossed paper

– Reduces intake noise

#4. ACDelco A3141C Professional

– Enhances performance and efficiency

– GM OEM but also fits most non-GM engines 

#5. WIX Filters – 46116

– Low air flow restriction

– Soft sealing gasket

– American Made

Purpose of Car Air Filter

The main purpose of the air filter is to enhance the performance of your vehicle. Air filters keep all kinds of debris from entering your vehicles engine. The air filter is, oiled prior to being, sold on the market, so that if any debris is exposed to the air filter, it will automatically stick to the air filter keeping it from damaging your engine.

Types of Car Air Filters

There are three different types of air filters for cars. They include-

  • Paper filters
  • Cleanable filters
  • Oil bath filters.

The paper filters are the most common types of air filters for cars. They are affordable in price and ideal for use in small vehicles and areas where we have minimal pollution rate and less dust. They filter tiny air particles and avoid them from reaching the engine allowing only clean air to get to the engine. The big problem is that they cannot be reused. That means when they get worn out after specific mileage you need to buy a new one.

The cleanable filters are more expensive as compared to the paper filters. As compared to other air filters for cars, cleanable filters can be cleaned and reused when they get dirty. This makes them economical and preferred by many. They mostly trap the big particles in the air while the oil batch filter gets rid of the smaller particles. This type of air filters for cars should frequently be cleaned to make them effective. In addition to cleaning, they need to be oiled as the oil is the basic concept that will aid in trapping dust particles.

Oil batch filters are the least effective. They are also used to capture small and big particles that may enter into the engine. When you switch on the air conditioner in your car, that air will be filtered through the oil bath filter before getting into the car. They are fair in price, but their ineffective nature makes them unpopular to most car owners. Most manufacturers of air filters for cars prefer them to be fitted after the many bends that are designed in most cars. This will reduce the speed and increase fuel efficiency in the engine.

5 Best Car Air Filters Reviews

1. FRAM Car Air Filters Review

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Air filters in automobiles are designed to filter the air. It’s their main purpose. The air filtration from the cars results in various advantages. Fram air filters have been especially designed for all models and sizes of cars. Especially, they are most advantageous for family cars. Available in cost effective prices, these filters help you have a properly ventilated car with no excessive heat, dust, and poor ventilation. During the summertime, cars are full of humidity and suffocating odors; you can finally come out of those troubles and be comfortable in your cars.

The air inside the car is ventilated through the air, which enters into the ventilation system of the vehicles. Increased driving comfort and pleasurable ride for the whole family is guaranteed through this air ventilation system that the filters keep going with. One of the main advantages is its good effect on the health. Many people suffer from allergies against pollen and dust, which is why most of the times they avoid going out. This can be prevented through the use of these filters.

2. K&N 33-2304 High Performance Replacement Air Filter for 2003-2017 Subaru

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Year after year, the K&N 33-2304 High Performance Replacement Air Filter just keeps on delivering the best performance and getting most of the time 5-star rating by the Amazon customers. How? By providing every service we expect from an air filter and nothing we don’t. This cool automotive substitute air filter not only adds 1 – 4 HP and high acceleration to your vehicle but also secures the engine remarkably. Switching the existing dispensable air filter with the K&N 33-2304 is very straightforward, thanks to its drop-in design that matches almost every air box. For better and errorless maneuver, consult the included guidelines.

Thankfully, once installed, you’ll keep going on up to 50,000 miles without experiencing any considerable decrease in the number of MPG. Another astonishing feature about this air filter is that it’s completely reusable. Some users prefer altering the old filter after every use in order to avoid the cleaning hassle, though. So, if you’re planning to complement your vehicle with an air filter, capable of supplying brilliant filtration as well as unswerving air flow, K&N’s production would be an excellent choice.

They claim of providing 1,200+ models as solutions of your every automobile. Besides, as soon as you attach K&N 33-2304 with your car, you’re assured to enjoy their Million-Mile Limited Warranty. To make it your lifetime car air filter, confirm the fact that your vehicle and engine parts belong to original equipment industrialist.

3. Mann-Filter C 25 114/1 Air Filter

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The Mann-Filter C 25 114/1 is one of the most affordable air filters we considered, yet it still comes with a long list of inviting features. You can expect so much from this filter, especially about dirt partition, which is why it has landed on this list. This tool boasts of having an embossed paper, which makes it ideal for remarkable pleat firmness. Strongly built, this filter would be a good choice for car owners who live or drive through the desert area. Because, not a single dab of damaging elements including smut, filth, sand, powder or tiny drops of water go unnoticed during its filtration process.

In fact, it liberates you to choose the land you want to travel. Just make sure you change the air filter after a fixed interval, the duration of which, of course, depends on the quality of air of your surrounding areas. Users who often complain about the clatter that engine makes during the filtration of the air, would appreciate the fact that this air filter very effectively lessens such sort of uproar.

Certainly, it’ll perfectly fit your car-engine if you manage to deal with the assessing process of your car model on Amazon site before you make a purchase. It’s easy to replace and the installation wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

4. ACDelco A3141C Professional Air Filter

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ACDelco A3141C Professional Air Filter sits so firmly on the airbox that not a little bit of dusty air gets access to the combustion chamber of your engine. Unlike the expensive filters, it won’t need constant changing after a few days. Its long service also boosts the functioning, competence and most importantly, the lifetime of the engine. Ensuring the incessant flow of air, it keeps the machine run spontaneously without any sort of interruption.

In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised, if you see your old car run with the same horsepower as a new vehicle after installing this filter on its engine. Factually, it saves the fuel and increases MPG of your car.

So, no more compromising with the mileage even when you’re the owner of an aged truck. Setting it on the airbox is quite simple and it fits so conveniently yet securely. For a reasonable price such a matchless performance makes this replacement air filter the best bang for the buck.

5. WIX Filters – 46116 Air Filter Panel, Pack of 1

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Seeking for high performance without a high price tag? Check out the WIX Filters – 46116 Air Filter Panel. True, its pleated-paper reminds us of the basic air filters, but its advanced filtration system is sure to serve beyond your expectation. During sieving the intake air, it very cautiously restricts the detrimental specks from entering the engine.

Since an air filter ensures extended lifespan of your car-engine, it deserves some care and you need to replace them consistently. Fortunately, changing the WIX Filters – 46116 every time it gets dirty, wouldn’t feel like a burden on your expense, as you would have felt with the pricey model. Its urethane soft sealing gasket makes it easier to mount and you’ll be ready to go without sacrificing HP or acceleration. During your driving, you may hear some wailing in a low tone from under the hood session. However, we consider such noise pretty much tolerable for this affordable model.

Majority of the consumers are satisfied with its hands in gloves fitting on their engine’s air box, except some users who found it oversized and therefore, couldn’t fix it inside their vehicle. To avoid such outcome, we recommend consulting the manufacturer’s site or the dealers so to make a worthy investment.

How frequently You need to Change your Car’s Air Filter?

Your car air filter needs to be, changed regularly, many people change their air filter every year or so depending on where they live. Therefore, if you live on a dirt road then your cars air filter will need to be, changed every six months in order to keep your car running smoothly.

However, if you do not change your cars air filter every six months to a year, then you could be causing extensive damage to the Emissions Control System. The Emissions Control System regulates the air-fuel mixture. In addition, a dirty air filter could cause a malfunction in your spark plugs as well, making them unable to spark to fire up the car’s engine.

If you plan to change your air filter yourself, then this will be a real easy job for you, or for anyone else. When you pop the hood of your car, you may see a plastic square box or a metal rounded box. Either one of these boxes will have a tube leading to the engine; inside these boxes, you will find your air filter.

How to Remove Old Car Air Filter?

  • Simply remove the lid or cover from the box, and pull out the air filter. Be sure to examine it carefully, for if there are any holes or cuts in it then your air filter will need to be, replaced. In addition, if the air filter appears to be black then this is another sign that your air filter may need to be changed.
  • Now that you have gotten the old air filter out, you will need to take it to your local auto parts store and buy a new one. Your auto dealer will assist you in locating the exact same air filter that is in your hand, and he or she will even tell you how to put it back into place, and how to oil it. Moreover, if you feel that you cannot oil it yourself, then they will be happy to do it for you.

In addition, if more people took the time to learn more about car ratchet strap they would be able to save more money each year.

However; air filters for cars are essential if you need to increase the lifelong of your engine. Dust particles make the engine inefficient and increase the fuel consumption. This is because the dust hinders the combustion of fuel. Follow mechanic’s advice on the air filters for cars mileages and how you are supposed to use them. It is worth noting that a horse with good lungs will perform better than one with infected ones. Give your car the treat and maintenance it deserves if you want it to serve you better.