Nowadays, infrared electric heaters are popular tools for home use. They boast the most significant sales on the market compared to propane or natural gas heaters. There are many infrared heater reviews online, but we hope we can share what we have learned with you, including important factors to consider before buying one, along with our three best picks best infrared heater.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Infrared heaters work by converting electrical energy into infrared energy through electromagnetic radiation and use 35 percent less electricity than a traditional furnace.

This heating process occurs by keeping an optimal distance from the object requiring heat, but its success depends on its wavelength. With a change in the infrared wavelength, more or less intense heat can be produced.

You’ll find that different infrared heaters get their energy from various elements. On the one hand, you have electric infrared heaters. These work by taking electricity and running it through a substance that can convert electricity into heat. On the other hand, you also have heaters that get their energy from natural gas or propane. Here, a combination of gas and air is set aflame, and the fire then targets a surface to emit very high temperatures.

What Are The Advantages of Infrared Heaters?

Doesn’t Dry Out the Air

Infrared heaters maintain the moisture in the air since they don’t heat the objects in a room, not the oxygen. Therefore, you’re not left with dry air that might ordinarily cause a scratchy throat and irritated eyes.

Versatile to Use

You can use these heaters indoors and outdoors, and some brands, such as Transun, have developed technology so that when heat is released, it’s not affected by the surrounding air or wind. This is great for outdoor parties! Many modern designs also come with features that enable you to hang them on a wall if you have limited floor space.

Minimal Installation

Although an electric infrared heater is incredibly intelligent, there’s little installation required. You don’t need any prior knowledge of boilers or plumbing to set one up. Just plug it in, set the desired temperature, and enjoy the heat.

Improves Air Quality

Another great benefit of these heaters is that infrared rays can improve the air quality within a house and eliminate allergies. This is perfect if you have a pet that a guest is allergic to. Infrared radiation can also increase the blood circulation throughout your body to strengthen your heart. Many have also found that these heaters have resolved mold in their homes.

Are Infrared Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

Infrared heaters use 80 percent of the energy they produce to heat up people and objects they come into contact with. The remaining 20 percent targets the air to warm the space further. In comparison to other heat sources – such as convection heaters – infrared space heaters have the potential to reduce your costs by nearly 70 percent. There are many factors for this energy saving.

First, an infrared space heater’s heating elements begin working the second it is turned on. By heating up quickly and efficiently, you don’t have to wait very long until you feel its benefits. Infrared also targets the body, and it’s much less time-consuming to warm up a person than an entire room.

Additionally, when you switch off a space heater, the unit takes time to cool so you can still feel its heat without paying the cost. This enables you to run the unit for less time to cut costs. 

Many infrared heaters have safety features – such as an auto switch-off – in case someone knocks it over. Not only is this great if you have children, but it also saves money because you won’t feel the heat if the device is facing the floor.

How to Choose Best Infrared Heater

This stage of the process is where the purchase decision really begins. You need to stop and consider exactly why you’re looking for an infrared heater. What room do you plan to heat with the device? How large is this room? Is it a notoriously cold room that will need a lot of heating? Based on your answers to these questions, you’ll get a better sense of the power you’re looking for in the device, as well as any additional features. Let’s get to some specifics.

The Location You Want to Heat

You need to determine which rooms you’d like to warm up with the heater, and it would be a good idea to measure them as well. For example, if you’re looking to heat a relatively small section of a backyard patio, then a high-intensity gas heater might be overkill and could leave your guests feeling a bit too toasty. A smaller electric heater, which provides relatively lower levels of heat might be a more appropriate choice.

Most infrared space heaters claim to heat a space ranging from 300-1,000 square feet, although this depends on the brand. It might be difficult to measure your room, but this can significantly help you choose the best infrared heater for your money. Take into account any large furniture or fixtures that could potentially absorb heat as a large room with lots of furniture won’t need as much heat as one with little furniture since these heaters warm objects directly, not the air.

You should also consider that an electric heater can only work in areas that have access to an outlet. Electricity may not be possible in some areas that need to be heated, such as construction sites located in relatively remote areas. You can’t just plug a heater into a socket in circumstances like these. It may, therefore, be more convenient to rely on gas heaters and bring a sufficient supply of propane tanks to supplement them.

Also, consider the desired location’s insulation. If your home has proper insulation, you won’t need as high a wattage compared to a home with limited insulation. A properly insulated space will help you save money by turning the heater on a lower setting or using it for shorter periods.


When you’re at the store, be sure to take note of the heater’s various features and specifications. You want to get a sense for how quickly and effectively it heats up. You should check to see how far its heat reaches as it might be warm when you’re right next to it, but cold two feet away. Ideally, the store will have devices that have been on for a while so you can check out how much warmth provide an area as well as whether the device itself remains cool enough for you to touch safely. You’ll also want to see if it runs quietly or if it makes a racket.


Infrared heaters can be quite expensive and generally cost around $100, although this is dependent on the brand and any additional features it comes with. The size and wattage also affect the price, so make sure you aren’t choosing a high wattage for a small room. However, it might be worth spending more if your home gets cold easily and you plan to use the heater regularly.

Who is in Your Home?

Consider who will be in your home and thus around the heater to take the best safety precautions. If you have pets and children, you should be even more particular about the heater you choose. For example, if your pet gets close to the heater or knocks it over, you’ll want it to turn off automatically. Overheating protection is also important to prevent children from burning themselves on the heater should they touch it. Most heaters are designed with wood casings, so they’re cool to the touch, but those without casings put young children and pets at greater risk for accidents.


Do you plan to move the heater from room to room? Will you be moving it often? Your answer to this will help determine how much portability you will want in the device. If you plan to merely plonk the heater down in a room and leave it there for most of the year, then you can choose a model that is a bit bulkier and less portable (this can reduce the price). However, if you think you will be moving the heater around the house regularly, it might be a good idea to look for a lighter heater (one with wheels would be even better!). If you need to transfer the heater from the first floor to the second floor and vice versa, then you’ll need a heater with a handle.

Consider another scenario: let’s say you wish to use the heater in a restaurant. When customers are outside, you’ll likely take the heater out there to make things more comfortable for them. However, if there aren’t any customers outdoors yet, you’ll want to bring it back inside. In this case, not only is weight and size important for portability, but an easy setup is just as vital. Some infrared heaters are powered by gas which requires some amount of installation, so this is also a factor to consider.

Our Pick: 3 Best Infrared Heaters Review

1.Lifesmart Traditional Wood Heater

Best Infrared Heater

LifeSmart is one of the leading manufacturers of portable infrared heating units. They focus on making their products safe and energy-efficient by offering three heat settings for you to choose from. They have excellent customer service, and an impressive warranty backs all of their products. LifeSmart has released an exciting product called the Traditional Wood Heater.

In the following section, we’re going to look closely at the features that have made the LifeSmart Traditional Wood Heater one of the most popular infrared heaters currently on the market.

Small, Affordable, Effective

The LifeSmart Traditional Wood Heater is a very small portable unit (it only weighs 24 pounds!), but despite its size, it can heat a room up to 1,400 cubic feet in size. Unlike other heaters in its category, this infrared heater from Lifesmart stands vertically rather than horizontally, which also allows the heater to fit into tight spaces.

Safe and Healthy Heat

Infrared heating, in general, is much healthier than traditional heat and it produces a moist heat that won’t dry out your skin. This infrared heater in particular, though, also offers even more safety elements than a traditional conventional infrared heating unit.

Its three infrared quartz elements have metal wrapped around them to allow for more heat output but also to protect anyone from touching the heat directly. It is also encased in a fireproof plastic cabinet with molded handles so that the unit is cool to touch even when operating.

Energy Efficient

It uses 1,500 watts of energy so you can expect low electric bills regardless of how long the unit is running. If you want it to be even more energy-efficient, you can use one of the three energy-saving settings and set the unit to a 500-watt output. That being said, keep in mind that this LifeSmart heater was built with a large focus on lowering costs and saving energy, so it doesn’t warm up a room as quickly as its competitor models.

Additional Features: Remote, Digital Thermostat, Dual Timer

This Lifesmart Wood Heater is a great portable infrared heater that also has some nice features that will make heating a room even more efficient.

Included with the unit is a remote that you can use to adjust the heat setting from anywhere in the room. With a 12-hour time period option, you can automatically set it to switch on – even if you’re not in the room yet.

There is also a digital thermostat on the unit, so you’ll know exactly what temperature your heater is at.

Another really nice feature is the dual timer. This allows you to set a time for your heater to turn on so that you can have your room warmed up before you arrive. The dual timer feature helps keep your utility bills low because you are not forced to keep the heater running all day to maintain the temperature in a certain space.

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2.Dr. Infrared Heater DR998

Best Infrared Heater

Dr. Heater is a leading manufacturer due to various infrared portable heaters they’ve produced. Much of their business is sustained by repeat customers and referrals because of their tremendous customer support. They back all of their products with a 3-year warranty, which makes them even more of a top choice for people everywhere.

The Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 is one of the most recent infrared products from the brand. It is truly a standout product with many exciting features. Let’s look closely at why the Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 is such an impressive option.

Discreet Yet Powerful

The DR998 is small as it only weighs 24.8 pounds, yet it can heat a 1,000-square-foot room. Also, it is extremely quiet when in operation as the noise level is an astonishing 39dB. Consequently, it won’t disrupt your work or leisure time.

Presentable Design

The DR998 has a wooden finish that fits well with almost any decor. A nice bonus of this design is that it was built on casters so that it sits firmly on the ground to reduce its risk of toppling over.

Heats a Room Quickly

This heating system incorporates a dual heating system that allows for the heat to transfer around a room quickly. It also evenly distributes heat to limit hot and cold spots in a room.

It Filters Your Air

The Dr. Infrared Heater DR998 is great for heating a room, but it also serves as an air filter to purify the oxygen in it. The filtering system doesn’t require purchasing any extra products. You simply wash the included filter with warm water every once in a while.

Retains Moisture in the Air

This Dr. Infrared heater features a built-in humidifier to produce a cool mist, so no moisture in the air is lost from the heat production. You simply attach a bottle of water to the heater and replace it when it runs out.

Additional Features: User-Friendly, Electronic Display, Remote Control

Dr. Heater has incorporated some very beneficial technology that makes the DR998 both safe and reliable. After 12 hours, it will switch into standby mode and automatically turn off. However, if the room drops 2 degrees below the temperature set on the heater, then it will turn itself on again to bring the space to the desired temperature.

Like the LifeSmart Traditional Wood Heater we reviewed above, it also boasts an easy-to-read electronic display and a wireless remote you can use to turn down the heat from across the room.

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3.Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect

Best Infrared Heater

Duraflame is another popular manufacturer of portable infrared heaters, and they have created an energy-efficient heater that is an excellent option for anyone looking for an infrared option: the Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove. Let’s take a closer look at this powerful infrared heater in our detailed review.

Save Money and Stay Warm

The Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove can heat a room that’s up to 1,000 square feet. It offers six heat settings with a built-in fan to distribute heat throughout a room as quickly as possible. You don’t have to move the vents; simply turn the heater to face you.

Duraflame also offers a manual temperature setting on this specific device. You can determine what temperature you want your room to be set to and let it do its thing. The remote control it comes with also enables you to set a timer so that the heater only runs for a certain amount of time before switching off.

Portable and Safe

This Duraflame heater is discreet, only weighing 28 pounds and standing a little over a foot tall, so you can imagine that it is also very mobile. The safety plug monitors the plug’s temperature via the built-in thermometer. If the plug reaches unsafe levels, it’ll automatically shut off to prevent overheating.

3D Flame Effect

The 3D Flame Effect on this Duraflame infrared heater is definitely a bonus feature. If you think the best thing about cozying up next to a fire is looking into the flames and watching them dance, then you’re in luck, because you can do just that with this Duraflame Infrared Quartz model.

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Benefits of Infrared Heaters Over Other Forms of Heating

Infrared heaters can offer certain benefits that other forms of heating lack, so let’s take a look at the main advantages of owning these in particular.

Adds Instant Warmth

You feel the heat from an infrared heater as soon as you plug it in. Ceramic convection heaters, however take longer to heat a room since they use a fan to generate warm air. Centralized heating systems don’t provide instant warmth either since they target air rather than objects in a specific area.

Quiet to Use

People have also found that infrared space heaters are much quieter in a room because they don’t require a fan to distribute heat. This is great for quiet operation in your bedroom or for when you have guests over.

Kind to You and the Environment

The most critical difference between other heaters and an infrared heater is that it doesn’t release harmful gasses and chemicals into the environment. Who wants to breathe in toxic fumes that can wreak havoc on your health? These heaters are also environmentally friendly as they use electricity to produce heat rather than burning fuels, which minimizes your carbon footprint.

Which of These Infrared Heaters Caught Your Eye?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the benefits of owning an infrared heater and factors to consider before purchasing one. Have any of the above three products caught your eye? Or perhaps you have some tips on further reducing energy bills using infrared heaters. If so, share your advice and/or recommendations in the comments.

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