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energy efficient space heater

A space heater is a general term used for a device that uses an energy force or fuel to produce heat. The heat produced is circulated ether by the use or fans or infrared technology. The use of space heaters is for providing an increased heat source for a space that’s temperature is in need of rising.

As soon as the cold season arrives, everyone starts searching for the best space heater. And although the fact that you can find numerous alternatives on the market should be a positive thing, the vast range of options might actually prevent you from getting a suitable space heater right away. This is because you have to look for different reviews and customers’ opinions that relate to every single available alternative. Moreover, the materials that you can find about the space heaters can easily confuse you. If you wish to avoid this thing, you should learn the most important features that describe the best space heating units on the market.

If you’re looking for the best space heater, then this guide was written for you. Specifically, we’re going to talk about what type of heater you need, the benefits to using one, and finally, I’ll give you a breakdown of the best brands and models around. By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be ready to buy the best space heater for you. So let’s get started.

Choosing The Best Space Space Heaters for Your Need

Types of Space Heater

Radiant Heater

First, let’s talk about what type you need. The first type of space is heater is the “radiant” variety. These are useful for outdoor areas such as a garage. Radiant technology means the heater uses “electromagnetic” energy to generate heat – rather than heating the air in general. This can be very important depending on where you plan on using your space heater. These radiant space heaters are good for heating a room, because they only warm up objects (and people) rather than the air. The only drawback is that the heat very quickly dissipates once the heater has been turned off.

Convection Heaters

The other kind of heater uses convection technology. These are best for heating a cold room entirely, as they also heat up the air – similar to your central heating system would.

Combination Heater

Combination heaters are known as integrated systems that use both technology of radiant and convection heaters. They use fans in distributing heat to the whole house. Many combination space/water heaters offer quicker water temperature recovery rates than standard water heaters.

One of the most popular brands is DeLonghi. The DeLonghi HHP1500 Mica Panel Radiator in particular is one of the best selling heaters on the market.

Desa Heating are another common brand which offer good quality – however, most of their heaters are over $100.

If you’re looking for a good outdoor/garage space heater, then Dayton are a good brand to look out for.

If you are looking for low-priced budget models, take a look at the Honeywell and Lasko range. Lasko in particular are the market leaders in low priced models, with one of the most popular being the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat.

The most important features of the top space heaters highlight the followings:

  • These units ensure heat up to maximum 1,500W
  • They come along with accidental shock protection
  • A circuit-based protection prevents overheating
  • Most heaters provide additional equipments, which prevent the occurrence of electrical fires

If you intend to get a truly great space heater, it is important to consider the aforementioned points prior to choosing a particular space heating device.

Finding the Top Space Heater

Anyone who intends to find the best possible space heater should know that there are a few differences between the top products that exist on the market these days. If you also want to get a high quality space heater, it is essential to know that the ceramic heaters are safer than the heaters that come along with coil systems. As well, the ceramic heaters are more efficient than other alternatives especially because they come along with big elements, which allow owners to set the temperature at a low level. This thing is possible especially because ceramic delivers some great characteristics, which allow these heaters to maintain high temperatures for a long period. Thus, these heaters usually start more rarely than other alternatives.

Most oil-based heaters are similar to different oil radiators, which use hot oil to stimulate their heating elements. As oil maintains the heat for a long period, these types of heaters are also very efficient. However, if you intend to find the most efficient heater, you should know that the best possible options are the halogen-based heaters. These devices use the same technological process as the halogen light bulb, which mimics the way the sun provides heat. This technology is able to deliver a high level of comfort that cannot be equaled by any other available techniques. From the aforementioned details, the main criterion that can direct you towards finding the best space heater is the efficiency attribute of such a unit.

1.Electric Space Heaters

Chilly rooms and the small unheated spaces will know the warmth provided by electric space heaters in an effective and convenient way. Unlike other heaters, this device allows users to smile or grin widely with the cash they are able to save since the said device costs significantly less.

Less cost but safe- this is how one can describe this device. Since no dangerous fuels are used, carbon monoxide is not produced, and open flames are but illusions here, the user can be guaranteed that it is safe and does not require any other special installations. Before the user grabs his coat and wallet so he can go to the nearest store, he must be aware first of the types of electric space heaters and choose among them what he thinks meet his preferences.

Having a radiant heater is like basking under the warmth provided by the sun or an open fire in the fireplace. It does not require physical contact with the heat source so that absorption by an object can be made possible. The design, though, of this type of heater can case accidental ignition on nearby materials.

If the heater the man wants is one which heats not a particular object but the air itself which warms the room, convection heaters would be the best choice. In case the noise caused by the fan irritates the users ears, he or she can use another type of space heater which can provide constant heat needed for a certain period of time.

2.Ceramic Space Heaters

Ceramic space heaters have been warming homes and working wonders in one’s freezing body, especially during winter season. This device boasts an advantage of low temperature which can take the coldness away over a great area.

The usual occurrence is that since a heater covers a vast area, it also consumes a lot of electricity making the electric bill soar higher other than the intended budget. The ceramic space heaters, in contrast, have a feature which makes reduction of electric current as temperature rises possible.

After solving the problem of keeping one’s self warm during the cold days of the year, the next problem would be the place where to put the heater. The device under discussion is portable and can be placed in rooms using minimal space such as the bathroom or in cubicles.

The user would not even have to worry because small models can be placed on the desktop. For clumsy people who fear they can destroy the device, tipping over the heater would be out of the question since its stability is made possible by its weight and balanced design. Heat can be distributed throughout the room by a fan which blows hot air produced from the absorbed aluminum.

A larger area can be covered by models which are equipped with the oscillation function. As for the question whether this device is safe or not, some models come with a feature which turns off the power when the temperature rises.

The temperature produced cannot even burn a paper so the risk of a fire eating up the entire place is reduced. Hot debris cannot escape the ceramic core or if it does, the ceramic housing would ensure that it is safely contained and unable to wreak havoc.

The heating cycle in this type of space heater is unstoppable since the ceramic core still emits stored heat despite having the thermostat shut off the heating element.

3.Small Space Heater

The label “small space heater” describes the physical dimensions of the unit and at the same time tells the function of the appliance; the label is used to convey that this appliance is both a heater which is relatively small in size and a heater of a small space indoors. Size of this type of heater must be small enough for various reasons – for ease of use and to directly contain heat emission within a limited area inside the house.

A small space heater may also be able to add heat to a larger area, yet with less satisfying results than when it is used to heat according to its capacity. Further, a small space heater weighs less so it takes very little effort to carry around, making this appliance also highly mobile or portable. Most models of small space heaters keep design or shape simple to be less attractive to pets and children, and for easy storage.

4.Gas Space Heaters

The cold breeze marks the coming of the chilly days and nights as well as the need for heat and warmth. This can be easily provided by space heaters. The heat emitted by these space heaters came from various materials and/or substances. Some are electricity generated while others emit heat using propane natural gas. Such is the case of gas space heaters which provides comfort by heating the room occupied by the user relaxing in the warmth it provides.

Buying this type of space heater, however, is not the end of the story. Aside from purchasing the device, the buyer should make sure that he knows where he can avail of the gas which will by consumed by the heater. Since the gas space heaters use propane or natural gas, safe storage would be needed in order to prevent the accident of causing a fire or an explosion.

Therefore, this device should be carefully distanced, of at least 18 inches, away from flammable, explosive objects and surfaces. In case the unit is toppled over, an auto shut off switch can function; that is why such a feature is necessary for a device like this, which also requires, for safety measures that it is turned off before vacating the premises.

Gas space heaters, aside from using gas which comes with an increasing price, is also found out to cause carbon monoxide when used in a poorly ventilated area. Space which will be occupied would not be worried about since this device uses minimum space. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing this device would not be an exhausting task for the buyer while looking ahead as the cold wind kisses him or her during the winter.

5.Oil Space Heater

Some people consider houses with furnaces as wonderful or beautiful. A furnace, as a matter of fact, can be a primary source of heat and the oil space heater can add more sugar toppings by providing extra warmth on specific areas. Unlike other space heater types, this device can be used in the bathroom without fear of electric shock.

Other types, on the other hand, are not designed to have a safe and compact effect on small places such as cubicles. Naturally, oil is used by this device to create heat.

Simply constructed, the oil space heater has features such as fins and container for the oil, to name a few. The fins release the heat created by the circulated oil. It even has features which make selection of heat level possible, automatic shut off, turn on, or auto programming which causes a prospective buyer to gaze at it dreamily. Its portability could not even be questioned since wheels on the bottom makes sliding it from room to room easy.

It would also be too distracting, not to mention tiring, for the user to constantly refill the oil used by heater. Fortunately, not only does this device last a long time and assures the buyer with a warranty protection, it does not also require constant replacing or refilling as if the users life depends on it. However, enjoying the warmth of the heat will have to wait since the oil takes some time to heat up.

For people who have flair for style and interior decorating, they may find the old fashioned oil space heater as not the right object which can be place in their modernly designed rooms. Others who delight in antiquities or old looking things, this device would enhance the beauty of the surroundings perceived through their eyes. In contrast to other heaters which have fans that sometimes produce noise, this device is devoid of that particular part; thus, making it as quiet as possible.

6.Energy Efficient Space Heaters

There are a lot of space heaters out in the market today as well as a number of prospective buyers who are mulling about what they should buy or what is probably the best heater for them. Because of the multitude of heaters surfacing in the market, it is not surprising that people become confused on what they really want and what they must buy.

Some buyers would just include in their possible options the devices which have low cost. Others would not care about the price but think about the capabilities of the device. Wise buyers, though, would not blink an eye and go for the energy efficient space heaters.

Energy efficient space heaters are what users who are conscious with their bills choose over the myriad of heaters flashing their advantages to dazzle the clients. Since these kinds of heaters, which seem to have been blessed by a fairy’s magic wand, cheaply lowers the heating bill, these would surely fit the tight budget of the user.

It is not just enough, however, that the users spend money on this kind of device. He or she must be able to use the device effectively for heating and cooling. Having this kind of device does not necessarily mean that the electricity bill would be lowered or lessened.

Turning down the heat in the house or building would probably be out of the question and a not contemplative situation for the user but the latter would be surprised to know that doing that would decrease the electricity.

After turning down the heat, it is now time for the space heater to shine and show what it is capable of doing in the preferred room. Also, energy would not go to waste if the heater is capable of automatic temperature control which works so that room temperature would not change from day to night.

Energy efficient space heaters became possible as technology better as the years passed by. These devices were also created to answer the need for energy saving features of appliances. As the clock ticked and the past faded away in the background, certain features have been added to ensure the improved ability of these devices.

7.Honeywell Space Heater

The Honeywell space heater is just one of the many products offered and laid down to entertain the scrutiny of the clients. Just like other heaters, warming rooms while conserving energy is the primary task in the to-do list of this device.

Not only does this device perform the said tasks well, it can also stand the test of time with its heavy steel. There is no fear for rusts since this device is protected by rust resistant enamel. Maximum safety is not an illusion since it can be attained because of the metal fins which prevent leakage. The Honeywell space heater would not be a burden to carry. As a matter of fact, it is portable and can be carried with ease from place to place whenever the owner wishes to bring it with him or her.

As for its availability, it is offered in various stores. The cost of the Honeywell space heater depends upon where you buy it. It can be ordered online but there are still the shipping costs to think about. To make the money spent for this device worth it, reading the manufacturer operating instructions should now be such a bore since it would make certain that the product did live along and well lived life devoted to suit the tastes and demands of its user.

8.Infrared Space Heater

All heaters displayed in the stores promise the future buyers that they are economical and effective than other heaters found in the market. That is how tough the competition is for various heaters to be noticed by the public.

The infrared space heater tells another story of instantly generating the heat while transmitting it as if it is sunshine. Spreading the heat in the room is accomplished by its oscillating function. To make sure that the heat would be evenly spread out in a large space, it should be placed directly in line with heater elements which would in turn, heat the air using air circulation.

Appearance of the infrared space heater in pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes would prove that this device is indeed capable of creating pleasant warmth. It also means that it cannot just be enjoyed indoors or in residential environments for the device’s features can still be accessible even though the user is outdoors or in a non-residential environment.

An infrared space heater is for people who are not certain whether gas heating is indeed safe for use in their homes or not. It is also for people who prefer higher indoor temperature and would not go to malls, churches, and other establishments for fear of the chill.

Since the cold in large establishments is eliminated through this device, people can enjoy their time shopping, strolling, and doing whatever their hearts desire even during the winter. Staying outdoors during the weekend is also made possible by this device which is not affected by windy situations. For those who are very health conscious, this device can warm people even without burning the oxygen in the area.

More or less, with the said features and capabilities, this device would be able to win the hearts and sensibilities of the people surrounded by other space heaters in the store.

8.Kerosene Space Heater

It is not just the harsh cold which one has to worry about during the winter season. One should not forget about the power failure. When the power source shuts down, your electric space heater is also affected. Being in this situation would call for a superhero that will save the day. In this case, the mighty savior would be the kerosene space heater.

The kerosene space heater can generate heat even without electricity, making it useful during times when there are power failures. Going out while a blizzard is ongoing would be a crazy feat of one who, consciously or unconsciously, has a death wish. This device would not drive the user to go walking during the blizzard to ask a neighbor for kerosene since the latter can be stored in large amounts for a lengthy period of time.

When out shopping for this device, the buyer would need to know that it is classified into two types. It can either be radiant or convection. The latter performs the task of heating the environment by heating the air. As for radiant heaters, objects and people are the targets of heat and not the air.

While choosing what type of heater the user wants, he must think about the following. The client should be able to choose the type of device which makes cleaning, repairing, and/or rebuilding it possible. A kerosene space heater maybe sold at a cheaper price. However, buyers are discouraged in buying heaters which come with a sad tale of being abused by its previous owners since that does not make it a good investment.

9.Portable Space Heaters

A homeowner who wants to raise temperature in a certain area of the house, and at the same time cannot readily afford the installation of a main heating system, will rely on an appliance called a portable space heater.

Portable space heaters are household appliances designed to heat a specific, small area of a house, without or with very little effect on the house’s overall temperature. These appliances are relatively small in size, light in weight and shaped or designed to be moved from place to place with almost no effort.

When house owners decide that there is no need for a centralized heating system, yet an area or some rooms require boost of temperature from time to time, portable space heaters are preferred. A main heating system may prove to be costly (in terms of money, time and efforts) to install and/or operate. These space heaters, being movable and only take up small space, is less expensive and easier to use.

Using portable space heaters may come with a wide array of purposes. Some people want to keep temperature of the whole house the same, as in cases where a central system is in place yet cannot easily affect areas usually closed in isolation. Others want to augment heating in a room where family members reactive to cold weather (usually the elderly or sickly) mostly stay at. But no matter what kind of purpose these portable appliances may serve, users are rest assured that they run little risk in having an overheated home.

10.Propane Space Heater

Propane is a flammable, colorless and odorless hydrocarbon gas. A propane space heater is preferred by many household owners because its fuel is highly controllable; propane is a gas which does not react with room temperature. Even though space heaters using propane as energy source are a little more costly to run than those using natural gas as fuel, propane is very much more widely available around the country than natural gas (and the same is true even when propane is compared to diesel and kerosene).

However, the present technology used in operating propane space heaters does not yet allow these appliances to work properly in altitudes more than 4,500 feet above sea level. Some owners of these appliances claim that a propane space heater takes quite a bit of time to be installed. Also, people who see moisture formation as a problem will reject propane-run space heaters.

But, propane space heaters are much less costly to operate than their electric space heater counterparts. Propane-fuelled space heaters are able to raise temperature at a rate of twice as fast as the competing electricity-run appliances. Others happily account that this kind of space heater keeps the house looking neat.


To summarize, this guide has given you general overview of the best space heaters. In particular, we talked about the two main types available, the benefits to using one, and some of the best brands and models to look out for. Now that you’ve finished reading this guide, you should be able to find the best space heater for your needs.

Next, let’s consider the benefits to using a space heater. First, you will make savings on your bills. This is because you can use a heater to warm up just one room of your house, rather than every room. They can also be very portable, so if you need to heat another area you can simply move the heater to where you need it.

However, you must make sure your heater is safe to use. They can be highly dangerous if there’s any frayed wires, especially the power cord, so always check before you use it. You’ll also need to keep it away from furniture, as well as making sure it meets the required safety standards.

Now that you knows the basic pros and cons of using a space heater, let’s talk about the best space heater brands and models.


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